Five Amazing Wrestling Matches We Will Never See

The WWE has lost a lot of talented wrestlers over the years. What would happen if someone the caliber of Bret Hart still wrestled when Kurt Angle was in his prime in the WWE? How about CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin? Who would win? What type of match should they compete in? 

1. Kurt Angle vs. Bret "The Hitman" Hart- Singles match

Kurt Angle:

Kurt is arguably the best to ever enter the world of sports entertainment. Kurt personifies everything that is sports entertainment. He was already a gold metal winner in the 1996 Summer Olympics before he entered the then WWF, so he was already better than most before he took his first back bump. Angle would continue to evolve, adapt, and improve in the ring as a performer. One thing that set him apart from the rest of the roster wasn't his above average ring skill; Kurt Angle was one of the best talkers in the WWE. Combine his polished in ring skill with a gift to control the crowd with his words and you have an A+ performer. To top it off, the list of people he's made tap with the Angle Lock is beyond impressive (Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Hulk Hogan to name a few).

Bret "The Hitman" Hart

You can't talk about one of the best professional wrestlers without bringing up the Excellence of Execution. You don’t get referred to as "The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be" without being exceptional in the ring. When Bret said it, this wasn't an exaggeration. Bret was a surgeon in the ring. He was precise when he dismantled you. He didn't take his eyes off the prize and every move he hit someone with was a work of art. If he couldn't make you tap with the Sharpshooter, trust and believe he had small package or one of a million roll up pins to beat you with after he wore you down.

Winner: Bret Hart

Kurt Angle may be better, but there's no way Bret doesn't win by reversing the Angle Lock or the Angle slam into a small package.


2. Kane - Bam Bam Bigalo: Falls count anywhere

Bam Bam Bigelow:

The Beast From the East was one of the first big men to really move around the ring at his size. Not just because he was over three hundred pounds, but also because he was a big three hundred pounds. Not like Taker or Hogan who were either tall or muscular. Bam Bam was a really big guy. Light on his feet and would easily finish you from the top ropes with a head-butt or a moonsault. He was also one of the toughest guys to ever step in the ring. His matches in ECW where he would get suplexed or tossed to the concrete floor and still keep going are stuff of legends. He also remains one of the few people in ECW to defeat Taz.


The Big Red Machine is one of the most intimidating men in the wrestling history. Beside the Hellfire pyro, at one point an opponent would have to take a chair to his head to take him out. Like his brother the Undertaker, regular methods just wouldn't keep him down. It would take more than just your finisher to take him down for the count. And that's if you could wear him down enough to even get your finisher off.

Winner: Kane

As tough as Bam Bam is, betting against the Devil's favorite Demon is a mistake. Bam Bam Just wouldn't have what it takes to keep Kane down long enough to cover him. This match more than likely ends in Kane choke slamming Bam Bam through the announce table.


3. CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin: No DQ

CM Punk:

There isn't much this man can't do. He can beat you with his technical skill, he can beat you with his superb striking ability, and he can take to the skies and beat you with springboard clotheslines or the macho Man elbow. And if none of that works, he'll take you out with the GTS (Go To Sleep). The one thing that people sometimes forget is how much of an opportunist he is. Not just with his Money in the Bank briefcase cash ins, but just the way he picks his spots to attack. In addition to that the way he verbally takes his opponents down a few pegs to gain some form of a psychological advantage.

Stone Cold:

Plain and simple, Stone Cold is the baddest man to step into the squared circle. He has literally beaten everyone he has fought regardless of the disadvantage he's been put in. For example, he has beaten the likes of HHH, Angle, Jericho, The Rock, The Undertaker. He's beaten them all. When it comes to talking trash and controlling a crowd there are few (if any) that can captivate like Stone Cold does. Even to the point that his patented "What" is still being used and he hasn't had a match in years.

Winner: Stone Cold

As great as CM Punk is, Stone Cold and veteran wiles will more than likely get the best of Punk. Stone Cold always seems to find a way to win and in a match with no rules, Stone Cold will definitely come out on top. Probably with a stunner after a chair shot.

4. Eddie Guerrero vs. Owen Hart:

Owen Hart:

If you've never seen Owen Hart in a match, think of Bret Hart and Kurt Angle mashed together, but with the ability to fly like a cruiserweight. Of all of the careers cut short, Owen might have been the one with the most potential. In his shortened career, Owen had already beaten his brother Bret at WrestleMania, been King of the Ring, a two-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, a one-time WWF European Champion, and a four-time WWF World Tag Team Champion. As a face he was loved and as a heel he was hated, but regardless of what he was portraying his technical skill and high flying moves kept the crowd on their feet and his opponents on their back.

Eddie Guerrero:

If there is anyone that can mirror Owen in terms of in ring skill, it's Eddie Guerrero. Like Owen, he could beat you with an aerial assault with his frog splash, he could make you tap with one of his three submission moves, or he could...well, cheat. That was Eddie's most recent claim to fame. "If you're not cheating, you're not trying". Eddie was not against pulling tights in a schoolboy or roll up, grab a chair, slam it on the ground, lay down, and make it look like he hit you him, or hit you with a low blow. Despite his size, Eddie has taken down giants like Brock Lesnar and the Big Show.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

If Owen had a flaw, it's he always let's his emotions get the best of him. Eddie would easily exploit that and get the win. Most likely with a low blow then a roll up when the red was distracted.

5. Goldberg vs. The Undertaker: Streak vs. Streak

Goldberg: 173-0

Possibly the most dominant streak in sports entertainment was the Goldberg streak. 173-0 undefeated streak. No one could touch Goldberg.  He was running through any and everyone: Raven and the Flock, Scott Hall, DDP, and Hulk Hogan. And after some research, Goldberg only lost to five wrestlers in his career (Kevin Nash, Booker T, HHH, Bret Hart, and Scott Steiner). The one knock on Goldberg was that he three moves. Kick, spear, and the jackhammer. Because of the way he buried opponents, it didn't allow the fans to see how good he could really be.

The Undertaker: WrestleMania 21-1

Maybe even more impressive than the Goldberg streak was Undertaker's 21-1 record at WrestleMania. While the number is smaller, Taker's streak lasted over 3 decades (1990s-2014) and it was not at just any pay per view, it was at the Super Bowl or World Series of wrestling. WrestleMania is the place where careers are made and sometimes destroyed. Taker not only had matches, Taker had classic matches. Every WrestleMania he would evolve and get better every year and no matter his age he would still leave the fans amazed and happy that they spent their money.

Winner: The Undertaker

No matter the stipulation, Undertaker would remain victorious. There is nothing Goldberg can do that can keep the Undertaker down. Not just at WrestleMania, but on any PPV, Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, or House Show. Undertaker wins hands down.