Ten Possible Moves for this Year's WWE Superstar Shake-Up
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

10. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph has been the poster child for under-utilization in the WWE. A change of scenery could do him some good, and a feud between him and Seth Rollins over the Intercontinental Championship could be something to see. It would be nice to see one of the hardest working guys in the WWE with something to do.

9. Rusev (and Aiden English)

Speaking of poster children, Rusev is the 2018 of Daniel Bryan. He is as over as anyone has been in a while. Rumor has it he has asked for his release from the WWE. We could possibly see him going to Raw instead and be put in the Intercontinental Title picture, or maybe get a push for the big belt in the summer swoon the Dub has after Mania.

8. Becky Lynch

How far as Becky fallen. While the rest of the Four Horsewomen all have something meaningful to do, Becky has fallen into a limbo. She is not in the title hunt on SmackDown but could be a legit threat for Nia Jax on Raw. It would be a smart move to keep one of the best working, and best looking, women in the company relevant.

7. Bobby Roode

After losing the United States Championship to Randy Orton only to hand a title again over to Jinder Mahal, where does this leave the Glorious One? His entrance could breathe some life into the second or early third hour of Raw, when the crowd goes flat before the Main Event. Not to mention the matches he could put on with the likes of Finn Balor and Seth Rollins.

6. The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro)

It has been shown last week that neither the Usos or the New Day are threats to the Bludgeon Brothers, even when combined. Why not bring in two of the strongest, pound-for-pound guys on the roster. They can match strength with the Bludgeon Brothers and get a relatively fresh start on a new brand.

5. The Usos

For all the reasons stated above, Jimmy and Jey Uso needs to find a new penitentiary on Raw. They have hit their ceiling, as they will not be taking the belts off the Bludgeon Brothers, and while entertaining, it is beginning to get stagnant between themselves and the New Day. Plus, something about the Usos on Raw seems right.

4. Samoa Joe

Injuries have hampered the WWE career for Samoa Joe. He has almost been forgotten on Raw. The matches he had with AJ Styles in TNA were fantastic. Rekindling that rivalry could be the storyline the WWE needs to push to get to SummerSlam, or down the stretch for WrestleMania 35.

3. Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango)

Under-utilized? Check. Over? Check. In need of a fresh start? Check. This move has “right fit” written all over it. Raw can get laborious to watch at times but having the Fashion Files take up a segment in that lull in the middle of the show could be something to keep the fans interesting over the 190 minutes of Monday night wrestling.

2. Randy Orton

Fans love nostalgia. Having Randy Orton show up on Raw, especially on the same night Triple H is in the building, and maybe while Batista is there to promote some movie or something, seeing a possible reunification of Evolution, fans just might eat that up. Not to mention, it opens up storylines, and a potential partner that isn’t the Undertaker for John Cena.

1. Daniel Bryan

This man needs to be in the title picture. With AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura taking up that helm for the foreseeable future, Bryan could possibly make a move to Monday nights. With Roman Reigns possibly becoming Champion by defeating Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia, Bryan could revive the underdog storyline and face Reins in what could be an interesting storyline. It would be the spark to turn Reigns heel and put Bryan so far over, Vince McMahon might just go deaf from all those "Yes!" chants.

Who do you think will be the stars flip-flopping? Let us know in the comments.