Cam Newton Involved In Car Accident

Carolina Panthers star quarterback, Cam Newton, was involved in a car wreck at around 12:30 PM ET and was taken to Presbyterian Hospital, in Charlotte, on a stretcher.

Newton was driving his Dodge Ram truck when it was involved in a crash with another vehicle on the Church Street bridge over I-277, which caused his truck to flip over multiple times, as reported by the Charlotte Observer. The second car involved in the crash was a Buick sedan and was seen crossing Church from Hill Street when the collision happened.

Observers on the scene are reporting that Newton was communicative and alert. However, there have been conflicting reports as to whether Newton sustained any major injuries to his legs.

It was initially reported that Newton's legs were visibly broken but local ESPN officials are stating that Newton is uninjured. It's yet to be determined the severity of any injuries Newton may have suffered, but it certainly sheds some positive light into his condition.

His availability for the Panthers' game Sunday versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is unclear at this moment.

Images by the Charlotte Observer
Images by the Charlotte Observer