Cody Garbrandt is angling for fight, but not against TJ Dillashaw

Cody Garbrandt is angling for fight, but not against TJ Dillashaw

Cody Garbrandt is looking ahead to bigger and better fights as he weighs up his options in what could be a big year for the 25-year-old.

Michael Stokoe

Newly crowned Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt has said that a potential fight between him and TJ Dillashawdoesn’t make sense’ as he looks for a big money fight against either Jose Aldo or Conor McGregor in the future.

UFC 207 was a huge night for the 25-year-old as he defeated the former Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz via unanimous decision, and since that victory Garbrandt is not resting on his laurels as he looks to defend his title in the coming year.

One name that has been thrown into the mixer is former Alpha Male teammate Dillashaw who defeated John Lineker on the same night as Garbrandt took home the title.

It’s a fight that Dillashaw desperately wants as he was angled out of a fight against Cruz when he was the champion prior to 207. And with Garbrandt still at Alpha Male and coupled with the acrimonious departure of Dillashaw it’s a fight that could be very entertaining.

Garbrandt insists fight with former teammate ‘doesn’t make sense’

In a sense Garbrandt holds the keys to the Bantamweight division now; as Champion he will get a say on who his next opponent might be.

But with many feeling Dillashaw deserves his chance after some impressive performances it looks as though Garbrandt might need some persuading, saying: “I don’t want to even speak on Dillashaw. He doesn’t even draw pay-per-view buys. It’s not even a fight that makes sense from that standpoint.

Garbrandt wants to face-off against bigger names, rather than Dillashaw

For Garbrandt he has eyes on some of more lucrative fights, fights against the likes of Aldo or even the face of the UFC, McGregor.

Speaking about the potential of facing Aldo, the 25-year-old said: “I’ve got my eyes on Jose Aldo. I saw something that he wanted to fight me, so I’m ready to take down another legend.

Garbrandt’s rise through the ranks has been stupendous, his punching power and speed is a phenomenal weapon and he showed that to devastating effect in his fight against Cruz.

But Garbrandt is focused, and leaving a ‘legacy’ is something which is in the forefront of his mind: “That’s why I got into this sport. I’m ready to build my legacy, and then to defend it.  That’s why I jumped into the UFC and the fight game to do this, it’s to be the greatest. Lord willing, I’ll have longevity and have a lot of success.