Copa de la Reina: EDF Logroño win their first ticket to the final
Photo By Maika Salguero (El Correo)

EDF Logroño 0 (3) - Athletic Club 0 (1)

Due to COVID-19, the semi-finals corresponding to last season’s Copa de la Reina were postponed since March. Yesterday, Las Gaunas hosted the first semi-final between EDF Logroño and Athletic Club with the help of fans in the stands.

The Queen's Cup semi-finals were a one-match trial, where EDF Logroño managed to play 90 minutes without receiving any goals from Athletic. Cristina Pizarro, the home midfielder, said their opponents were from a club with history and with an important name. But this did not make them play any differently, as they confirmed the good game they had last season.

  • Story of the match

The game gave opportunities for both teams at a very fast pace, which made the goalkeepers the protagonists of the fixture. In the first half, Asantewaa scored, but Athletic Club breathed deeply as it was called offside.

On the other hand, Lucía García, captain Érika and Eunate tried very hard to surprise the local defence line. However, Athletic was unable to create occasions in the other side of the pitch.

During the second half, Ángel Villacampa’s women dominated the game. Unfortunately, not enough to put the ball in the net. Towards the end of the match, three clear shots from Eunate, then Gimbert and Nekane left Athletic with a poor feeling.

The team had been waiting for this match since July, when they resumed trainings. Athletic Club has played two finals in 2012 and 2014 against Espanyol and Barcelona, and sadly, lost both.

 It was time for the penalties.

1-0 Inés; 1-0 Gimbert misses; 2-0 Boho; 2-0 Unzué misses; 2-0 Cazalla misses; 2-0 Cirauqui misses; 2-0 Pizarro misses; 2-1 Lucía; 3-1 García.

  • Takeaways

EDF Logroño got a ticket for the final, the first one in their history having been promoted to Primera Iberdrola in 2008.

The opponent will be the winner from this evening’s match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC. This game will be on TV at 17:00 (GMT+1).