BREAKING: Has WWE Approached Batista Regarding WrestleMania?
Credit: WWE

Reports have been saying that "The Animal" Batista was recently backstage at the Royal Rumble discussing a potential return to the WWE for WrestleMania. Despite these reports it has been said the Batista turned down the offer they gave him but there’s hope for Batista fans as there is still apparently a chance of this happening. This author has explored why WWE needs Batista for WrestleMania and maybe just maybe WWE are trying to coax Batista into one more match on the biggest stage of them all. None of these reports have been made official by either the WWE or Batista but the chances of WWE approaching Batista are high as there is an obvious lack of big stars in the WWE right now. The report comes from so unless WWE comments on this don't take this as fact as this is just a rumor. What if this is correct and Batista actually has turned down WWE? Does this mean he is willing to return but only on his own terms? Is this an issue of money or character direction? Either way a return from Batista will only help the PPV gain more attention in the media.

If Batista were to return, his appearance at the PPV would be his 7th WrestleMania, which would mean it would be one of his last appearances at the event. He would want to leave on a high if he is going to continue his Hollywood career. He would also want to be paid nicely as a return for Batista will realistically only be good for the company as Batista doesn't really need any more wrestling matches to enhance his popularity. Despite all this if these rumors are true this author believes that fans and wrestlers alike would love this addition to the roster. There is no doubt that Batista's arrival in WWE would excite and entertain.