Throwback Thursday: The History of TLC
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WWE SummerSlam is days away which is why VAVEL USA brings this season's edition of #ThrowbackThursday ! Lets take a look back at one of the most historic matches in WWE history.

The first ever Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match took place at the first SummerSlam of the new Millennium. This match is historic, not just because it's the first ever, but also due to the impact made in the wrestling industry.

Signature Stipulation 

When the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian faced off in the ring eighteen years ago, they had an empty canvas to paint. Never before was there ever a ladder match that also included tables and chairs.

The match stipulation was also significant to each wrestler, because the weapons were unique to each team’s style. The Hardy Boyz were the high flyers and often use ladders against their opponents. Edge and Christian would do their signature team attack using steel chairs while the Dudley Boyz signature piece were the tables where they have sent tons of wrestlers through.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 

The very first TLC match that took place at SummerSlam way back in year 2000. It stemmed from a series of matches between the three teams.

It all started with a ladder match between the teams of Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz for the managerial service of Terri Runnels. This match ended with all four men getting a standing ovation.

Eventually, the Hardy Boyz would face off against the Dudley Boyz in a Tables match. All the feuding led to a Triple Threat Ladder match at WrestleMania 2000 for the tag team titles.

With the success of the triple threat ladder match, WWE looked for a way to capitalize on it, especially as all of this took place during the Monday Night War where the WWE was always looking for ways to beat WCW.

On the August 14, 2000 episode of Raw, Mick Foley, who was the Raw GM at that time announced the TLC match would take place as a rematch between the three teams from their ladder match at WrestleMania.

Highlights of the TLC match:

  • - Edge pushing Jeff Hardy off a ladder and onto a ladder that his brother, Matt Hardy had stacked on another ladder, which ultimately hit Matt in the face.
  • - Jeff Hardy issuing a Swanton Bomb off a ladder and onto Bubba Ray, but Bubba Ray moves out the way, resulting in Jeff going through a table.
  • - Edge pushing Bubba Ray off a ladder and into four double stacked tables.
  • - Interference from Lita
  • - Matt Hardy going through two tables

- The ladder getting moved out from underneath Jeff and D-Von, causing the two to hang onto the title belts as they dangled above the ring.

The aftermath

Due to the performance of these three teams, this one match stipulation now has its own pay-per-view. The first ever TLC pay-per-view took place in 2009, and it also featured the first TLC match to not have a veteran wrestle.

Each TLC match from Summerslam 2000 to the first ever pay-per-view of its own has had at least one TLC veteran wrestle in the match. The success of this TLC match lead to a second match taking place at Wrestlemania 17 and much more for the WWE.

The team of Edge and Christian may have always won the matches that all three teams were involved in, but all six of them were victors. There can only be one first and they set the bar high.

Every TLC match to take place after the first two has a high standard to reach. The ingenuity alone can never be repeated


Are you excited for this year's SummerSlam?  How about the next TLC pay-per view? Let us know what other historical facts you want us to talk about.

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