Highlights and Best Moments: Hawks 103-89 Knicks in NBA Playoffs 2021
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10:10 PM10 days ago

Thank you

Thank you for following the rebroadcast of Atlanta vs New York in Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs.
10:09 PM10 days ago

To the semifinals

Atlanta flew high and delivered what they promised, winning on the road to advance to the semifinals where they will face the Sixers.
10:08 PM10 days ago

End game

Atlanta 103-89 New York.
10:06 PM10 days ago

4Q 00:44

Young with the triple to seal the victory.
10:04 PM10 days ago

4Q 02:22

Julius Randle's three-pointer.
9:58 PM10 days ago

4Q 04:55

The Knicks react with RJ Barrett's layup.
9:53 PM10 days ago

4Q 05:44

De'Andre Hunter with the triple and Atlanta closer and closer to the next round. They win by 19.
9:49 PM10 days ago

4Q 07:35

Young with the three-pointer and Atlanta is flying to the semifinals against the Sixers.
9:45 PM10 days ago

4Q 08:49

Alec Burks with two points and the Knicks start to get closer.
9:39 PM10 days ago

4Q 10:54

Now it is Lou Williams who makes the triple.
9:37 PM10 days ago

Atlanta closer to the semifinals

9:33 PM10 days ago

End of third quarter

Hawks 74-62 Knicks.
9:29 PM10 days ago

3Q 02:53

Bring Young with the triple to shut MSG up.
9:23 PM10 days ago

3Q 03:44

Randle with the fake and scores two points, but the Knicks are still away.
9:21 PM10 days ago

3Q 04:55

Nerlens Noel with the basket and tries to lift Madison's spirits.
9:15 PM10 days ago

3Q 07:42

Derrick Rose responds for New York by going down by 12.
9:13 PM10 days ago

3Q 09:10

Young's pass and De'Andre Hunter's basket to extend the deficit to nine.
9:06 PM10 days ago

3Q 11:48

After a technical foul, Julius Randle responds with a three-pointer.
9:05 PM10 days ago

3Q 12:00

Third quarter begins
8:51 PM10 days ago

Atlanta takes five-point lead into halftime

8:48 PM10 days ago

Half time

Hawks 52-47 Knicks.
8:44 PM10 days ago

2Q 01:42

Reggie Bullock reappears with the triple.
8:35 PM10 days ago

With your permission

8:33 PM10 days ago

2Q 05:21

John Collins is left all alone and calmly puts in the three-pointer.
8:29 PM10 days ago

2Q 07:30

Taj Gibson with the floater to tie the game at 29.
8:23 PM10 days ago

The Madison exploded like this

8:21 PM10 days ago

2Q 09:19

RJ Barrett with the triple and blows up the arena.
8:20 PM10 days ago

2Q 11:21

A lone Clint Capela adds two more points to his tally.
8:15 PM10 days ago

End of first quarter

Hawks 21-21 Knicks.
8:10 PM10 days ago

1Q 00:50

Julius Randle puts in the penalty shots and ties the game.
8:07 PM10 days ago

1Q 02:15

Julius Randle with a double-double and the Knicks for the first time take the lead.
8:06 PM10 days ago

Everyone touched the ball for the basket

7:59 PM10 days ago

1Q 05:14

Clint Capela with another double-double to increase the difference.
7:52 PM10 days ago

1Q 07:50

Julius Randle with the rebound that he grabs after a counter play and ties the game.
7:50 PM10 days ago

1Q 08:48

Julius Randle scores both penalty kicks accurately.
7:48 PM10 days ago

1Q 10:22

Clint Capela with his second basket of the day.
7:48 PM10 days ago

1Q 11:33

Clint Capela con los dos puntos para abrir la pizarra.
7:46 PM10 days ago

1Q 12:00

The match begins.
7:34 PM10 days ago

Atlanta's lineup

7:31 PM10 days ago

We are minutes away

We are just minutes away from knowing the end of this story where Atlanta wants to return to the conference semifinals.
7:23 PM10 days ago

Will Atlanta advance to the semifinals this afternoon?

7:21 PM10 days ago

New York's starting five

7:10 PM10 days ago

Improve marksmanship

The Knicks made only 9 of 29 three-pointers in the last game, scoring only 27 points from three-pointers.
7:05 PM10 days ago

Atlanta seeks to repeat the triumph

6:59 PM10 days ago

Atlanta's arrival

6:59 PM10 days ago

Atlanta absentees

Brandon Goodwin (minor respiratory condition) and Cam Rojizo (right Achilles tendon soreness) are out for Game 5 of the series.
6:56 PM10 days ago

This is what the famous Madison looks like

6:52 PM10 days ago

Randle is already warming up

6:48 PM10 days ago

Another day in the Knicks' office

6:46 PM10 days ago

Asserting the locale

The Knicks are playing the game of the season if they want to force game six, so they will have to take advantage of their home, their fans and look for their second win, remembering that the first one was also obtained here.
6:44 PM10 days ago

Only two series

So far only two series have been defined so far and Atlanta will look to be the third team out of eight to remain alive in the NBA Playoffs.
6:43 PM10 days ago

We start

This day could define the playoffs in Atlanta's favor, but New York has the last word at home. We begin.
11:08 PM11 days ago

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Series Results

Hawks 107-105 Knicks

Hawks 92-101 Knicks

Hawks 105-94 Knicks

Hawks 113-96 Knicks

11:07 PM11 days ago

Key player Knicks

The Knicks are in desperate need of a hero and this may fall on Julius Randle, who was the best scorer in the last game with 23 points.

11:06 PM11 days ago

Key player Hawks

What Young has done has been worthy of admiration, only in the last game he scored 27 points and with the difference they took, he had the luxury of resting much of the last period.

11:06 PM11 days ago

Last Team Knicks

Julius Randle, Reggie Bullock, Taj Gibson, Rowan Alexander, Derrick Rose.
11:06 PM11 days ago

Last Team Hawks

John Collins, DeAndre Hunter, Clint Capela, Bodgan Bogdanovic. Trae Young.
11:06 PM11 days ago

Knicks: stop Young

One of the weaknesses of the New York team is that they have not been able to stop Young, who has done whatever he wanted and, in the second half, they have had a very large disadvantage difficult to overcome.
11:05 PM11 days ago

Atlanta: putting the pressure on

The Hawks have not let the Knicks have comfort in taking three-pointers, where the defense has played an important role in these games.
11:05 PM11 days ago

The series could be over

Should the Hawks win, the series would be over without the need to play a sixth game.
11:05 PM11 days ago

Kick-off time

The Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks match will be played at the Madison Square Garden, in New York. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:30pm ET.
11:05 PM11 days ago

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