WWE To Change Lana's Name
Lana doing what she does best. Promoting her client. image source "wwe.com"

Over the last year, Lana has done a phenomenal job being Rusev's manager, and for the better part of Rusev's run, Lana has been Rusev's voice. When they were on RAW or SmackDown, it was Lana doing the trash talking and making the matches for her client. What was even better was seeing Lana on her Instagram (TheLanaWWE) still portraying her role as the Ravishing Russian in all of her pictures and even adding her signature angry look on other WWE Divas like Natalia and NXT's Bayley. So Lana has done a great job turning her character into a brand. You've probably noticed that the name Lana has been said a bunch in the first paragraph. Well, that's because it's her name.

There has been rumblings on the internet that CEO Vince McMahon has been planning on giving Lana a major push and face turn. There's also a rumor that Lana will be changing her name from Lana to C.J. (her real name being Catherine Jo Perry). A friend made a very good point when talking about this, quoting Shakespeare saying, "A rose by any other name smells just as sweet." While he is 100% correct, changing her name when she has already established a name in the company seems a bit weird and forced.

It's been well documented that Vince McMahon has a thing about names and how important he believes they are to a person and how popular they are. Changing Lana's name and making her American (which she is) seems like a big mistake. There hasn't been a heel Diva in charge that wasn't a McMahon since Vickie Guerro, and having Lana become a face after spending so much time getting the crowd to hate her, then love her and chant her name even though they are supposed to hate her, could completely stop all the momentum she has built up.

What will happen is Lana will leave for little while to do a movie or just to be out of the public eye. She will return as C.J.; she won't have a Russian accent anymore, and the fans will cheer because she's no longer under the Stockholm Syndrome of Rusev. Then, we probably won't care about her anymore.

Lana's Ravishing Russian character was something special. It is Sensational Sherri and Hall of Fame worthy, especially in a company that doesn't have any real strong female managers or valets. Sure, Naomi and Natalia are awesome, but they are both wrestlers first and then valets.

To make a long story short (TOO LATE), keep Catherine Jo Perry as the Ravishing Russian, and let her continue to grow and become something special.