Highlights and goals: Venezuela 1 (3) - 1 (4) Costa Rica in Toulon Tournament 2023
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10:59 AM4 months ago


Our coverage of the Venezuela vs Costa Rica match on matchday 1 of Group A of the 2023 Toulon Tournament is coming to an end.

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10:08 AM4 months ago

❌ Venezuela missed! Costa Rica wins the extra point!

Alexandre Lezcano saved Bryant Ortega's penalty kick to give Costa Rica the win on penalties.
10:06 AM4 months ago

⚽ Costa Rica's goal!

Alejandro Bran's shot to the center. 4-3.


10:05 AM4 months ago

❌ Venezuela failed!

Yerson Chacón's cross shot went wide to the right.
10:04 AM4 months ago

⚽ 100% effective

Luifer Hernández (Venezuela) and Álvaro Zamora (Costa Rica) score. 3-3.
10:02 AM4 months ago

⚽ The tie continues

Andrés Ferro (Venezuela) and Santiago van der Putten (Costa Rica) score. 2-2 series.
10:01 AM4 months ago

⚽ First series, effective

Brayan Alcócer of Venezuela and Kenneth Vargas of Costa Rica score their penalty kicks. 1-1.
10:00 AM4 months ago

The penalty shootout series is coming

Venezuela will start charging.
9:55 AM4 months ago

⌚ 90+7'

End of the match! The match between Venezuela and Costa Rica is over. Now the winner will be defined in penalty kicks.
9:51 AM4 months ago

⌚ 90'

Five more minutes will be played in the match.
9:49 AM4 months ago

🔁 90'

Costa Rica substitution. Guillermo Villalobos replaces Ricardo Allen.
9:49 AM4 months ago

⌚ 89'

VENEZUELA HAD A CHANCE! Luifer Hernandez's shot went just over the crossbar.
9:45 AM4 months ago

🟨 87'

Yellow card. Yerson Chacón was cautioned in Venezuela.
9:45 AM4 months ago

⌚ 85'

Last five minutes of the match. The match is still tied and if it ends like this, the winner will be decided from the penalty spot.
9:39 AM4 months ago

🟨 80'

Yellow card. Emerson Ruíz was cautioned in Venezuela.
9:38 AM4 months ago

⌚ 78'

COSTA RICA HAD IT! Great reaction by Frankarlos Benítez after a shot by Álvaro Zamora.
9:36 AM4 months ago

⚽ 76'

GOOOOOOOAL for Venezuela! LUIFER HERNANDEZ! The game is quickly tied with a corner kick from the right by Bryant Ortega that found his teammate alone, who shot comfortably.
9:32 AM4 months ago

🅿️⚽ 72'

GOOOOOOOOAL for Costa Rica! BRANDON AGUILERA! Cross shot to the left side to open the scoring.
9:30 AM4 months ago

⌚🅿️ 70'

PENALTY FOR COSTA RICA! Jesus Paz's tackle on Alvaro Zamora and the referee did not hesitate to whistle for a foul.
9:24 AM4 months ago

🔁 64'

Double change in Venezuela. Emerson Ruíz and Brayan Alcócer replace Andrés Romero and Santiago Rodíguez.
9:21 AM4 months ago

🟨 62'

Yellow card. Kenneth Vargas in Costa Rica was cautioned.
9:21 AM4 months ago

🔁 60'

Change in Costa Rica. Alejandro Bran replaces Dorian Rodríguez.
9:19 AM4 months ago

🟨 59'

Yellow card. Saúl Guarirapa was cautioned in Venezuela.
9:18 AM4 months ago

⌚ 59'

COSTA RICA HAD IT! Now Frankarlos Benítez saves from Gerald Taylor's shot.
9:15 AM4 months ago

⌚ 57'

Venezuela came close. Santiago Rodriguez's shot was caught by Alexandre Lezcano.
9:11 AM4 months ago

⌚ 52'

VENEZUELA HAD IT AGAIN! Saul Guarirapa's header after a cross from the left, but the ball went wide left.
9:10 AM4 months ago

⌚ 50'

VENEZUELA HAD IT! Great reaction by Alexandre Lezcano after a loose ball after a cross and he saved Luifer Hernández's shot from point-blank range.
9:05 AM4 months ago

🟨 46'

Yellow card. Santiago Rodríguez was cautioned in Venezuela.
9:03 AM4 months ago

Second half begins

The match restarts. There were changes in both teams.

For Venezuela, Yerson Chacón and Luifer Hernández are substituted for Kervin Andrade and Daniel Pérez.

For Costa Rica, Álvaro Zamora and Kenneth Vargas are substituted for Damian Rivera and Anthony Hernández.

8:46 AM4 months ago

⌚ 45'

End of the first half. Partial goalless draw between Venezuela and Costa Rica.
8:42 AM4 months ago

⌚ 40'

Five minutes left. Venezuela tries to regain control of the match, but the Costa Rican defense stands firm and does not let them move easily.
8:39 AM4 months ago

⌚ 35'

Last 10 minutes of the first half. Still goalless for now and the game is much more even.
8:34 AM4 months ago

⌚ 30'

Half an hour into the match. For the moment, the score is still 0-0.
8:29 AM4 months ago

⌚ 26'

Andrés Romero's shot went over the goal.
8:26 AM4 months ago

⌚ 25'

Costa Rica is getting livelier. However, they have not managed to generate danger yet.
8:24 AM4 months ago

⌚ 20'

The first half is still going on. We had no more scoring chances in the last few minutes.
8:17 AM4 months ago

⌚ 15'

First quarter of the match. The score remains 0-0 for now.
8:15 AM4 months ago

⌚ 12'

VENEZUELA HAD IT! A header in the box by Andres Romero, which was left in the air and Saul Guarirapa volleyed it, but Alexandre Lezcano was better than the reaction of Alexandre Lezcano to make the save.
8:13 AM4 months ago

⌚ 10'

Venezuela continues to try to score in the first minutes of the match.
8:06 AM4 months ago

⌚ 5'

Venezuela came close with a shot by Kevin Andrade that was not on target.
8:05 AM4 months ago

⌚ 2'

Santiago Rodríguez's shot was blocked by goalkeeper Alexandre Lezcano.
8:02 AM4 months ago

Match starts

The match between Venezuela and Costa Rica begins.
8:00 AM4 months ago

Match officials

Daniel Portelli will be the referee for this match.

7:55 AM4 months ago

All set

The players of Venezuela and Costa Rica take the field at the Stade de Lattre-de-Tassigny.
7:50 AM4 months ago

Substitutes - Costa Rica

18. Abraham Madriz (GK), 02. Keral Ríos, 07. Kenneth Vargas, 08. Alejandro Bran, 13. Guillermo Villalobos, 14. Álvaro Zamora, 15. Matthew Bolaños, 16. Royner Rojas, 17. Sebastián Acuña, 19. José Paulo Rodríguez, 21. Cameron Johnon.

7:45 AM4 months ago

Starting XI - Costa Rica

| 01. Alexandre Lezcano |
| 12. Carlos Barahona | 05. Santi van der Putten | 04. Douglas Sequeira |
| 20. Gerald Taylor | 10. Brandon Aguilera | 06. Ricardo Peña | 03. Jorkaeff Azofeifa |
| 11. Anthony Hernández | 09. Doryan Rodríguez | 22. Damian Rivera |

Coach: Douglas Sequeira

7:40 AM4 months ago

Substitutes - Venezuela

12. Charles  Demarco (GK), 02. Luis Casiani, 03. Yiandro Raap, 05. Abraham Bahachille, 06. Rafael Uzcátegui, 11. Jerel Di Santis, 15. Emerson Ruiz, 17. Luifer Hernández, 18. Yerson Chacón, 19. Brayan Alcócer, 21. Steven Pabón, 24. Luis Balbo.

7:35 AM4 months ago

Starting XI - Venezuela

| 01. Frankarlos Benítez |
 | 04. Andrés Ferro | 21. Carlo Vivas |
| 20. Jon Aramburu |                                         | 13. Jesús Paz |
 | 10. Andrés Romero | 07. Bryant Ortega |
| 14. Santiago Rodríguez |                                   | 23. Kervin Andrade |
| 16. Saúl Guarirapa | 09. Daniel Pérez |

Coach: Ricardo Valiño

7:30 AM4 months ago

Arrival at Stade de Lattre-de-Tassigny

7:25 AM4 months ago

The last training session for each team prior to the game

7:20 AM4 months ago

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What time is Venezuela vs Costa Rica match for Toulon Tournament?

This is the start time of the game Venezuela vs Costa Rica of June 5th, 2023 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Bolivia: 8:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Brasil: 9:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Chile: 8:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Colombia: 7:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Ecuador: 7:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
España: 2:00 PM
México: 6:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Paraguay: 8:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Perú: 7:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Uruguay: 9:00 AM on ESPN and Star +
Venezuela: 8:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

7:00 AM4 months ago

Squad List - Costa Rica

6:55 AM4 months ago

Squad List - Venezuela

6:50 AM4 months ago

Venezuela vs Costa Rica history

The only previous meeting between these two teams was a friendly match played in 2014. On that occasion, the Venezuelans won 1-0 against the Costa Ricans, so this will be the first time they meet in the Esperanzas de Toulon Tournament.
6:45 AM4 months ago

Costa Rica

The Costa Rican national team will have a challenge that can be both complex and great to accept. Having to play in the same group against the last two finalists of the competition, plus a team like Saudi Arabia, which is slowly gaining recognition, leaves as a task to demand 100% to try to give a blow that will put the Costa Ricans in the most outstanding level for the next competitions.

6:40 AM4 months ago


The Venezuelan national team is preparing to fight again in this competition. It is worth remembering that the Venezuelan national team has just finished runner-up in this competition and will be looking not only for a similar performance, but also for the possibility of becoming champions.

6:35 AM4 months ago

The match will be played at the Stade de Lattre-de-Tassigny

The Venezuela vs Costa Rica match will be played at the Stade de Lattre-de-Tassigny, located in the city of Aubagne, in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône, France. This venue, inaugurated in 2011, has a capacity for 1,000 spectators.
6:30 AM4 months ago

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