Roman Reigns...For Five Minutes
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Let's call it what it is. The 2015 Survivor Series Pay Per View (PPV) was not a good show on any level. Granted, the threat of terrorism from Isis could have contributed to the crowd being so flat and uninvolved in the action, there was no excuse for the way the show went in general. Among the weakness of the PPV, was the god aweful and poorly executed finish to the main event. 

This was supposed to be a monumental moment for Roman Reigns. This was the first time Roman has won the WWE Title. There was confetti, pyrotecnics, defiance of authority to show the WWE Universe that he was a champion of the people, and surprise cash in of the Money in the Bank briefcase that everyone saw coming. Sheamus cashing in was a horribly kept secret. The cashing in was just the ending to a moment that usually is classified as the ending of a long road. 

Still wondering if these were real tears
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Not only did this ruin a moment that should have and could have been the most important moment of Roman's life and it was used as prop. Roman may not be everyone's favorite wrestler, but the one thing people can't deny is that he has busted his butt to get better and he absolutely improved. This improvement was supposed to be rewarded with winning this title. Instead, this was used to put over Sheamus because the WWE had no clue what else to do with him. Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit are examples of guys who had their moments of becoming  WWF/E Champions for the first time uninterrupted and it was special. Roman wil win the world title again, but his first time will forever be thought of as a Money in the Bank cash in. 

So the WWE wanted to put the title on Sheamus. Makes sense. Sheamus is a much better heel and will make a decent world champion while they figure out what to do next. What makes this a tragedy is that, like it was stated earlier, ruined a moment, and everyone watching who was aware that Sheamus had the briefcase knew that he was going to cash in. A key giveaway was the time left after the Roman VS Ambrose match had ended. Wht not let the two of them continue fighing and let Sheamus win the title during the match. Triple H still could have come out and shake the hand of the new champ as the celbration began and it could have looked like this tournament was all just a plan to wear down anyone The Authority didn't want to win the title. Roman still may not have WWE World Champion on his resume, but even money says that he would have much rathered have a genuine moment and not win at Survivor Series, then have the title for five minutes and lose it.

Triple H nor Sheamus gained any more or less heat fromt his moment.
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Looking back at the PPV main eent, this was a moment that could have easily been done on Raw or Smackdown. There was no real emotion to any of it. Ambrose and Reigns had a match that could have gone on longer and would have been beter if it was planned further in advance and Sheamus winning the title was predictable. All in all, this was one of the worst finishes to a PPV in a while. This move will more than likely hurt ratings even more than actually letting Reigns actually keep the title.