WWE TLC Predictions
Source: https://www.wwe.com/shows/smackdown/friday-night-smackdown-dec-13-2019/gallery/new-day-vs-king-corbin-dolph-ziggler#fid-40407076

     This year has been an interesting year for wrestling especially in WWE. We've seen CM Punk and John Morrison return, NXT go live on Wdensdays, and women wrestling in the main event of WrestleMania. WWE looks to close out this year with TLC, a PPV with no singles title matches. With that in mind, it's time for me to make inaccurate predictions about what will happen at TLC.

Viking Raiders Open Challenge For the Raw Tag Team Championship

     Okay for this match it's pretty obvious that the AOP are gonna answer the open challenge right? What other team could it possibly be? The Street Profits have already lost to the Raiders and Hawkins and Ryder aren't the type of team you use as a PPV surprise. The only other possible team I could see showing up is the Usos but even if they do, are they going to lose their first match in months? AOP make the most sense to me since they have started this new alliance with Seth Rollins and I could see Rollins getting a title too so all of them could have championships. 

Bobby Lashley Vs Rusev (Tables Match)

     The entire Lashley and Rusev feud is stupid. I don't care how many Youtube views it has or how many viewers it gets on TV, it is a stupid storyline that is wasting the potential of both guys. That being said I think that they can put on a good match. I pick Lashley to be the winner after a screwy finish involving Lana

Buddy Murphy Vs Aleister Black

     This match right here is going to be the sleeper match of the night. Buddy Murphy put on nothing but great matches when on 205, but ever since he came to the main roster, he’s done nothing noteworthy outside of the “Who Tried to Murder Roman” storyline. Aleister Black could also use a match to help bring him some attention as he hasn’t done anything but sit in a dark room these past few months asking people to challenge him. I predict Black to take the win here in a fast paced matchup that I think will be match of the night.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: New Day(c) Vs The Revival (Ladder Match)

One of my biggest pet peeves with WWE now is their insistence on doing rematches. I haven’t watched everything WWE related this year, but I feel like I’ve seen enough of The New Day and Revival facing each other in the same type of match over and over again. This doesn’t have a gimmick (yet), but I still think it will be a pretty good match. I’m going with The New Day here because if they lost the titles again what will they do next? Kofi finally decides to ask for his rematch with Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship? No way that happens. New Day will win here and probably face The Revival in another tag match again before the end of 2019.

Bray Wyatt Vs The Miz

     This should be a title match but since Bray Wyatt is currently feuding with Daniel Bryan it makes sense. Miz is just filler for that feud. Wyatt is definitely walking away with the win here. What makes this match so interesting is the fact that Wyatt is wrestling as himself and not The Fiend. I think we can expect some nonsense to go down during the match. Maybe a Rambling Rabbit run-in or an appearance by Daniel Bryan? 

Roman Reigns Vs King Corbin (TLC Match)

Another day, another Baron Corbin match I don’t want to see. This whole storyline with Roman Reigns has been pretty cringeworthy. Dog mascots? Dog food? I feel like I’m watching an Attitude Era Raw and not a good one. Corbin is good at getting the crowd to hate him but I’m just not that impressed by him. That’s part of the reason why I pick Roman to win here. He’s been taking so much damage from Corbin that I feel a win here is to be expected.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Kabuki Warriors(c) Vs Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

     This right here is my most anticipated match of the night. Three of the women involved managed to steal the show last year in the main event of TLC and I expect them to try and do it again. Charlotte and Becky Lynch are great wrestlers and so are Asuka and Kairi Sane. The feud between these two teams has been pretty interesting so far and I am not sure if this match here will be the end of it. I did not expect the team of Kairi and Asuka to work but it has. That is why I’m picking them to leave with the titles. They are just to hot right now to be stopped.