Money In The Bank: Should The WWE Consider Making It The "Big 5"?
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Wrapping up the weekend's festivities

Fans were left roaring during last Saturday's festivities. NXT TakeOver: Chicago II was yet another success.

Money In The Bank kicked off the following night with high profile names filling up the card. Superstars from both Raw and SmackDown had a chip on their shoulder as they carried the pressure of topping of the instant classics that happened the night prior.

Speaking of this weekend’s events, it is notable that the WWE held an NXT pay-per-view outside of their "Big 4" weekends. TakeOver events usually kick off Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series weekends.

With a TakeOver event booked on the same weekend as Money In The Bank, is this a sign for things to come?

History of the "Big Four" 

Longtime fans of the WWE know that the big events have always been Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series respectively. These four pay-per-views have the legacy of being the biggest wrestling events for the WWE as they were the very first major events the the company ever had.

Even back in the day, these events would sell out major arenas all around the United States. These four pay-per-views had their own share in carrying the WWE in the 1990s.

When Vince McMahon created a brand extension in the early 2000s, these four events were held to an even higher standard as the only events to be hosted by both Raw and SmackDown, and also with the short lived reincarnation of ECW on SyFy.

Now that the WWE split into two brands once again, the big four are once again scheduled to be the only ones to be hosted by both shows.

At least before this year they were...

Possible changes across the board

First, WWE creates the Greatest Royal Rumble pay-per-view this year, which featured male superstars from both shows competing together. This was a special WWE event that took place in Saudi Arabia.

Money In The Bank, which was hosted by SmackDown Live last year, was hosted by both Raw and SmackDown Live this year. This could mean that either the WWE plans to do away brand exclusive pay-per-views or that Money In The Bank is poised to join the rank.

Falling in rank

Money In The Bank has the potential to stand its ground against the Big Four. The only issue is that old-time fans may see this as messing with tradition.

To create an argument, Money In The Bank has progressed significantly since the ladder match's inception. What started as a  WrestleMania exclusive match now has its own pay-per-view and is now treated as a major event given the implications of holding that Money In The Bank briefcase.

Now to be fair, TLC has had a longer and similar history but is not really given as much credit as Money In The Bank.

No longer a wild card

With the route that the WWE took with Money In The Bank this year, if the WWE continues to let both shows host the pay-per-view then that levels the playing field. Depending on the perspective, this could be a pro or a con.

The Money In The Bank contract entitles the winner to a title match of their choosing. This means that the winner is not confided to any brand.

The contract then makes the winner some sort of a free agent. SmackDown had the upper hand against Raw last year when Carmella and Baron Corbin (who was part of the SmackDown Live roster back then) won the Women's and Men's Money In The Bank respectively.

Since the two shows once again work as separate brands, this only means that had each of them decided to cash in on the other show, they had to stay there up until the next Superstar Shake-Up.

One last thing to point out is that if Money In The Bank becomes the “Big Fifth”, then that throws the WWE out of its pay-per-view schedule. The schedule for WWE events is similar to nature’s calendar.

Survivor Series happens in the fall, Royal Rumble is on the tail end of winter, WrestleMania kicks of spring and SummerSlam is pretty much self-explanatory. Where does this put Money In The Bank then?

So is Money In The Bank the "Big 5th"?

Speculations say that Money In The Bank could be joining the ranks of the Big Four thus, rebranding it as "The Big Five". Either this becomes a good move for the WWE or not is yet to be seen.

Pros and Cons have to be carefully weighed before declarations can be made. Well at least we all consider it just as big as the other four major shows right?

Do you think Money In The Bank is worthy to join the upper pay-per-view ranks? Let us know in the comments below.

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