Baskets and Highlights of Knicks 116-103 Rockets on NBA 2021
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11:33 PM5 months ago

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11:32 PM5 months ago

4th Quarter 0:00

The game ends with a resounding score of 116-103 in favor of the Knicks. 
11:30 PM5 months ago

4th Quarter 1:00

The Rockets reach 100 points as well but the distance on the scoreboard will no longer be reached. 
11:28 PM5 months ago

4th Quarter 5:14

Theis scores two one-point baskets to close the gap. 
11:02 PM5 months ago

3rd Quarter 0:03

With a pair of points scored by Martin Jr. and one more from the foul line the Rockets close the third quarter. 
10:53 PM5 months ago

3rd Quarter 2:14

Fournier makes another basket to give a slight lead to the Knicks who are still in front. 
10:47 PM5 months ago

3rd Quarter 5:12

Great basket by Theis to even the score. 
10:13 PM5 months ago

2nd Quarter 0:00

The first half ends with the score in favor of the Knicks. 
10:05 PM5 months ago

2nd Quarter 4:43

Great block by Noels who pulls the ball out with great concentration.
9:49 PM5 months ago

Great move by Theis

Impressive the way the Rockets player gets the two points.


9:47 PM5 months ago

Great move by Theis

Impressive the way the Rockets player gets the two points.
9:46 PM5 months ago

2nd Quarter 10:12

Great counter-attack by McBride who ends up making a basket and the Knicks already surpass 40 points. 
9:37 PM5 months ago

1st Quarter 0:53

Great play by Martin Jr. who drove all the way under the basket for a great move. 
9:33 PM5 months ago

1st Quarter 2:12

Great block by Robinson that saves a shot from the three-point zone. 
9:30 PM5 months ago

1st Quarter 3:24

Fournier makes a basket from the foul line to score two more points for the Knicks. 
9:23 PM5 months ago

1st Quarter 7:01

Great shot by Randle that gives the Knicks three points from long range.
9:16 PM5 months ago

1st Quarter 12:00

The game starts live!
9:12 PM5 months ago

Rockets starting lineup

These are the five players who will be out tonight: 

Armoni Brooks. 
Eric Gordon.
Garrison Mathews.
Jae' Sean Tate.
Daniel Theis. 

9:00 PM5 months ago

Last game Knicks vs Rockets

The last time these teams met was on Saturday, November 20 in a game that ended with a score of 106-99 in favor of the Knicks. 
Will it turn out again or will there be an upset?
8:43 PM5 months ago

Knicks starting lineup

These are the players who will play today for the New York team:
Derrick Rose. 
Evan Fournier. 
Alec Burks.
Julius Randle. 
Nerlens Noel. 
8:31 PM5 months ago

The locals arrived

The Rockets arrived on time to face the Knicks, in a game that could help them to improve a little on the bad tournament they have had. 
8:25 PM5 months ago

The Knicks came to the arena

The New York team comes into tonight's game a little better than the Rockets by one place in their respective conference standings, but they have had better results.
8:20 PM5 months ago

Poor results for both

Each is at the bottom of their respective conferences, with the Rockets in 13th place in the West with nine wins and 19 losses. 
The Knicks, on the other hand, have 12 wins and 16 losses.  
8:15 PM5 months ago

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How and where to watch Knicks vs Rockets

The game will be broadcasted only through NBA League Pass. 
If you prefer to watch it live online, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option. 
8:00 PM5 months ago

Knicks' key player

31 is the amount of points that Julius Randle scored in the last game, which despite these numbers ended in defeat for the Knicks. 
Now he will have to double his efforts to win tonight's game. 

7:55 PM5 months ago

Rockets' key player

Alperen Segun has been very good for the Rockets, being one of the top scorers of points coming in as a substitute.
In the last game alone he scored 19, with 11 rebounds and five assists. 

7:50 PM5 months ago

Rockets can't find their way either

After an intermittent pace, the Rockets fell the previous game against the Cavaliers with a more than resounding, scandalous score. 
The game ended 124-89 against the team that will want to do better at home tonight. 
7:45 PM5 months ago

Bad streak for Knicks

The New York team has not seen victory for four games now, the same in which they have been defeated. The last one was precisely against Warriors, with a score of 96-105, which left them in the last places of their conference.
7:40 PM5 months ago

Knicks last quintet

These were the players who took the court in the last home game: 

Alec Burks, J. Randle, N. Noel, Derrick Rose and E. Fournier. 

7:35 PM5 months ago

Rockets' last five

They took the field with: G. Mathews, J. Tate, Daniel Theis, Armoni Brooks and D. J. Augustin.
7:30 PM5 months ago

The match will be played at the Toyota Center

The Kicks vs Rockets match will be played at the stadium Toyota in Texas, USA with a capacity of 18,300 people. 
It is a sports pavilion located in downtown Houston, Texas. 
It owes its name to the Japanese automobile company Toyota, sponsor of the pavilion. 
The Houston Rockets, NBA team and the main users of the pavilion, and share the facility with the Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League.
7:25 PM5 months ago

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They meet two teams that are really bad, the Knicks come in as the 12th place team in the Eastern Conference, while the Rockets are ranked 13th in the West.