Isaac Hayden is loaded with passion for Newcastle United

Isaac Hayden is loaded with passion for Newcastle United

The young midfielder oozes dedication for the club as he talks about being prepared to play through his ankle injury.

Katie Mishner

When Isaac Hayden signed for Newcastle United back in the summer from Arsenalnot many supporters were to astute as to who he is. However, under Rafa Benitezthe young talent has began to blossom, demonstrating some very promising qualities in both his attacking and defensive duties.

To further add to this the midfielder, who left the pitch with an ankle injury against Derbyhas pledged his passion as he detailed in an interview how he is keen to be in contention despite the pain.

Nothing serious

When Hayden left the pitch early on Saturday it was purely precautionary for his health as when asked about his injury, Hayden said: “It’s not anything too serious. I have been playing with it for a week now. I have just managed to get through it the best I can."

He added, “It’s my right ankle. I had an operation on it a few years ago and it’s the same sort of thing that has flared up a little bit."

Playing through the pain

The England youth international has stated that he is prepared to continue playing despite the pain, “It’s difficult because when you are playing with a bit of pain it’s not easy. You just have to grit your teeth, get through it and try your best.”

Hayden has featured heavily under Benitez and he talks about how this does have an impact on “with the amount of games and minutes I have played this year it’s been difficult to manage it."

He continued: “To come and play the amount of games and intensity I have done is fantastic but it’s got to the stage now where it has been a little sore and it’s taken it toll."

While he had bravely talked about his ankle, Hayden did concede that “it’s difficult to play when you are playing with an injury".

However, he concluded on a positive note, looking ahead to the next game which will be against Wolverhampton Wanderers as he said: “I have gave my best and hopefully this week - with no midweek game - they can have a look at it and go from there.”