WWE Smackdown 6/4/15 Review

WWE Smackdown from Houston, TX 6/4/2015

The camera spans the crowd. As Seth Rollins music plays there is a thunder of boos from the audience. Seth Rollins appears at the top of the stage. He appears to be visually upset about the current situation from Elimination Chamber. There is still no WWE Championship around his waist. Rollins grabs a chair and a microphone, then makes his way into the ring. As he sits in his chair he begins to speak into the Microphone, “It was nearly a year ago to the day, I took this chair and single handedly dismantled the Shield.”

The crowd begins to chant “You Sold Out, You Sold Out, You Sold Out.” The chant was brief, but the pop was loud. Seth has a fierce look in his face as he retorts, “For the past year everyone has been asking him why he did it. Why did he turn his back on his brother’s in the Shield? Since day one he has strived to be the very best in this industry.” He then goes onto explain the two other members of the Shield were beneath him. He looks very intent and there is a great honesty to what he is saying with his delivery. 

He goes onto explain how he has earned all his accomplishments by himself with the help of no one. He then lists the Money in the Bank briefcase he won by himself and the WWE Championship he earned by beating Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at the same time. The crowd then chants “You Suck, You Suck, You Suck.” This was again brief, but the pop was loud. He has true beliefs in the message he is trying to come across with the audience.  Seth Rollins then states “He ripped the dreams from Roman and slayed the beast at the same time. Rollins then proclaims, “I am the greatest champion of all time, but there is no championship around his waist.” The facial expressions Rollins had with his deliver were on point.  He makes a bold statement in claiming “I will climb the ladder and reclaim what is rightfully his.” There is suddenly an interruption. 

Dean Ambrose appears on the Titantron with his face is under a ladder. Ambrose appears to be very focused during this promo. Showing a great confidence with his delivery that may have been lacking in his character previously. Ambrose corrects Seth in saying “I will claim my prize at the top of the mountain at Money in the Bank. He explains he is the rightful WWE Champion.” The crowd gives the lunatic fringe a loud positive pop as his music plays him out of his promo.

There is preview of the Kevin Owens NXT Championship Challenge. The commentators do a great job of putting Owens over as a top heel in the company.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match to determine the number one contenders for the Tag Team Champions New Day.

Prime Time Players vs. the Ascension vs. the Lucha Dragons

The Prime Time Players make their way to the ring and there is a commercial thereafter. When e return from commercial and the Ascension are already in the ring. We then hear the Lucha Dragons music as they make their way to the ring to begin the match. Anytime an entrance occurs during a commercial it implies this person is not important enough to show you their entrance. Therefore there is not much stock in the Ascension at the moment. Darren Young starts the match to a dead crowd. He tries to start a crowd chant for “Prime Time Players, Prime Time Players, Prime Time Players,” by clapping his hand and yelling it at the audience. Unfortunately there is minimal response from the audience. If you have to pander to the audience by trying to get a response in this manner something is not being done correctly. 

The audience should be reacting by what you’re doing in the ring. If wrestling has yet to take place and the bell has sounded to officially start the match, why yell this at the audience? The crowd should pop by the story you tell in your match. Either way, Sin Cara and Darren Young lock up. Sin Cara then tags in Kalisto, as they begin to double-team Darren Young. Kalisto forces Young into the Ascension’s corner and suddenly Viktor tags Young’s back. Viktor delivers an elbow drop as he makes his way into the ring. He then tags his partner Konner. Viktor runs at Kalisto. Kalisto pulls the top rope of the ring, while ducking and Viktor goes over to the outside entrance way. Konner then enters the ring and rushes Kalisto. 

He makes the same exact mistake his partner does and goes over the top ring rope to the outside entranceway, near his partner. Both Sin Cara and Kalisto then perform a double running suicide dive to both members of the Ascension. Huge pop from the audience for this one.  When returning from commercial there is a double team to the Lucha Dragons by the Ascension. Titus O’Neil finally makes his way into the match and cleans house. He then performs a Pump Handle Slam to Viktor for the win. The Prime Time Players are your number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Titus O’Neil will one day be a huge star in the industry. He is gold every time he’s on the mic. His in ring work is also solid. He’s a huge man that can create a huge path in the main even if ever given the opportunity. Currently the chemistry between the Prime Time Players is outstanding. There mic work together is magic.

Winners pinfall and number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships:

The Prime Time Players

Renee Young gives a backstage interview to New Day.  Xavier Woods proclaims the “The future is bright as a morning sun on a New Day. The New Day then goes onto explain how Kofi will win with the power of positivity. P.O.P. Kane then appears from the left to state he has a game plan with Kofi Kingston to face Neville later tonight. Kane then leaves, as New Day appears to be flustered.

Ryback vs. Cody Rhodes

There wasn’t an entrance for Stardust. He wasn’t shown until after Ryback’s entrance to the ring. Ryback received a good pop from the crowd. This was a short match. Cody Rhodes jumped from the second rope at one point, only to receive a spinebuster from Ryback after Stardust was caught mid-air. As Ryback signaled for the Meathook the crowd chanted “Feed Me More, Feed Me More, Feed Me More.” Ryback then successfully connected with his Meathook clothesline. Ryback then hit his shellshock on Stardust for the win. This was Ryback’s first win as the Intercontinental Champion. The commentators did a good job of putting Ryback over during this match.

Winner by pin fall:


Sheamus vs. Reigns highlight for tonight’s main event.

Video goes to Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets in the attendance for the night.

When returning from commercial there is a recap of the Raw Diva’s match. Renee Young is at the top of the stage to interview Paige.  During her Promo Paige declares the Bella’s are holding all the other divas in the division back from their true potential. She states the Bella’s are engulfed with their celebrity lifestyle, when her style is all about what goes on in the ring. Paige then says she will change the world we live in. Great promo from Paige, perhaps her best since being brought up to the main roster from NXT.

There is then a promo from the back delivered by none other than Luke Harper. Harper says, “We are the rejects, the Reapers at your doorstep, and it’s time to play.” Harper delivered the promo well and after he was done speaking Eric Rowan was shown holding a sheep’s mask.

Next we have a recap of the feud between Owens vs. Cena for their rematch at Money in the Bank with the United States Championship on the line.

Kevin Owens music hits and he makes his way to the ring to a loud amount of boos coming from the crowd. Owens then begins to deliver a promo. He states “I need no introduction, as I was the man who beat John Cena in his debut match with the WWE.” After this statement, he goes on to introduce himself as the NXT Champion Kevin Owens. This seemed to contradict what he initially said as he just said I need no introduction. He declares he will do the same thing to and beat John Cena at Money in the Bank. 

Owens begins to reiterate his son is a huge John Cena fan, but he is 7 years old and he doesn’t know any better. He examines Cena’s promo on Monday and says, “John Cena is delusional and everything John said was garbage.” He proclaims he needs to stop the madness of John Cena, to end his corruption once and for all. Kevin Owens than asks if there is anyone in the back who thinks he can beat him. “You want some, come get some.” The crowd was hot during the Owens promo. Out comes Zack Ryder and thus the Kevin Owens NXT Open Challenge begins.

Kevin Owens NXT Championship Open Challenge

Zack Ryder vs. NXT Champion Kevin Owens.

Owens has his way with Ryder for most of the match. Ryder countered at one point, sending Owens retreating to the outside. Ryder then follows suit only to have Owens gain the upper hand yet again. Ryder is then thrown into the outside barricade, as Owens makes his way back into the ring. Owens delivers a super kick to Ryder from the corner as Ryder charges Owens. From there, Owens catches Ryder with the pop up powerbomb for the win. After his win, Owens connects with another pop up powerbomb on Ryder. This causes a loud pop from the audience, with an overwhelming amount of boos. Owens laughs at a child wearing Cena gear as he exits up the entrance ramp.

Winner by pin fall:

NXT Champion Kevin Owens

Neville vs. Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston

As Kofi makes his way to the ring there is a big New Day sucks chant. Neville received a nice pop from the crowd as his entrance music plays him to the ring. Kofi lands a European uppercut. Irish Whip to the corner from Kofi to Neville. Kofi follows only to have Neville leap frog him in the corner and do a series of front flips to the opposite corner. Kofi once again charges Neville but Neville connects with a cross body from the middle rope. Kofi is getting a lot of heat from the crowd during this match. After a standing moonsault, Neville catches Kofi with a tornado DDT in the corner. 

Kofi does an amazing job selling the DDT. Steve Austin would have been proud of this sell. New Day distracts the ref and pulls Kofi to the outside. Neville flies from the top rope to the outside, connecting with an outstanding moonsault to New Day. Kofi is brought back into the ring, but Xavier Woods begins another distraction. However, Neville is able to pick up the win with a pin similar to that of Davey Boy Smith to Bret Hart from SummerSlam 1992 at Wembley Stadium.

Winner by pin fall:


Next we have Miz TV with Lana. Miz looks very comfortable in his Hollywood persona. He knows his character extremely well. The crowd is all over Miz as he introduces his guest, Lana. Miz gives a recap of the issues Rusev and Lana have been having. Miz then states he would like to bring a surprise guest out, as Rusev’s music begins to play and boos fill the arena. Rusev makes his way to the ring on crutches and hops all the way into the ring. Rusev appears to be truly concerned and states he is a “Broken man without Lana.” 

He explains he has no excuses for his actions and would like to ask if Lana would have him. Lana won’t answer, but Rusev asks again for a second chance. He then begs her to be his crutch, as the crowd gets extremely loud chanting no repeatedly.  Lana smiles and says I’ll show you your crutch, as she hand him one of his crutches. Rusev gets very hot from this and calls her stupid repeatedly. He then yells “stupid mother,” then Dolph Ziggler’s music plays. Dolph comes into the ring and escorts Lana up the ramp as they hold hands.

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus

There is a briefcase above the ring. Reigns makes his way to the ring from the crowd with a loud amount of cheers. Sheamus receives boos as his music plays. Once in the ring they begin to lockup to a stalemate. Each one out powers the other and the contest is pretty even thus far. Reigns then connects with a shoulder tackle as Sheamus bounces from the ropes. Reigns then connects with a clothesline to Sheamus, as Sheamus goes over the top rope to the outside. Reigns makes his way to the outside to grab Sheamus, but Sheamus lift Reigns up and smashes him face first into the table. Reigns rolls off the table only to be thrown over the table to the announcers by Sheamus. 

There is then a commercial break. Upon returning from commercial Sheamus is kicking Reigns while he is on the ground trying to get to his feet. Sheamus connects with a rolling senton. Reigns rolls to the outside apron and Sheamus tries to connect his chest pumps to Reigns, but Reigns blocks each attempt. The crowd is behind all the way on this one. Reigns then has his way with Sheamus connecting Reigns with 13 clotheslines in repetition of one another.  Reigns connect with his outside running drop kick while Sheamus is hanging on the ropes. 

He signals for his patented superman punch, but before he can attempt it we hear Kane’s music. We see Kane with J & J Security make their way to the ring. Reigns connects with a superman punch to Sheamus. Kane enters the ring goes for a Chokeslam only to be blocked by Roman. Sheamus then connects with a brogue kick to Roman. Kane Chokeslam Sheamus and tells J & J Security to stay outside. Kane grabs a mic and pronounces himself as the final entrant in the Money in the Bank ladder match. He then Chokeslam Reigns and looks up at the briefcase as Smackdown comes to a close.

Winner by DQ:

Roman Reigns

This was one of the better Smackdown’s from recent memories. There was a lot to like about this show. If there was a running theme on this show, it was great promo delivery to get the audience hooked into some great storylines.