WWE: Degeneration-X Member Chyna Was Briefly Booked To Become World Champion

As crazy as it does sound, Chyna was briefly booked to win the WWE Championship. She would have be the first female wrestler to do so. It wasn't uncommon for her to be talked about winning male dominated championships. She was a former Hardcore and Intercontential Champion so winning the WWE Championship would have been nothing new.

It still would have been a shock though. The rumor is that the only reason she did not win the title was because the WWE felt like her in ring skills were not good enough. The title win was supposed to take place at Summerslam in 1999.

1999 was right in the middle of the Attitude Era which was of course one of the most popular eras of professional wrestling. Chyna winning the WWE Title at Summerslam would have made the era that much more greater.

We'll never see a diva more dominant than Chyna was. We'll never have another diva booked to win the WWE Title like Chyna was. WWE missed out on something that could have blown up and been really huge. It could have changed the face of professional wrestling forever.