The turnaround - Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC will play in the Damallsvenskan in 2021
Photo credit: Mia Eriksson

On Tuesday it was announced that the Swedish champions Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC first team would be dissolved effective immediately. Now chairman Peter Bronsman has confirmed that the team will in fact keep their spot in the Swedish championship Damallsvenskan next year, as well as their spot in the Champion’s League, reports Göteborgsposten. The club states that they still need to be merged with a bigger club, and have allegedly been surprised by the huge interest shown to keep the team running.

“It’s a notification and a belief in the future. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC is not a traditional member club - we were handed a project to execute 17 years ago for the women’s and girl’s football in Gothenburg. We have won a lot, but sometimes a project needs to end and become a club for real,” said Bronsman to Göteborgsposten.

No clubs have been named

According to the press release from the club, there’s been a lot of interest from both individuals, corporations, and football clubs to see the continuation of the professional aspect of the club.

“Of course I know which clubs we’re talking about, but I can’t say anymore. I almost get a tear in my eye, thinking of how many people want to help. But I’ve chosen some bigger clubs who can give the girls what they’re worth. We’ll continue playing in the Champion’s League and Damallsvenskan next year but we don't know what the colour of our shirt will be as of yet,” Bronsman continued.

As of yet, no names have been made public, but according to Sportbladet is BK Häcken, another Gothenburg club, a strong contender to merge with Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC. They currently have a women’s team in the second division in the region nordvästra Götaland.

“It’s good to hear, but it still feels weird. It’s hard to really understand what has happened, but I’m happy that we can continue to play next year,” goalkeeper Jennifer Falk commented via Expressen.