Blake Bortles Eyeing $100M Deal In His Future

Even though Blake Bortles didn't have the best showing for a rookie quarterback, the former UCF standout is already thinking about his fufure with the Jacksonville Jaguars and he has stated he wants to have a long-term relationship with the franchise that drafted him third overall in the 2014 NFL Draft.

And if he become a rich man in the process, then so be it.

Bortles recently spoke to the media and he said he relishes to have a hefty payday someday although he acknowledged that if he wants to earn big money then he has to earn that right on the field.

"$100 million is always exciting," Bortles said. "Those guys all earn it. They're great quarterbacks and they get paid what they deserve."

After a rookie season where he only won three games and threw 17 picks, he has plenty of areas where he needs to improve. However, Jacksonville is finally coming into his own as a football team and their roster is getting better and better after each year. The addition of Julius Thomas, a whole year working the WRs and the drafting of RB T. J. Yeldon should make the offense a more potent unit and Bortles certainly wants to be the man in charge when everything clicks.

"That's the goal. I try and get better each and every day and why not make a career out of this, not a job? I want to be here long term and do as much as I can to make this team better and have a blast doing it."

Some see Bortles as a star in the making while others only see him as a QB who can make decent throws but that won't be able to have much impact on any game. Bortles certainly hopes to become the first type of player and if he does, then his goal of becoming a wealthy man will certainly happen sooner than later.