Ex Tough Enough Divas Make NXT Debut
The two Divas both made the final. Photo:Whatculture.com

At a NXT live event in Venice,Florida the two former tough enough contestants Sara Lee (who came first in the show) and Mandy Rose/Amanda Saccomanno (who came runner up to Sara) made there respective debuts.

The debuts took place in a 6 woman tag team match the team of Sara, Liv Morgan and Aliyah defeated the team of Mandy, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. This is a huge step forward in the careers of both women and could be promising signs to come.

The addition of both these stars is very welcomed by the ever growing list of NXT divas. Fresh talent is always key to keep the weekly shows entertaining, NXT love to use new stars as enhancement talent on the main shows and this could be very good for both stars as they've already had the publicity from Tough Enough.

If both women work hard and show improvement it won't be long until we see them on the main NXT events as WWE would need to have them on TV soon to cash in on there Tough Enough personalities. 

What does this mean for the NXT Divas Division?

This could be an even bigger step forward for NXT, with the NXT Divas division currently one of the most exciting things in the WWE at the moment and with constant additions it's only going to become bigger and eventually it will expand onto the main roster.

The divas revolution hasn't taken the turn it was expecting too, but NXT are still pushing divas to the top of the card and the interest is growing more and more every event and with these two additions it's going to eventually get too full. 

It seems to be the direction the WWE are going with to get more divas matches on the card and more fans interested in the divas. Both these stars are heading on a journey that could take them to the top and with luck, dedication and hard work they will make it there, and with Mandy featuring on this seasons Total Divas, it's clear the company certainly has plans.