As it happened: Cronulla Sharks pick up 3rd victory with 40-22 win against Manly-Warringah


08:55a year ago

Full time: Manly Sea Eagles 22-40 Cronulla Sharks

The Sharks pull off an incredible win at the Central Coast Stadium to get their third victory of the season.

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08:53a year ago
Cronulla have the ball inside of their 10
08:53a year ago
1 minute left
08:52a year ago

Unsuccessful conversion

Garrick hits his kick far wide of the post
08:51a year ago


Funa receives the ball on the wing and grounds the ball just inside of the touch and goal line to get a consolation try
08:50a year ago
They choose to take another set 
08:50a year ago
Penalty for Mabnly inside of Cronulla's 10
08:48a year ago
Manly's kick finds touch on half way and it's their ball
08:47a year ago
Sharks go forward inside of the final 10
08:47a year ago

Scrum for Cronulla with six and a half minutes remaining

Scrum for Cronulla with six and a half minutes remaining
08:45a year ago

Successful Conversion

Garrick adds another two
08:45a year ago


Sironen plays through Fonua-Blake who grounds the ball behind the line and gets another four for Manly
08:43a year ago
The losses of Turbo and Dylan Walker have been very clear for Manly today and it's been a weak performance
08:42a year ago
Manly now going forward inside of the 40
08:42a year ago
10 minutes left
08:40a year ago
Manly's set fizzles out as they can't get through Cronulla's defence
08:39a year ago
Set restart for the Seagulls
08:38a year ago
Manly have the ball inside of the Sharks' 20 after a scrum
08:38a year ago
Manly have been talked about as a team who may go for the Premiership, is there a chance that they could see 50 scored against them today?

No team who have had 50 scored against them in any game have won a premiership since 1908

08:37a year ago
14 minutes left in the second half and it doesn't look like there's any way that Manly can get back into this
08:36a year ago

Successful conversion

Shaun Johnson has yet another successful conversion and adds the extras
08:35a year ago


It is adjudged that Wade Graham's tackle was a collision in the lead-up and not interference and it's an extra four with Blayke Brailey touching down
08:33a year ago
The Sharks have the ball down past the line but they're just checking a tackle in the run up between Wade Graham and a Manly player
08:31a year ago
Manly lose the ball straight away and the Sharks now go forwards
08:31a year ago
Moylan plays the ball out behind his own line and Manly will get the ball back just inside of Cronulla's half
08:29a year ago

Successful conversion

It's an easy kick for Garrick who adds another two
08:29a year ago


Trbojevic pushes through the middle and finds Fonua-Blake who grounds the ball to get back 4 for Manly
08:28a year ago
Set restart for Manly who have just passed their 40
08:27a year ago
Ball kicked long and it's recovered by Manly in their own 10 although the player is tackled
08:27a year ago
Sharks now going forwards but still inside of their own half
08:26a year ago
Manly go forward, kicking it into the air but it's picked up by Moylan inside of his 10
08:25a year ago
Knock-on by Cronulla and it will be handed over to the Eagles
08:25a year ago
Sharks start a set inside of their own 30
08:22a year ago

Successful Conversion

Shaun Johnson gets his fifth successful conversion of the game, hitting it right in between the posts from out on the wing. It's now 6-34
08:20a year ago


Sione Katoa gets his second try of the game. He receives the ball out on the wing and scores an acrobatic try, grounding the ball right in the corner
08:19a year ago
Sharks go forward well, Moylan gets over the line but is held up by the Manly defence
08:17a year ago
Sharks kick long and Manly start a set from within their own 10
08:17a year ago
30 minutes left
08:16a year ago

Unsuccessful conversion

Shaun Johnson misses his first conversion of the day, firing wide of the right post from the left wing
08:15a year ago


Its another try for the Sharks and this time it's Goodwin. He receives the ball on the right and powers through two defenders before grounding the ball
08:14a year ago
Sharks now attacking inside of 20
08:13a year ago
The ball goes straight to the Sharks
08:13a year ago
Manly earn themselves a repeat set after stopping the ball behind their line
08:12a year ago
Cronulla are awarded a penalty and start from 30
08:12a year ago
Sharks now have a set starting from their own line
08:10a year ago
Sharks will get a repeat set after a kick through deflected off of Garrick's heel
08:09a year ago
Sharks have the ball inside of the opposition 20 with another set
08:09a year ago
It's the first time that Manly have conceded 20 or more points this season today
08:07a year ago

Successful Conversion

Johnson gets his fourth successful conversion of the game and adds another two points to the tally
08:05a year ago


It's a dream start for the Sharks, with Dugan latching onto a kick through the defence before grounding the ball.
08:04a year ago

Second half underway!

We're into the final 40 and the Sharks get us started
07:50a year ago

Half Time: Manly 6-18 Cronulla

It's the Cronulla Sharks who lead at the Central Coast Stadium going into half time. 

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07:49a year ago
The Sharks are on fire and look brilliant going forwards.

There's less than a minute left in the first half

07:48a year ago

Successful conversion

Shaun Johnson gets his third successful conversion of the night and its 6-18
07:47a year ago


Ramien spots a gap in Manly's defence and takes advantage, getting his first try since the club's game against the Cowboys
07:46a year ago
Set restart for the Sharks 40 out
07:45a year ago
Referee says that the ball went forwards from a Manly pass and it will now be the Sharks who are in possession
07:43a year ago
It will be another set after Trbojevic's kick past the line is picked up by Katoa
07:42a year ago
Eagles get a set restart late into their count
07:42a year ago
Townsend drives it down field and the Sea Eagles start a set from their 20
07:40a year ago

Successful conversion

Johnson hits a beautiful bending kick that just tucks itself inside of the posts
07:39a year ago
Sione Katoa is now second on the try-scoring charts
07:39a year ago


Johnson plays forward a brilliant ball with his foot. It bounces but Katoa, who has been in tremendous form, finds the try line 
07:38a year ago
Tackle count restarts 30 out after the ball is deflected off the head of a Manly player
07:37a year ago
Penalty for the sharks for pushing in the ruck which is kicked into touch 30 out
07:36a year ago
Sea Eagles going forwards from inside of their own half 
07:33a year ago

Sea Eagles add two

Garrick comfortably hits the penalty between the sticks and it's 6-6
07:32a year ago
Penalty to Manly a handful of metres in front of the line after an offside by the Sharks
07:31a year ago
It's pouring down with rain now at the Central Coast Stadium
07:31a year ago
Ball dropped by the Sharks inside of the 10 and it's the hosts' who are now in possesion
07:30a year ago
Townsend strips the ball away and the Sharks now have possesion
07:29a year ago
Sea Eagles get another set restart going forward from the 40
07:28a year ago

Failed Conversion

Garrick hits it far left of the post
07:27a year ago


Manly have their first points of the day. The ball is switched all the way from the right to the left and Taufua slides in to earn four points back
07:26a year ago
Manly going forward with a set inside of the Sharks' ten
07:24a year ago
Penalty for the Sea Eagles for a high tackle near their own line
07:22a year ago
A long kick fron the Sea Eagles to get it sharted and hits far behind the goal line and Cronulla get gifted a restart from 50
07:20a year ago

Successful conversion

Shaun Johnson adds another two
07:20a year ago


Hamlin-Uele receives the ball just to the right of the posts and he crawls over the line before touching the ball down
07:19a year ago
Katoa sprints on the right and gets close to the line but just can't get over it
07:18a year ago
Set restart for the Sharks 40 metres out
07:16a year ago
10 minutes gone and it's been a great game to watch so far, both sides are attacking well


07:15a year ago
Sea Eagles going forward now but their kick is picked up by a Cronulla defender 
07:14a year ago
Sharks drive the ball forwards at the end of their set and it goes into touch just in front of the hosts' line
07:13a year ago
Cronulla are playing with the benefit of the Sea Eagles not having Turbo today, will that be the difference?
07:11a year ago
Sharks give away a penalty for being inside of 10 metres and it's another set for the hosts 
07:10a year ago
The Sharks complete their set and the Sea Eagles restart at their own line
07:09a year ago
Penalty for the Sharks inside of their own half which is kicked into touch
07:09a year ago
An early scrum for the Sharks inside of their own half
07:07a year ago
Manly recover the ball early on and go forward well, both teams are playing with lots of pace
07:06a year ago
1' We're underway with Cronulla getting us started
07:05a year ago

The teams are out

Both teams have now taken to the pitch in Sydney and there's not long until the game starts
07:00a year ago

Not long to go

It's an early-morning start for those watching in the UK, but there's only five minutes to go until kickoff between  the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles and the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks.

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20:14a year ago
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20:13a year ago

Sharks looking to gain points

The Sharks will be aiming to make it two in a row after they picked up both points against the Canterbury Bulldogs in round six.

They've only won twice so far this campaign but will be looking to improve their points tally off the back of last week's strong performance.

20:11a year ago

No Turbo for Sea Eagles

The Sea Eagles will have to try to deal without star-man Tom  'Turbo' Trbojevic in Sunday's match.

He hobbled off injured in last weekend's game away to the Canberra Raiders, although he managed to score a try early on

20:10a year ago
The Sharks will be looking to use Sunday's game as an opportunity to move towards the top eight, currently on four points.

Manly, however, will want to consolidate their position in qualification for the finals series, on eight points and in seventh place

20:08a year ago

Cronulla Sharks: Team News

1. Matt Moylan 2. Sione Katoa 3. Josh Dugan 4. Jesse Ramien 5. Bryson Goodwin 6. Shaun Johnson 7. Chad Townsend 8. Andrew Fifita 9. Blayke Brailey 10. Aaron Woods 11. Briton Nikora 12. Wade Graham 13. Jack Williams 14. Toby Rudolf 15. Braden Hamlin-Uele 16. Siosifa Talakai 17. Royce Hunt 18. Scott Sorensen 19. Connor Tracey
20:08a year ago

Manly Sea Eagles: Team News

1. Brendan Elliot 2. Jorge Taufua 3. Brad Parker 4. Tevita Funa 5. Reuben Garrick 6. Lachlan Croker 7. Daly Cherry-Evans 8. Addin Fonua-Blake 9. Danny Levi 10. Martin Taupau 11. Joel Thompson 12. Curtis Sironen 13. Jake Trbojevic 14. Cade Cust 15. Jack Gosiewski 16. Sean Keppie 17. Taniela Paseka 18. Morgan Boyle 19. Abbas Miski
20:05a year ago

Kickoff time

Manly Sea Eagles vs Cronulla Sharks will be played at the stadium Central Coast Stadium, in Sydney, Australia. The kick-off is scheduled at 07:05 BST.
19:35a year ago


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