Goals and Highlights Russia vs Japan in Beach Soccer World Cup (5-2)
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1:54 PM2 years ago

Top 3

Earlier, Switzerland beat Senegal 9-7 and secured a place on the Beach Soccer World Cup podium. Gold medal for Russia and the unprecedented silver for Japan.
1:51 PM2 years ago

Top scorers:

Russia - Krash (2), Novikov, Paporotnyi, Zemskov 
Japan - Akaguma (2)
1:49 PM2 years ago


12' THE END! Referee signals the end of the match and Russians win the third title in the FIFA Era and surpass Portugal, which has two titles. The biggest winner is Brazil, with five trophies.
1:46 PM2 years ago


11' Akaguma, Yamauchi and Uesato are played in the attack field, but no one can complete the goal
1:42 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

10' Novikov, from Russia, for fouling Ozu Moreira
1:40 PM2 years ago


9' KRASH! Kosharnyi connects directly with Nikonorov on the right side, he plays to the No. 5, the defense comes together, but he wins the fight and, even unbalanced, he plays a shot to Shirota's left corner.
1:35 PM2 years ago

Russia wants more

8' Nikonorov goes forward on the left, he cycles twice and the ball goes into the middle of the box, Ozu Moreira kicks it away
1:34 PM2 years ago

Chance for Japan

7' Oba makes the throw-in at the left end, but Japanese doesn't catch it as he tries to head
1:32 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

5' Oba tries a volley, but hits Krash and is cautioned by the referee
1:31 PM2 years ago

Hit the bar!

3' Goalkeeper Shirota tries a direct shot, the ball explodes off the post and goes out
1:29 PM2 years ago

Another foul

2' Okuyama fouls Zemskov, who doesn't take advantage of the kick and hits it wide
1:27 PM2 years ago


1' Akaguma shoots but misses the target
1:25 PM2 years ago


00' Start of the third period in Moscow! 12 minutes left in normal time.
1:23 PM2 years ago

Match statistics

Possession - Russia: 55%, Japan: 45
1:22 PM2 years ago

Half time

12' End of second period. Russia 4-2 Japan.
1:21 PM2 years ago


11' Nikonorov tries a bicycle kick, japanese goalkeeper fumbles in the left corner and avoids the fifth goal
1:20 PM2 years ago


10' Game continues open, without fouls and with chances for both sides, at this time the coaches take the opportunity to make more substitutions
1:18 PM2 years ago


7' PAPOROTNYI! He is fouled by Ozu, charges straight at goal and the ball goes under goalkeeper Shirota before crossing the line. Russia takes a two-goal lead. 
1:16 PM2 years ago

Nice chance for Russia

6' Shinshin shoots at goal, but misses
1:14 PM2 years ago


5' AKAGUMA! Goalkeeper drops to the right corner, but he kicks it into the middle of the goal and Japan pulls back on the scoreboard.
1:09 PM2 years ago

Penalty kick!

5' Nikonorov gets on the marking and hits Akaguma's left leg
1:07 PM2 years ago

Yellow card

4' Matsuo, player for Japan, for committing a foul on Nikonorov
1:05 PM2 years ago


3' NOVIKOV! Shirt 2 hits with his right foot, Kawai stretches, but the ball goes into his right corner.
1:03 PM2 years ago


2' Japan commits another frontal foul, this time it is Oba who brings down the Russian. Novikov goes for the free-kick.
1:01 PM2 years ago


1' KRASH! A direct shot on goal puts the hosts back in front.
1:00 PM2 years ago

Nice chance for Russia

1' Yamauchi commits a dangerous foul on Krash
12:58 PM2 years ago


1' AKAGUMA! Ozu Moreira plays to the top scorer, who ties the game on a beautiful turn that surprises goalkeeper Chuzhkov.
12:56 PM2 years ago


00' Start of the second period. Japan will touch the ball for the first time!
12:54 PM2 years ago


Possession - Russia: 61%, Japan: 39%
Shots: 16-14
Shots on goal: 7-2
Corners: 1-0
Overhead kicks: 4-3
Fouls: 4-3
12:52 PM2 years ago

Half time

12' End of first period. Russia 1-0 Japan.
12:51 PM2 years ago

Not yet

11' Kawai makes the throw-in to the attack field, the ball arrives on the right side and is left for the Japanese player to finish, but he heads weakly and Chuzhkov grabs the ball
12:49 PM2 years ago


11' Okuyama commits an attacking foul, Makarov hits it straight at goal with effect, Kawai deflects forward, but no one takes advantage
12:47 PM2 years ago


11' Akaguma moves forward through the middle, the marker tightens, he turns, takes a bicycle kick, but his shot goes off the right side of the goal
12:46 PM2 years ago


10' Akakuma uses his thigh to set up a bicycle kick, but the ball goes to Chuzhkov's left
12:44 PM2 years ago


8' Kawai makes the pass to Akaguma on the right, he crosses and Haraguchi shoots, but goalkeeper stretches and saves safely.
12:41 PM2 years ago


6' Makarov tenta outra bicicleta, Kawai levanta os braços e bloqueia o chute para evitar o segundo gol
12:39 PM2 years ago


4' ZEMSKOV! He plays a bicycle kick to Kawai's top corner, a ball that the Japanese goalkeeper can't defend.
12:38 PM2 years ago


4' Makarov takes a free-kick from the right, the ball explodes on Kawai's body, who is feeling it, receives assistance, but continues in the match
12:36 PM2 years ago


4' Haraguchi gets underneath and fouls Makarov, who falls with pain in his right foot but recovers and returns to the game
12:35 PM2 years ago

On the bleachers

3' Ozu takes a free-kick from the defensive field, but overdoes it and hits it too far away from the goal
12:33 PM2 years ago

Oh no!

2' Novikov lifts his foot too high and hits goalkeeper Kawai. Japan are awarded a free-kick in the defensive half.
12:32 PM2 years ago


1' Chuzhkov tries a direct shot on goal, Kawai saves without giving a rebound
12:30 PM2 years ago


00' The first half begins. Russia leads off, Makarov and Shkarin on the ball. Japan form barrier with two players to prevent the direct kick.
12:27 PM2 years ago

Turn it up, DJ!

Performance of the National Anthem of Japan. Since Russia was punished, only instrumental music is used to represent the Russian Football Union.
12:22 PM2 years ago


Kawai, Akaguma, Oba, Ozu Moreira, Uesato.
Coach: Teruki Tabata.
12:05 PM2 years ago


Chuzhkov, Makarov, Shkarin, Paporotnyu, .
Zemskov. Coach: Mikhail Likhachev.
12:00 PM2 years ago

Japan making history

This is the first time an Asian team has made it to the final of the Beach Soccer World Cup, in an unforgettable Samurai campaign. Russia, on the other hand, lifted the title both times they reached the final, in 2011 and 2013, beating Brazil and Spain, respectively. In addition, other finalists are USA, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland and Uruguay.
11:55 AM2 years ago

Russia fight for a third championship

FIFA took over the organization of the Beach Soccer World Cup in 2015 and since then four countries have been champions - Brazil, France, Portugal and Russia
11:50 AM2 years ago

Match officials

Referee: Suhaimi Mat Hassan (Malasia) Reserve referee: Turki Al Salehi (Oman) Second referee: Sofien Benchabane (France) Third referee: Gionni Matticoli (Italia) Timekeeper: Hany Farouk (Egypt)
11:45 AM2 years ago
11:40 AM2 years ago


The champion of the Beach Soccer World Cup will soon be known. The tournament is being held in Moscow, Russia, and the local team has reached the final match against Japan and is fighting for its second championship.
11:35 AM2 years ago

Tune in here RFU vs Japan Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the game with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this RFU vs Japan match.
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How to watch RFU vs Japan Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: RFU vs Japan
Event: FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021
Round: Final (golden medal match)
Date: 29 August 2021
Kick-off: 12:30 pm ET
Place: Luzhniki Beach Soccer Stadium in Moscow (Russia)
Where to watch: SBS (Australia), SporTV 2 (Brazil), Universo and the Telemundo Deportes App (USA)
Real time: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch RFU vs Japan live online

Mark your calendar: today the champion will be chosen! The Russians and Japanese will decide who takes the gold medal and the trophy that Portugal took at the last edition in 2019. The kick-off is at 12:30 pm ET. If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!
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Japan last lineup

Kawai, Akaguma, Oba, Moreira, Uesato.
11:15 AM2 years ago

RFU last lineup

Chuzhkov, Romanov, Krasheninnikov, Shishin, Shkarin.
11:10 AM2 years ago

Top scorers

RFU: Nikonorov (7), Makarov, Paporotnyi (4)
Japan: Akaguma (8), Yamauchi (5)
11:05 AM2 years ago

Japan last matches

Paraguay 4-7 Japan
Japan 4-3 USA
Japan 1-7 RFU
Tahiti 4-5 Japan
Japan 5-2 Senegal
11:00 AM2 years ago

RFU last matches

RFU 4 (5)-(4) 4 Paraguay
Japan 1-7 RFU 
RFU 4-2 Spain
RFU 5 (5)-(4) 5 Switzerland
10:55 AM2 years ago


Japan's leading scorer, Akaguma scored the consolation goal in the first round confrontation between the teams. The brazilian naturalized japanese Ozu Moreira scored an own goal. The highlight was Paporotnyi, author of a hat-trick. Even goalkeeper Chuzhkov scored. Zemskov and Nikonorov completed the scoring.
10:50 AM2 years ago

The journey to here

This edition of the Beach Soccer World Cup brought together 16 teams divided into four groups. RFU and Japan were in the same group and finished with six points. The Russians came out on top because they won all their matches, while the Japanese won two and lost their head-to-head match, 7-1.
10:45 AM2 years ago

Japan squad list

Goalkeepers: Yusuke Kawai, Tomoya Ginoza, Yu Shirota
Defender: Ozu Moreira  
Mildfielders: Takumi Saito, Ryota Tsuboya, Ryunosuke Miyama, Shotaro Haraguchi, Takaaki Oba, Naoya Matsuo, Takumi Uesato 
Forwards: Takuya Akaguma, Shusei Yamauchi, Masanori Okuyama  
: Teruki Tabata
Photo by FIFA via Getty Images
10:40 AM2 years ago

RFU squad list

Goalkeepers: Maksim Chuzhkov, Denis Parkhomenko, Stanislav Kosharnyi
Defenders: Andrei Novikov, Alexey Makarov, Yury Krasheninnikov, Anton Shkarin, Boris Nikonorov, Artur Paporotnyi 
Forwards: Kirill Romanov, Dmitrii Shisin, Ostap Fedorov,  Fedor Zemskov, Andrey Kotenev
Coach: Mikhail Likhachev
Foto: Facebook National football team of Russia
Foto: Facebook National football team of Russia
10:35 AM2 years ago


This acronym used by FIFA is adopted because of the punishment the country has suffered for anti-doping control violations. Therefore, neither the Russian anthem nor the Russian flag can be used in official competitions. The solution is to adopt the acronym of the corresponding confederation, such as the COR (Russian Olympic Committee) at the Tokyo Olympics. In this case, in the Beach Soccer World Cup it is UFR (Russian Football Union), which is affiliated to FIFA. 
Photo by Facebook National football team of Russia
Photo by Facebook National football team of Russia
10:30 AM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The match will be played at Luzhniki Beach Soccer Stadium on August 24, 2021 in Moscow, Russia. It is an arena located in the same sports complex as one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer stadiums. The match between RFU-Japan is in group C of FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021 and closes the 3rd and last round of the first phase. Kickoff time: 12:30 pm ET.
Photo by Octavio Passos - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images
Photo by Octavio Passos - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images


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