Inter and Sunderland remain stubborn about Alvarez

Sunderland and Internazionale are yet to see eye-to-eye on the supposed transfer of Ricky Alvarez, according to Chronicle Live.

Alvarez, an Inter player, joined Sunderland on loan for the 2014-15 season for £1.5 million, with the deal citing that the Black Cats would pay a further £7.5 million this summer to make the move permanent, as long as they avoided relegation

However, despite doing the latter, Sunderland wish to call off the transfer as Alvarez had a horrendous season in terms of injuries and only started five Premier League games as a result.

Midway through the campaign, the Black Cats found out that Alvarez needed knee surgery, yet it is believed that Inter refused to allow him the permission to undergo the necessary treatment, for reasons unknown. The midfielder has not featured since March due to his lack of fitness and is still yet to have the knee operation needed.

Inter convinced that Alvarez is a Black Cat

Inter are adamant that the player belongs to Sunderland and are simply awaiting a £7.5 million fee, with their sporting director, Piero Ausilio, last month saying that the situation is "very simple" and that "there are no concerns" at Inter. He, and the club, believe that they "made an agreement" with Sunderland and that Alvarez "is absolutely a Sunderland player" because the club "stayed up, that was the only condition."

Roberto Mancini, Inter's manager and former Manchester City boss, is also convinced that the player belongs to Sunderland, telling Inter's website that he "understood that if [Sunderland] avoided relegation, the move would be permanent," which they did.

However, when Sunderland began to pre-season training on Thursday, Alvarez was absent.

What now?

If the two clubs cannot agree on the situation soon, then the case will be taken to FIFA who will resolve the issue for all those involved instead.

If Alvarez is to remain a Sunderland player, he could be a great signing as, when he did play, he showed the flair and creativity that the team were lacking in midfield and exhibited why the Black Cats are so interested in the player.

However, to pay £7.5 million for a man whose return to his best is not guaranteed, with him needing an operation and time to recover, could be a hugely disappointing outcome for the English side if this is what FIFA decide.