Highlights and goals: Minnesota Wild 0-4 St. Louis Blues in playoffs NHL 2021-22
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Thank you so much for following Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues at VAVEL USA. A great night to all and until next time.


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Minnesota Wild 0-4 St. Louis Blues.
12:14 AM16 days ago


Minnesota Wild has submitted 36 times. Six more than St. Louis Blues, but the visiting team scored four goals.


12:00 AM16 days ago


It's a rout! Another goal from David Perron, who took advantage of the goalkeeper's rebound and scored his third goal in today's game.


11:57 PM16 days ago


St. Louis Blues plays calmly. The Minnesota Wild seems to no longer have the strength to react.


11:49 PM16 days ago


The game is more open, with the Minnesota Wild going for the attack and giving space for the counterattack.


11:22 PM16 days ago


Minnesota Wild 0-3 St. Louis Blues.
11:18 PM16 days ago


The disk does not come in. Massive pressure from the Minnesota Wild. Confusion almost inside the goal and the referee stopped the match.


11:15 PM16 days ago


Sensational attack. In the fourth shot in the second period, another goal for the visitors. David Ferron scored the goal.


11:11 PM16 days ago


Minnesota Wild finished 11 times in the second period, while the St. Louis Blues only kicked three times.


11:06 PM16 days ago


Minnesota Wild pressures the St. Louis Blues.


10:55 PM16 days ago


Minnesota Wild nearly equalized. A lot of pressure and the home team almost scored.


10:50 PM16 days ago


Second period without great emotions so far.


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10:22 PM16 days ago


Confrontation became more open. The Minnesota Wild tries to recover the result going to the attack and gives spaces for the St. Louis Blues counterattack.


10:17 PM16 days ago


Ryan O'Reilly took advantage of the chance and extended the scoring for the visitors.


10:11 PM16 days ago


David Perron was fouled hard and will be out for two minutes. Power Play for the Minnesota Wild.


10:03 PM16 days ago


After the goal conceded, the Minnesota Wild goes on the attack in search of a tie.


9:59 PM16 days ago


After a great exchange of passes, Dacid Perron took advantage of goalkeeper Fleury's rebound and opened the scoring.


9:57 PM16 days ago


Saad received and finished. Great defense by Fleury.


9:56 PM16 days ago


Power Play - St. Louis Blues.
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It's NHL playoffs at VAVEL.


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Confusion between players.


9:52 PM16 days ago


Husso defended the St. Louis Blues.


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It's palyoffs in the NHL.


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Look at him!

The top scorer at St. Louis Blues is the right winger Vladimir Tarasenko with 82 points, being the leader in goals with 34 and second in assists, with 48. The pivot Robert Thomas appears in second place with 77 points. The player is the leader in assists with 57 goal passes.

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Look at him!

Krill Kaprizov is the Minnesota Wild's top scorer and one of the league's top scorers this season. There are 108 points, with 47 goals and 61 assists. Kevin Fiala appears in second position with 85 points, with 33 goals and 52 assists.


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Open quotes!

"I think this team is the best I've ever seen at putting the puck in the net," said O'Reilly, who scored 58 points (21 goals, 37 assists). "We have offensive momentum, it's quite dangerous and the playoffs are obviously going to be a lot tighter with tougher checks, but I'm excited. I like our group and excited for this challenge against 'Minny' who is playing hockey unbelievable. It's a war. "
"I know in the playoffs, every game, every inning is kind of everything, so I think we'll be ready," said Kaprizov, who scored three points (two goals, one assist) in a seven-game loss. to the Vegas Golden Knights in the first round of the 2021 Stanley Cup. "I know we're going to be ready as a team to go out there and play very physical hockey, very good hockey every inning, every game.
"To be honest, it's not about the fancy plays and all the really cool things we do on the ice. It's all about the little plays, the corner battles, the little things we do. If we can keep doing those things right and keep winning our battles and our turns and ultimately helping the team win, that's what we need to keep focusing on."
"You saw how we played against them here, and it's been great games back and forth," said Minnesota forward Tyson Jost. "It's going to be a great series. We're excited and looking forward to it."
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How does the Minnesota Wild arrive?

The Minnesota team finished the season with the second-best record overall, second only to the Colorado Avalanche. There were 113 points conquered in 82 games, with 53 victories and 22 defeats. In the last 10 games there were eight wins and only two defeats.
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Open quotes!

It's exciting. Every battle we've had against them has been extremely intense and physical," St. Louis forward Ryan O'Reilly said. "It's going to be a great series. Starting on the road, I don't think it changes that. It is what it is. We have to be ready to go."
"I mean, our record speaks for itself here," Wild Cam goalkeeper Talbot said. "We are a different team when we are in front of our fans and we get our matches and we have some good lines that can close teams and we have two extremely good lines that can score goals.
“So when we have our matchups and stuff like that, we're a little more dangerous and we play in front of our fans and the timing changes and stuff like that, we can feed off of that on a show like this. too much for our group."
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How does St. Louis Blues?

The team from St. Louis finished the regular season fourth in the Western Conference with 109 points, with 48 wins and 22 losses. In the last 10 games, there were seven wins and three losses, two in a row for Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights. On average, the team finishes 32 times per match, ranking 11th in the category.
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Photo: Disclosure / NHL
Photo: Disclosure / NHL
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The match will be played at the Xcel Energy Center

The Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues match will be played at the Xcel Energy Center with a capacity to receive 18.064 people.
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