Should NXT Talent Appear In The Royal Rumble?

Every year when the Royal Rumble comes around so much focus is placed on the potential winner and the effect that it has upon the Wrestlemania main event scene, that people often forget about the fun and enjoyment that Rumble match itself brings.

One of the most entertaining aspects is the surprise entrants that WWE like to provide to shock the fans, and the company has place more and more emphasis on this element in recent years, with names such as Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash and Booker T all surprising fans at the Rumble. 

Most of the time, the surprise returns are legends of the industry, who are coming back for one more pop and the chance to have a final opportunity on the biggest stage possible, for example, DDP's return at last years event. 

But this year Vince McMahon and his creative team have a brilliant chance to buck that trend, or at least alter it slightly, and instead of leaning on former talent (whilst there is still room for some of them)  they can provide a glimpse into the future, and give someone form NXT a chance to appear in the match, especially with the WWE Championship being on the line, it gives an even bigger incentive for storyline purposes. 

Would it be a good idea?

Of course it would! Fans absolutely love NXT, and for those that do watch, a vast majority actually prefer it to the main roster content at the moment, and the WWE Universe is firmly invested in the growing brand. 

There is a plethora of talent at Full Sail who would gain a huge ovation from the fans should they appear form behind the curtain, and it would be a genuine surprise that people aren't expecting, and after all, that is the sole purpose of these random entrants, to surprise fans. 

Given the fact the majority of fans know who the superstars are in NXT, they would be well received and those that are not in the know, would hear the reaction and see the talent work, and then be interested in finding out more, which would likely see viewership grow, a winning situation for the company. 

Whoever does enter the Rumble doesn't even have to move on to the main roster afterwards, there's no reason why they can't pop in for a match, and after a strong showing they simply go back to NXT. 

That way, fans who don't watch NXT are given a taster of whichever superstar does enter, so when they eventually debut they will be a known commodity, the superstar can use their appearance back at NXT to talk about how well they did, which makes them look stronger and could even lead to a potential feud through jealousy from other stars. 

There isn't any negatives that could come from having an NXT superstar appear in the Rumble, and it makes even more sense due to the fact the Rumble is being held in Orlando, the place where NXT is taped, meaning it would involve no travel for the wrestlers, and the bulk of the audience will likely regularly attend the tapings. 

It wouldn't be the first time it's happened either, as both Bo Dallas and Rusev have appeared in the Rumble as NXT superstars, and had very good showings, which only helped improve their character's. 

Who could appear? 

In reality, any of NXT's roster could be thrown into the Rumble and fans would likely be happy, but there are several names that make more sense than others to get the golden opportunity of having a Royal Rumble moment. 

Zayn pushed Cena to his limit on RAW. Photo:
Zayn pushed Cena to his limit on RAW. Photo:

Sami Zayn - The Underdog from the Underground is one of the most popular superstar's on the NXT roster and has already appeared on the main roster when he accepted John Cena's US open challenge, a match where he made a huge impact on the larger WWE Universe. 

Because of that, Zayn is already known by the majority of WWE's audience and he would certainly garner a loud reaction, and he was considered for a main roster push until his injury caused him a major setback, and this could be the perfect way to either put him on the main roster full time, or to give fans another tease about just how good he is. 

Fans would certainly love to see this feud again inside the Rumble.Photo: DailyDDTcom
Fans would certainly love to see this feud again inside the Rumble.Photo: DailyDDTcom

Samoa Joe- One of NXT's toughest superstar's, Joe has been an absolute machine since he made his debut, and has gone through everyone in his path becoming one of the most talked about wrestlers on the roster. 

The submission specialist is a veteran of the industry, having competed in TNA and ROH for many years before finally making the jump to the WWE, and he's still got enough left in the tank to have a strong run on the main roster, something fans are desperate to see. 

With the rumors of an AJ Styles debut taking place inside the Rumble, the possibility of recreating one of wrestling's greatest ever feuds inside the Rumble is something that the WWE should not pass up lightly. 

Should creative not be looking to move Joe to tha main roster (and let's face it they really should be given the current injury problems) he is the perfect candidate to come in and have a dominant performance to take back to NXT, where his ability on the microphone and his trash talking skills could really play up his time inside this Sunday's main event. 

Will fans see the NXT Champion appear at the Rumble? Photo:
Will fans see the NXT Champion appear at the Rumble? Photo:

 Finn Balor- There are few bigger matches in the WWE than the Royal Rumble match itself, so this could be the perfect platform to introduce the NXT Champion, Finn Balor, to a wider audience. 

Having taken NXT by storm since his arrival, Balor's star has only risen, and the WWE have big plans for the Irishman, so why not give him the chance to show the world what he can do inside the Rumble. 

He could come out as the demon, highlighting just how creative Balor is, or he can just appear as his confident, Balor Club leading-self, either way having him appear on Sunday would be a huge moment, and a surprise that few would forget in a hurry. 

But whether it's the three names mentioned, or any of NXT's other talented wrestler's, simply having at least one appear inside the Rumble is an opportunity WWE has to take, as they continue to focus on the future and developing talent, they have a golden chance to give one of them a moment to shine, and remind fans exactly why the Rumble is so fun.