Lucha Underground Preview- 3/2/2016
Fenix Photo- 411 Wrestling

For those of you who have never heard or seen Lucha Underground before allow this author to shed some light on this fantastic wrestling concept that Chavo Guerrero has come up with. Guerrero hasn't been seen in a WWE ring in some time now as he has been busy with his newest project, Lucha Underground.

The show takes you on an adventure with very detailed storylines that are sci-fi related to an extent. The story is revolved around 7 Aztec gods who are from all around the world and somehow have united, but have since been forced to feud with each other. In Lucha Underground they have an open door policy meaning anybody can fight, man or woman, but aside from that they also deliver a unique and fresh product that fans who loved ECW can relate to.

They have trios tag titles, yes three superstars formed as a team go after tag titles in very fast paced matches, which is how much of Lucha normally is. We also have "The gift of the gods" championship which enables the holder of the title to challenge for the Lucha Underground championship at any given time. Many will say this is the same concept as WWE who have "Money in the bank" which it is, just with a title and not a suitcase.

What is in store for Lucha Underground fans tonight?

Tonight we have a rematch from two weeks ago with the former Lucha Underground champion, Prince Puma taking on the evil luchador who has "Ciero Medio" (Zero fear) Pentagon JR in a regular match.

Photo- Lucha Underground via Instagram
Photo- Lucha Underground via Instagram

These two are high flyers who put on some amazing matches that you just have to tune into to see, as it is must watch television. Pentagon whose master is non other than Vampiro has his sights set on the Lucha Underground championship with nothing stopping him except the former champion.

Sexy Starr makes her return to the temple

Photo- Via Lucha Undergrounds Instagram
Photo- Via Lucha Undergrounds Instagram

In the current storylines Sexy Starr had been taken away into some type of holding cell by her brother Marty The Moth. She has not been seen since "Ultima Lucha" which is the company's version of WrestleMania so to speak. What will she have to say and who will she face in her return to the company?

Next up is the main event and it is for the "Gift of the gods" championship where we will see King Cureno take on Fenix in a ladder match. Johnny Mundo(Johnny Nitro) has also been in a heated exchange with "The Man Called Cage" after what was a very good back and fourth battle, with a mysterious blonde helping Johnny Mundo out. Her name is Taya Valkerie and she happens to be the AAA women's champion.

Many superstars are involved in this wonderful promotion you will just have to catch it for yourself on your local cable provider, for what is set to be an action packed episode of high flying Lucha wrestling.

In Closing

What this author loves about this company is that they aren't what you would normally expect to see. Men face women, it is not a divided roster. For example, they had a women named Ivaleese challenge for the title against the current champion Mil Muertes is a powerhouse of a champion and with the current owner Catrina managing him, anything is possible. You never know what you will see or who in Lucha Underground