Ameobi feels that Newcastle is a different club

Ameobi feels that Newcastle is a different club

The younger brother of Shola is back to stake his claim in the promotion push and he feels there is a real change within the club.

Katie Mishner

It has been two seasons since Sammy Ameobi has played for hometown club Newcastle Unitedbut he stepped back onto the pitch against Rotherham - warmly embraced by the chants of 50,000 Geordies.

In an interview with The Chronicle, Ameobi gave his verdict on coming back to the club and playing at St James' Park again, in addition to touching on his time on loan.

Same club, different feel

After two separate loan spells to Cardiff City and Bolton Wanderers respectively, the winger thought his tenure at Newcastle was over as he said: “When it came to the beginning of the season I felt that because I wasn’t involved with the first team and then to be sent out, I thought maybe my time has come."

This is obviously not the case as Rafa Benitez's decision to substitute Ameobi was almost a statement intent of keeping him on at the club. The most protruding theme of the, was the fact that Ameobi himself has immediately felt a sense of change, positive change, at his club. He said: “It’s nothing like it was. I was like: ‘What is going on?’. I wondered what had happened, but it’s great to be back, it really is,”

He furthered his comment by adding an exciting statement: “There’s a hunger and you can feel it.”

Boosting confidence at Bolton

When asked regarding the move to Bolton, who could not agree fee or wage demands, he said: “I think it was a good thing to go out to Bolton. It helped me out, it humbled me and helped me work hard again.

“I’ve done things right and the quality shone through. I now have my opportunity and I don’t want to take that for granted at all”  the forward added.

Continuing in a humble tone, he thanked his former club:  “I’m so grateful to Bolton and everything they have done for me."

Furthermore, he went into further detail about his time at the League One side: “I loved it there. The manager and the players - I got on really well with everybody, they really encouraged me.

“But I’m here now, and this is my home” Ameobi said, switching the attention back to the club he is now with. 

Welcome home

As previously mentioned, the Geordies were delighted to have Sammy Ameobi join them in the promotion push as he was given a standing ovation while his name rang out around the famous stadium.

Ameobi himself was shocked: "I didn’t really expect that to be honest - it was unbelievable. It was great because it helped my confidence coming into the game and I really appreciate it."

He continued to talk about the crowd of supporters he has come to know so well: “They are football-crazy here at St James’ Park so it’s great to be a part of it.

"Hopefully I can keep them chanting with my performances,” he concluded.