Can Michael Vick Start in 2015?

Just as Michael Vick was beginning to fade from pro football consciousness like Marty McFly in Back To The Future, the four-time Pro-Bowler made his plea to NFL GMs at a celebrity charity golf tournament hosted by former teammate, DeSean Jackson.

When asked by a reporter if Vick if he could still be a starter in the league, Vick predictably replied, “Absolutely.”

Vick, who started three games last season for the New York Jets, remains unsigned as OTAs are under way. While it seems that most teams are content with their current quarterbacks situations, there are a handful of situations where Vick could find himself on an NFL roster. As has been seen in the past, a team’s climate could change very quickly as injuries inevitably ravage rosters come training camp season. If Kerry Collins and Carson Palmer could be dug up from their professional playing career graves, Michael Vick could be just as easily snatched up from pro football purgatory. Here are some teams that may just take the plunge on the Michael Vick experience:

Buffalo Bills

Perhaps the most obvious location for a Vick revival are the Bills. With the current quarterback depth chart being comprised of Matt Cassel, Tyrod Taylor, and E.J. Manuel—in current best-to-worst order—there isn’t a flimsier group of signal callers in the NFL. If recent reports of Tyrod Taylor being legitimately considered as the week one starter are true, then Vick would seem to have a better than outside shot at getting brought in by his former head coach, Rex Ryan. Perhaps Vick’s best chances of him reviving his career in Buffalo would be the presence of LeSean McCoy, who could play lobbyist for his former Philadelphia Eagle teammate.

Cincinnati Bengals

Although Andy Dalton is viewed as the unquestioned starter, the leash is tightening for just about everyone in power in Cincinnati. There were far too many instances where the Bengal offense felt stunted under the helm of Andy Dalton, and if the desperation level gets to a breaking point in Cincinnati, Vick could be a Hail Mary worth taking. While Vick has not been a character concern post-prison, head coach Marvin Lewis has a well documented history of bringing in players with checkered pasts. Vick could add some potency to Hue Jackson’s creative offense, but it would likely take a Dalton injury or sharp performance downturn for him to even be considered as an option.

Kansas City Chiefs

It has been a long while since Vick posted his historic Monday Night performance against the Washington Redskins in 2010. In fact, it has been four years and six months from the writing of this piece. Still, a head coach never forgets and if something ever happened to Alex Smith, Vick would be a short phone call away for Andy Reid. Reid wouldn’t be the only Philadelphia tie for Michael Vick, but also would be newly acquired receiver, Jeremy Maclin. Considering the Chief’s offensive weaponry (Charles, Maclin, Kelce), a Kansas City Vick pairing may be his best real chance at a resurgence.

San Francisco 49ers

Of all the teams that Vick could potentially join, the 49ers may be the one team that may already have him on the roster. Kaepernick has followed a very Vick-like career trajectory (sans jail-time) but has fortunately avoided injury despite making a living outside of the pocket. With the line between starter and Blaine Gabbert being so thin, the ‘9ers could enlist Vick as to not miss a beat in Geep Chryst’s offense. That said, Kaepernick is financially entrenched as the starter in the city, by the city by the bay (Santa Clara isn’t exactly a stones throw away from the Golden Gate), and the chances of Vick being brought in isn’t likely unless Kaepernick’s durability suddenly falters.