Five Head Coaching Candidates For Tennessee Titans
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Five Head Coaching Candidates For Tennessee Titans

A look at five potential Head Coaches that this writer thinks would be a good fit for the football team in Music City.

Caleb Wahlgren

After the Tennessee Titans fell to the Jacksonville Jaguars last night, it is clear that they are in the middle of a rebuilding process. The Titans have already fired their Head Coach this season, and it seems clear that they are strong on defense, but need an offensive Head Coach to guide and nurture Marcus Mariota and the young Titans offense. Here are the best five offensive coaches out there at this point for the Titans to go out and sign to a contract this upcoming offseason. 

#1 Bill Musgrave (Offensive Coordinator, Oakland Raiders)

This was a hire that didn't necessarily make a lot of sense to yours truly when they brought him in to coach the offense last year. But the brilliant offensive mind has down wonders with young quarterback Derek Carr and a young receiver in Amari Cooper. It would seem natural that he would be able to help Mariota develop and also help get the most out of their young receiver in Dorial Green-Beckham. The Titans would be excellent for their future if they could bring Musgrave in to lead the way in Tennessee next season. 

#2 Hue Jackson (Offensive Coordinator, Cincinnati Bengals)

Yes, we all know that Cincinnati is primarily a defensively built team. The Titans are also a defense first team. Jackson knows how to get a team to build a running game, which the Titans are dearly lacking at this point. But he also has prior Head Coaching experience with the Raiders, where he went 8-8 in his only season as a Head Coach. 

#3 Adam Gase (Offensive Coordinator, Chicago Bears)

Yes, he was the former Offensive Coordinator for Peyton Manning before he went with John Fox's coaching staff to the Bears. But he has found a way to make Jay Cutler look better with the ball, and he has turned Jeremy Langford into a good offensive weapon in the wake of Matt Forte's latest injury. Gase is good with quarterbacks and is able to find ways to run the offense. Plus he has worked with different receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. Gase is often overlooked, but he should be strongly considered by the Titans front office for this position. 

#4 Todd Haley (Offensive Coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers)

Yes, he went 19-27 as the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. But he never was given as talented of a quarterback has he would be given with the Titans. Plus, even with Matt Cassel as his quarterback, he was able to get an offense that did make the playoffs one year. He seems to have turned his attention to playing more three receiver sets with the Steelers, which would be more of an offensive transition in Tennessee, but it would be one for the best, as the Titans have been running the traditional pro-style offense for several years and should be ready to move into the new millennium on offense. Haley would be able to help them do just that. 

#5 Harold Goodwin (Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach, Arizona Cardinals)

Bruce Arians is a brilliant offensive mind. Goodwin was with Arians in Pittsburgh, then joined him with the Indianapolis Colts, and then went as the Offensive Coordinator to the Cardinals. This is only his third season as an Offensive Coordinator, but the Titans should get this gentleman while he is still young, he's only in his 40's, and try to hold onto him for a long time. Plus, it would take advantage of stretching the field deep as everyone knows the Cardinals are not afraid to throw deep. The Cardinals also use a good amount of wide receiver screens and don't overly focus on their running game, but like have shifty elusive running backs like Dexter McCluster. Goodwin would be a surprise, but would be an exciting surprise that Titans fans should embrace if they bring him to town.