Lucha Underground Review 3/2/2016
Pentagon JR. Photo- Tumblr

Last nights show was nothing short of spectacular if you did not get a chance to see it, you should. Sometimes fans feel that the company has ditched the high intensity that season one had but if you thought that, well you were mistaken. Lucha Underground always gives a rundown of what happened the week before on the show before they get into the new episodes, and this week was no different.

                                                       Sexy Starr Vs Cobra Moon

Photo- 411Wrestling
Photo- 411Wrestling

This is the first time we have seen Sexy Starr in the ring since her brother Marty The Moth took her away after last years Ultima Lucha and locked her up. Her opponent is new to the temple, and her name is Cobra Moon. She got a mixed reaction from the fans at first, but they enjoy both luchadoras as things heat up. The match stayed in the ring which is a shame as it wasn't as high flying as Sexy Starr normally is, but it was a good match that added more to her story with her brother.

Just as Starr started to gain momentum, her brother Marty made his way through the audience and distracted her causing Cobra Moon to pick up the win via submission. Whilst the match could have been better, this was the best way to continue a good storyline so the result made sense. Rating= 3 stars.

                                         Pentagon JR Vs Prince Puma in a rematch from last week

411 Wrestling
Photo- 411 Wrestling

Right off the bat these two wasted no time beating the hell out of each other with the fans on their feet. This match is what Lucha Underground is all about as it had action,excitement and a ton of high flying offensive maneuvers. At one point there was a very nice spot where Prince Puma went from a hurricarana, that was turned into a Canadian Destroyer it was an amazing move and just added to the big fight feel. 

After awhile the match went outside the ring with Pentagon JR on the offense throwing Puma around like a rag doll into the ring post. Somehow Prince Puma got an advantage and starting using punches and kicks to wear down the big man and take advantage. Although he tried to go for his finisher the 450 splash Pentagon had dodged the attack and decided to go for his finisher, the Package Piledriver.

Little did Pentagon know, that the current Lucha Underground champion who suffered broken arm at the hands of Pentagon, was ringside. The champion broke off his sling revealing to the audience he is fully healed, and slid into the ring taking out both men with his finisher, the flatliner. Rating= 4/5 stars, simply amazing.

                       Main Event: King Cureno(Gift of the gods champion) - Fenix  in a ladder match

Photo- 411Wrestling
Photo- 411Wrestling

The main event involved two of the most entertaining men in the company going head to head in a ladder match for the Gift of the gods championship, with the winner getting a title shot at anytime he pleases, similar to the Money in the Bank. It was an excellent match from start to finish, and you would think because this match is a ladder match these guys would just want to beat the tar out of their opponent, win quick and leave.

Well this is Lucha Underground baby and that isn't how things work around here. From putting each other through tables and tossing each other into the seated area where the crowd is these guys had the crowd in the palm of their hands. King Cuerno did everything in his power to take out Fenix, with one of the spots of the night happening when he ascended the ladder. Fenix climbed another ladder outside the ring and must have leaped 10 feet knocking off Cuerno with a missile dropkick.

This ladder match has a lot of high points with too many to explain in great detail, but the author highly suggests you look this match up and watch it because it was a 5 star match up. Fenix got the win after suplexing King Cuerno through a table and climbing the ladder to become the new Gift of the gods champion.

 It was announced by Matt Striker and Vampiro that in three weeks it would be Aztec Warfare, their version of the Royal Rumble. Except there is twenty superstars, some under contract and some who are from the independent circuit. Every 90 seconds a new superstar enters the ring and you can only win by pinfall or submission, with the last remaining superstar becoming number one contender for the Lucha Underground championship.

So be sure to tune in next week for another action packed episode of Lucha Underground as the weeks heading up to Aztec Warfare are something you do not want to miss, and things are bound to heat up.