The Will Ospreay versus Big Van Vader: The Breakdown
Will the two men ever come to blows or will it remain just words (image: joel lampkin)

Following what was in many spectator's eyes a great match from Will Ospreay against opponent Ricochet - some people had a completely different perspective on the bout.

Big Van Vader thought the match resembled a 'gymnastics routine' and voiced his opinion on social media, prompting a backlash from fans of the 23-year-old. 

The veteran was on the receiving end of his own criticism which also caught the attention of Ospreay himself who has continued the feud and it shows no signs of cooling down anytime soon. 

Vocal Vader

Vader was not a fan of the Ospreay - Richochet match (image:wwe,com)
Vader was not a fan of the Ospreay - Richochet match (image:wwe,com)

The 61-year-old is a legend in the wrestling business - no question about it, but regardless of his status to the industry it could be argued that he just like many others before him, have refused to move on with the times and have instead become stuck in the past. 

Following what looked like a thrilling and entertaining match between Ospreay and Ricochet, two of the independent circuit's most high profile performers, Vader voiced his disdain the contest citing it as similar to a "gymnastics routine."

He said @itsvadertime: "Blatant acrobatics,no story,is there anything done in this video that relates to winning u could get 2 high school gymnast and put on a show.

Despite the lack of grammar his opinion was clear - he did not like the match, his tweet was retweeted 44 times but it was the replies from fans that seemed to have escalated the comment.

The Young Bucks member Nick Jackson had his say @NickJacksonYB: "The match was awesome. Vader is wrong."

Despite some criticism some agreed with his opinion and as @Mattconda replied "Completely agree with @itsvadertime. Is this a choreographed dance competition or a pro wrestling match?"

However, for a 'big guy' who was seen as someone who 'pushed the boundaries' in wrestling due to his own 'high flying' ability it seemed rather odd that he would not have been able to grasp the style of wrestling the two performers were trying to create. 

Vader's moonsaults are legendary and are sealed in the barrels of wrestling history, so it makes it even stranger when his athletic tendencies when he performed are completely ignored but he highlights those of Ospreay and Ricochet as negatives in his match. 

Ricochet Replies

Ricochet took exception to Vader's comments (
Ricochet took exception to Vader's comments (

Following Vader's comments, the loser in the bout decided he was not going to stand by and be a subject of debate as Ricochet decided to voice his opinion with the statement below:

"People don't understand that "professional wrestling" is an art. And much like ANY art, there are endless ways to express it. It can LITERALLY be anything the performers in the ring want it to be. If two guys want to go out there and use light tubes and light each other on fire, then that is their way of expressing their style of wrestling. If they want to go out there and go hold for hold and keep it mat based, then that is their way of expressing their style of wrestling. If two guys want to go out there and clothesline each other real hard and chop each other for 5 minutes straight, then that is their way of expressing their style of wrestling. If two guys want to go out there and use comedy and make the people happy and laugh, then that is their way of expressing their style of wrestling. If two guys want to go out there and use aerial maneuvers and acrobatics to "wow" the crowd.... then guess what??? That is THEIR way of expressing their style of wrestling. Although you may not agree or like a certain style does not mean that it isn't wrestling. Did it used to be a certain way?? Yeah. But just like anything it changed, it evolved."

The Lucha Underground performer's long winded rant was aimed at the veteran who he felt was too critical of their match as he refused to understand "their style of wrestling."

Openly Ospreay

Ospreay voiced his opinion on the matter too. Photo-

The current New Japan Pro Wrestling star had no qualms of pushing the buttons of the veteran as the very next night following his aimed tweet he performed Vader's very own signature moonsault.

A cocky attitude from Ospreay may have not been the most dignified response but it did however get people talking about a potential match between the two - whether it be real or fake would depend on the feeling between the two. 

Several days after the original criticism the high-flying Brit launched his own brand of retaliation with a reply to Vader's tweet reading "Glad you shared it man❤️" and later he tweeted the hashtag "#VaderFearsOspreay" while also retweeting a gif of Vader landing on his feet following a moonsault with the quote "Memorized dancing & gymnastics. It sadness me that wrestling was like this once upon a time......"

Vader Unleashed

Despite last participating in a match in June 2015, Vader still seems keen to fight - providing the brawl is real and Will Ospreay is standing before him.

The 61-year-old has clearly been left frustrated by the whole situation as from an overview he simply voiced his opinion of not liking a match - and he refused to accept some people may not agree with him.

Scrolling down his Twitter feed and almost every single tweet is directed at the British youngster and the American seems desperate for a fight, the tweets read: 

@itsvadertime: "There wont be much ballet going on Little b***h U see I don't like u Im going to hurt u fairly"

A tweet from Ospreay that read "@WillOspreay: "Just throwing it out there I would absolutely love to face @itsvadertime people think I hate him but i don't, I genuinely want this match"

The repercussions

Well, if the WWE have shown in the past - one thing they regard highly is respect, and the taunting of a respected veteran will not stand Ospreay in good stead if he was to ever make the leap from the independent circuit to WWE.

It is doubtful that a match will ever take place for a number of reasons including:

Vader would want it to be real - he legitimately has disdain for the 23-year-old and would prefer to incite physical pain than engage him in a flip-fest. 

The health of the big-man would also be a huge factor, he went into a coma following knee surgery when he was on a plane to Japan back in 2007 that caused him to fall into a coma for 30-days, what 'company' would agree to witness the 61-year-old put his health on the line purely to see a blow-out between the two that they would profit on?

Well the most important reason why not is that - it is childish, the two 'adults' should be ashamed at their lack of respect for one another, granted Vader started it but his comment was 'throw-away' until Ospreay engaged him and taunted him, causing tension to rise to rancid levels. These two men are both respected in the industry and considering the generation gap between them both it is a shame to see such a thing as a wrestling match cause so much frustration and controversy.