Challenging Season For Rookies Ahead
via: Charlotte Hornets.

A season unlike any other awaits, and whether you are a rookie or a 15+ year veteran, this will be a different year for everyone.

It is expected to be challenging year for the first year players, who will have just over a month between the 2020 NBA Draft and opening night.

Normally, rookies have multiple months between both, as well as the summer league and an extended training camp to prepare for their first year in the association. 

Perhaps players who did not attend college like LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton get used to the NBA life quicker. On the other hand, the players who were drafted after their freshman year in the NCAA may have a tougher transition. 

“I’m a quick learner,” No. 1 overall pick Anthony Edwards said. “So I feel like I can take part in learning things very fast and on the go. I feel like it’s important that I pay attention and be a sponge.”

It will also be an even harder transition for No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman, who only played three games at the collegiate level. While most rookies haven't played an official game since March due to the COVID pandemic, Wiseman hasn't played since December 2019. 

“James has a lot to catch up on,” Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said. “But James’ potential athletically is so dramatic that he’ll have a chance to step in and help us because he’s so athletic and dynamic.

“But there’s a ton to learn and he doesn’t have the value of a summer league and a summer of workouts. I’m excited for James, but also want to preach caution for everybody not to expect too much too soon. He played three college games.”

Wiseman had it tough during his time at Memphis. He was suspended by the NCAA for accepting improper benefits, including $11,500 in moving expenses from Memphis coach Penny Hardaway, but chose to enter the NBA Draft immediately rather than serve the suspension and return.

Players may take a bit of time to adapt, but one thing is for sure, and is that this is expected to be one of the best rookie classes in recent years.