2014 WWE Battleground Live Results
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Post Show: All in all this was a great ppv. There are probably many WWE Universers tht are upset we didn't get a Lesnar appearance, but all of the matches were solid. Considering how bad Money in the Bank was this was a welcome change of pace. Battleground also served as a great lead in to SummerSlam. Will we see Lesnar/Cena? What's next for Reigns? Will Orton and Kane totally implode tomorrow night on Raw?

10:50 P.M EST: Johon Cena retains!

10:48 P.M EST: Kane choke slams both Cena and Reigns. Kane pins Reigns, but he kicks out. Kane tries to Tombstone Reigns, but he reverse and Spears Kane. Orton breaks up the pin and RKO's Reigns. Cena runs in and AA's Orton ontop of Kane for the win!

10:41 P.M EST: Superman punch and Spear by Reigns, but Kane breaks up the pin.

10:39 P.M EST: Rollins crab by Orton on Reigns. Reigns reverses it into a crab of his own. Cena slaps on the cross face to Orton! Kane breaks up the double submission attempts. Cena locks in the STF but Reigns pulls Orton clear out of the ring. Cena and Reigns finally square off! Samoan drop by Reigns.

10:37 P.M EST: Orton gets mad because Kane finally goes for a pin fall. Orton gets in Kane's face and Kane unloads on him. Kane sets up Orton on the top rope. Cena and Reigns run up behind him and suplex them both off the top rope. Cena and Reigns are about to square off, but Kane sits up. They stomp him. Orton ddt's Reigns and Cena at the same time.

10:34 P.M EST: Everytime Orton goes for a pin Kane stands guard. Kane even moves out of the way to allow Orton to makes covers. This si bizzare.

10:32 P.M EST: Cena gets sent to the outside. Kane and Orton take turns beating on Reigns. Reigns dives of the top and clotheslines them both. Double suplex to Reigns. Cena finally makes it back in the ring and hits a fisherman's suplex on Orton

​​​​​​10:31 P.M EST: Interesting. Cena still has both belts.

​​​​​​10:28 P.M EST: WWE World Title Fatal Four Way: John Cena (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane vs. Roman Reigns..

​​​​​10:23 P.M EST: The Miz wins!

​​​​​10:20 P.M EST: Ziggler super kicks Sheamus out of the ring, but the Miz tosses him over the top to win the Battle Royal and the IC Title!

​​​​​10:18 P.M EST: Sheamus toses Bo Dallas over the top. Sheamus, Ziggler and the Miz (who is still hiding) are the only ones left.

​​​​​10:15 P.M EST: Cesaro throws out Kofi who lands on Big E's shoulders. Cesaro suplexes Kofi back into the ring! Cesaro finally tosses Kofi over the top.

​​​​​10:10 P.M EST:​​ Sheamus Brogue kicks Ryback over the top! Miz rolled under the bottom rope to hide for a bit. Smart move. Bo Dallas eliminated Titus. Kofi and Cesaro almost go over together until Cesaro grabs Kofi's hair to hold on. Del Rio slaps on cross arm breaker on the ropes! Ziggler send Del Rio to the outside!

​​​​​10:08 P.M EST:​​ Bo Dallas eliminates Sin Cara. R-Truth is out next. Sandow goes over the top after that. followed by Diago

​​​​​10:05 P.M EST:​​ Everyone piles on Khali. He throws them all off. Then eliminates Xavier Woods and Zach Ryder. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Khali. Then he eliminates him.

​​​​10:01 P.M EST:​​ Bad News Barrett comes out to deliver some bad news to whoever wins the Battle Royal. When he is back he will be the IC champion once again.

​​​​9:59 P.M EST:​​ The Battleground Battle Royal for the IC title.

​​​9:55 P.M EST:​​ Seth Rollins is leaving the building and gets attacked by​​​ Dean Ambrose again. Rollins get away in his rental car. Side note: why did Rollins still have on his ring gear? Don't be shocked if he shows up again at the end of the night.

​​9:54 P.M EST:​​ Chris Jericho defeated Bray Wyatt via pin fall.

​​9:53 P.M EST:​​ Jericho hits the Code Breaker out of no where for the win!

​​9:49 P.M EST:​​ Jericho hits running bulldog. Jericho attempts the Lion-sault but Bray gets his knees up. As they both lay on the mat, Bray spider walkes to the other side of the ring. Jericho ​​tries another drop kick to the outside, but Bray moves out of the way and ddt's Jericho on the ring apron. Jericho kicks out.

​​9:47 P.M EST:​​ Bray had some trouble getting Jericho up but eventually hits his gut buster. Jericho levels Bray with an enzuguri. Jericho goes up top but gets crotched by Bray. Bray almost gets a three count after an inverted stunner.

​​9:42 P.M EST:​​ ​​Harper gets caught grabbing Jericho's leg. The ref tosses them both from ringside.

9:39 P.M EST:​​ Jericho sends Bray in the corner, but Bray explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Jericho tries to pick Bray's legs for the Walls of Jericho but Rowen hopes up on the apron which makes Jericho break the hold. Bray ​​ens up on the apron. Jericho hit is drop kick to the outside. He then climbs to the top and hits a diving splash on all three members of the Wyatt Family.

9:37 P.M EST: Jericho and Bray square off in the middle of the ring. Jericho tries to chop Bray, but Bray shrugs it off and send Jericho tumbling to the mat after a clothesline.

​9:35 P.M EST: Singles Match: ​Bray Wyatt w/The Wyatt Family vs. Chris Jericho.

9:32 P.M EST: Find out how we have done so far! WWE Battleground Predictions.

9:24 P.M EST: Ambrose almost puts Rollins through the announce table! Security can't get Ambrose off Rollins! HHH comes down and directs traffic. As they are dragging Ambrose out of the arena, Rollins dives onto Ambrose. The officals are holding both men back. Ambrose is carried out of the building once again.

9:23 P.M EST: As Rollins makes his way to the back Ambrose appears out of no where! He is beating the heck out of Ambrose.

9:20 P.M EST: Rollins says he is out here to accept his victory by forfeit. Great way to get heel heat. Good stuff.

9:18 P.M EST: For some reason Seth Rollins is in the ring. Ambrose has been kicked out of the building. Who will he face?

9:14 P.M EST: More bakcstage foolishness from Stardust and Goldust. Good times.

9:14 P.M EST: After the match Rusev locks Swagger in the Accolade for good measure.

9:13 P.M EST: Rusev wins via count out.

​9:12 P.M EST: Rusev makes it to the bottom rope. Rusev rolls out of the ring. Swagger comes outside and locks in the Patriot Lock on the outside of the ring. Rusev rolls and Swagger his head on the ring post. Rusev rolls back in the ring while Swagger is counted out.

​9:11 P.M EST: Rusev goes for his jumping kick, but Swagger grabs his ankle and locks in the Patriot Lock!

​9:08 P.M EST: Rusev sends Swagger to the outside. Rusev wont let Swagger back in the ring. Swagger forces himself in and hits a huge big boot on Rusev. Swagger Bomb​ by Swagger. Followed by a clutch suplex.

​9:05 P.M EST: Rusev send Swagger into the corner then charges in. Swagger sidesteps and goes for Rusev's ankle again. Rusev picks up Swagger and tosses him with a fall away slam.

9:02 P.M EST: Lana smacks Zeb in the face after he calls he Natasha. Swagger sends Rusev to the outside. Ruesev gets back in the ring and Swagger tries to pick the ankle, but Rusev rolls to the outside again.

8:58 P.M EST: Wow! Lana said America should be ashamed of themselves for blaming Russia for the recent events. Didn't think WWE would go there. But they did.

8:56 P.M EST: Singles Match: Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs. Rusev w/Lana.

8:51 P.M EST: Backstage Orton is trying to convince Kane to work with him tonight. Kane assures Orton that the winner of the Fatal Four Way is standing right there. You know what? I don't think he meant Orton.

8:49 P.M EST: AJ Lee Retains!

8:47 P.M EST: Paige tries to lock in the PTO, but AJ counters and hits the Shinning Wizard for the win!

8:46 P.M EST: Paige picks up AJ for a body slam, but AJ reverrses it into the Black Widow. Paige counters and hits the Paige-Turner but AJ kicks out!

8:44 P.M EST: AJ hits a flying head scissors, which angers Paige. Paige tosses AJ outside the ring. Paige hits a sunset flip off the top rope.

8:43 P.M EST: Paige is totally working heel right now.

8:43 P.M EST: Paige is all over AJ. Pounding her in the corner and going for multiple pin attempts. She is trying to end this quickly.

8:41 P.M EST: Both Divas start out trading pinning combos until Paige hits a super kick on AJ.

8:37 P.M EST: Divas title match: AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige.

8:35 P.M EST: So we are moving on to the next match.

8:33 P.M EST: Seth Rollins is backstage talking about how great he is… Until Ambrose comes out of nowhere and beats the crap out of Rollins. HHH tells security to not let Ambrose back into the building. Yeah… Something funny is going to happen tonight.

8:28 P.M EST: The Usos Retain!

8:28 P.M EST: The Usos double super kick Harper, then Rowen. They both go to the top rope and hit a double Superfly splash on Harper for the win! That was awesome!

8:24 P.M EST: Super Kick by Harper? Harper goes for his Lariat, but Jey kicks him in the face! Harper spins around and hits his Lariat! Jimmy saves the pin fall!

8:20 P.M EST: Rowen and both Usos are fighting on the top rope. Rowen suplexes them both of the top rope! Jey kicks out at two.

8:18 P.M EST: Jey kicks Harper in the face and Jimmy rolls him up but Harper kicks out at two! Harper hit his sit-out powerbomb, but Jimmy kicks out! Harper tags in Rowen who goes for a splash of the top but misses. Jey hits the splash of the top but Rowen kicks out!

8:17 P.M EST: Jimmy gets ups and runs the barricade and dives onto Harper again! Jimmy traps Harper in the corner and hits the Rikishi special, then a sky twister press off the top! Harper kicks out at two. Harper hits a big boot in the corner that sends Jimmy to the outside. Then Harper dives through the ropes and destroys Jimmy.

8:15 P.M EST: Luke and Jey trade chops in the ring. Jey collapses in a heap in the wrong corner. Rowen tags in and goes for a shoulder block. Jey jumps over the charging Rowen. Jey finally tags in Jimmy how dives over the top onto Harper! Then he gets back in the ring and dives to the outside onto Rowen!

8:15 P.M EST: Jimmy manages to tag Jey. Jey rolls up Harper from behind and gets the pin!

8:15 P.M EST: Harper and Rowen smell blood in the water. They are taking turns pounding on Jimmy. Jey has yet to make it back on the apron.

8:11 P.M EST: Rowen grounds Jey and locks in a neck wrench. He is really grinding it in. wearing him down. Jey tries to fight out of it but ends up eating a high elbow by Rowen. Luke tags in and gator rolls Jey. Side note: is Harper shirt looks extra dirty today. Jey picks up Harper and drops him with a side suplex. Jimmy tags in and runs right into a big boot by Harper. Harper pins Jimmy for the first fall.

8:09 P.M EST: The Usos are all over the Wyatts. The Wyatts regroup on the outside of the ring.

8:05 P.M EST: 2-Out-Of-3 Falls tag team match: The Usos (C) vs. The Wyatt Family.

8:00 P.M EST: It is time!

7:57 P.M EST: Well then, this writer called the finish of that match! Don't believe me? Check out our predictions for the show here.

7:55 P.M EST: Cameron defeated Naomi via pin fall.

7:54 P.M EST: Cameron had the early advantage using classic heel tactics. Naomi responds with a Lou Thez press. The ladies end up on the outside of the ring. Naomi sends Cameron into the barricade. Cameron rolls Cameron up from behind and pulls the tights for the win!

7:51 P.M EST: Both Divas are sporting new ring gear. Let me be the first to say whoa! Good choice ladies, good choice.

7:50 P.M EST: Divas singles match: Cameron vs. Naomi.

7:43 P.M EST: A video package hyping the Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose airs. All of us at Vavel USA Wrestling have high hopes for that match.

7:37 P.M EST: Adam Rose defeated Fandango via pin fall.

7:36 P.M EST: Fandango immediately attacks Rose, leaving him lying on the mat. Summer Rae and Layla lead the Rosebuds around the ring. Fandango goes to the outside to stop them. Fandango gets smacked in the face by both Divas! Fandango gets back in the ring and gets hit with the Party Foul for the win.

7:30 P.M EST: Singles Match- Adam Rose vs. Fandango.

7:30 P.M EST: On tonight’s pre-show panel we have Christian, Alex Riley, Booker T, and Renee Young. Renee does a great job moderating the pre-show.

4:51 P.M EST: We are just a few short hours until the ppv! Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think will happen tonight!

4:41 P.M EST: Another thing that shouldn’t be lost here is the fact that there are two advertised Divas matches tonight. That doesn’t happen often. We all should hope the Cameron vs. Naomi match is a quick one. Naomi’s place is in the title match, not this abomination waiting to happen. Paige and AJ are both pretty good so this writer has high hopes for that match.

4:41 P.M EST: Battleground predictions here.

4:40 P.M EST: Think about it: The have maintained silence on the “Punk situation” (except for a few snide comments by Stephanie a few weeks back) until now. Now all of the sudden they are dedicating shows to him on the network and moved him to the alumni section of their website. It all seems pretty convenient. Almost like they are trying to throw us off the trail.

4:35 P.M EST: Every once in a while the WWE manages to swerve us big time. Remember when they pulled the wool over our eyes and had not only AJ Lee return, but Chris Jericho as well? No one saw that coming. It wouldn’t be that hard to believe that this whole thing has been a work. Vince told Investors that Punk was on a “sabbatical”. Maybe that was actually the case.

4:30 P.M EST: Don’t worry, this is not going to turn into a “CM Punk is returning tonight!!!” thing. That couldn’t be the case, could it?

4:26 P.M EST: Heyman went to HHH and Stephanie and said that if their plan A-B didn’t work they need to talk to him about plan C. Was Heyman talking about Lesnar? Or was he perhaps talking about someone else?

4:20 P.M EST: The most interesting part of that promo is the fact that at no point did it mention the WWE title. Could this mean Cena is going to drop the belt tonight? If that happens who wins? This promo leaked after we did our predictions for the show tonight. That’s not to say that it would have altered our picks, but it may have.

4:14 P.M EST: This writer was skeptical… Until this leaked:

4:12 P.M EST: It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room: The impeding return of Brock Lesnar. They have been hinting towards it for weeks. They have even gone as far as to separate Cesaro and Paul Heyman. The prevailing rumor has been that Lesnar is destine to face Cena for the title at SummerSlam. Here’s the thing: everyone knows this is what’s supposed to happen!

4:00 P.M EST: Who will win? Who will lose? Check out our predictions for the show tonight.

Pre-Show: Another thing to note is that last year Dolph Ziggler was relegated to the pre-show but this year is actually on the main card. Granted it in the Battleground Battle Royal but at least he could potentially walk away with a title. It has been way too long since Ziggler was relevant. At the end of the day fans of his should just be happy he is still on TV. The funny thing is his opponent in the pre-show match was Damien Sandow. If there is one person who star has seemingly fallen farther than Zigglers it would be Sandow. It’s hard to tell who Sandow angered backstage but it obvious he is being used in a somewhat unfavorable position. Sandow has no business being in weekly comedy segments. He is better than that. Much to his credit he owns the role he has been given. At least he is still on TV. At the end of the day that is a victory in itself.

Pre-Show: The main event at last year’s WWE Battleground was actually a really good match… Until the ending.

Pre-Show: Need a refresher? Check out our Money in the Bank coverage from last month here.

Pre-Show: The biggest issue with last year’s show was the uncertainty that surrounded the WWE title picture. If you recall, the title was being held in abeyance after a title match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. We almost had a similar situation this year, but thankfully the title picture cleared up at the end of the Money in the Bank ppv last month.

Pre-Show: If you need a reminder of how terrible last years show was take a look at our coverage of last year’s event here.

Pre-Show: It’s time for Battleground! Now we all know that last year’s show wasn’t exactly the greatest pay per view of all time, but the card for tonight’s show looks great.

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