Rolando Aarons facing trial over alleged fight in club

Newcastle United have been in the news recently regarding the law, and there is another blow as player Rolando Aarons is facing trial over an alleged bar fight in Newcastle city centre.

The incident is said to have taken place in October, leaving amateur footballer Wesley Erskine with injuries. Aarons is alongside six others who are co-accused of being involved in the brawl. To which all of the party pleaded not-guilty.

Fears of football bias

The footballer is well liked among the Newcastle fans and therefore the location of the trial could potentially take place in Teesside courts instead of Newcastle. This is to minimise any bias from supporters of the football club.

Prosecutor Ian West commented on this saying, “With a trial the first question that arises is where that trial takes place, the reason I say that is the presence in the dock of Rolando Aarons who is a professional footballer with Newcastle United."

He continued, “Clearly the prosecution would not want any Newcastle supporters on a jury that tries the case and I dare say that Mr [Toby] Hedworth QC wouldn’t want any Sunderland fans on the jury that hears the trial."

Moving the location of the trial is not the only option West explained, “There are two ways; to have a very large jury pool at this court or to move the trial to another court, I would suggest Teesside.”

Trial could take up to two weeks

The Newcastle footballer's defence stated that he was "frankly astonished" by the application to move the trial to another court. Mr Hedworth QC cited that: "I know that you your honour has experienced employees of Newcastle United football club being trialled within this court.”

But it will be Judge Paul Sloan, who is the recorder of Newcastle, who makes the final decision on the whereabouts of the trial. This will be made at the end of the month.

Once the trial is set, it is reported that it could take up to two weeks to fully hear all the evidence. CCTV footage and medical evidence will be put forward to make the decision.