Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary Pass To Richard Rodgers Wins VAVEL USA Play Of Week 13

Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary Pass To Richard Rodgers Wins VAVEL USA Play Of Week 13

It's our inaugural play of the week result, and it comes with a great play if you are a fan of the Green Bay Packers.

Caleb Wahlgren

When it comes to picking a single NFL play that was the most exciting, it is not an easy result to come up with. But when you narrow it to a weekly basis, it's at least a little bit easier. 

Also, when you see that there is a team that scores on a Hail Mary touchdown pass with 0:00 on the clock when the play starts, and it is a game winner, then it's quite a bit easier to separate it from the rest of the choices. 

Aaron Rodgers had been having a decent game until he threw this touchdown pass, as he had thrown a touchdown pass to Davante Adams in the third quarter and then ran one in himself earlier in the fourth quarter. But the best play of the day was when he found Richard Rodgers on a pass that he released from around the far 35 yard line. 

Now, a lot can be said about how poorly the Detroit Lions defended the play, because they didn't have one of their tallest players on the field in Calvin Johnson. Now he is a wide receiver, but he's been used on those Hail Mary plays before, so he knows how to knock the ball down and prevent the catch. But let's take a closer look at the play here on the video. 

Definitely an exciting play and a good jump from Richard Rodgers in order to come down with the ball. After the game he ended up saying that he was supposed to box out for Davante Adams, but it is clear that he had made the right choice overall as he tracked the ball and was further forward in order to be able to make the catch. There is a solid chance that Adams would have caught the ball behind him, but Rodgers catching this one was much better. When the catch happened, here is the scene the ensued. 

Andrew Weber/Getty Images North America

This made the Green Bay Packers move to 8-4 on the season and they will host the Dallas Cowboys in week 14.