Adrian Neville Injury Update
Adrian Neville receives treatment to his ankle backstage (image:

Injuries have been a major headache facing the creative team of WWE and their problems are still mounting.

Newcastle born superstar Neville suffered a fractured ankle on the recent Monday Night Raw show and the full extent of his injury has now been revealed.

Injury Period

Neville - Jericho on Monday night raw (image:
Neville - Jericho on Monday night raw (image:

The development of Neville has been an on and off scenario since his move up the main roster one year ago.

His 'push' if there was one to begin with has promptly been halted as he is reportedly been ruled out for at least three months as the full extent of his ankle fracture is revealed.

During a match with Chris Jericho, the 29-year-old fell awkwardly after attempting to slide through the veteran's legs. The former NXT star continued performing for 20 seconds after the injury only aggravating the fracture before having to stop.

With fellow superstars such as Seth Rollins, John Cena and Cesaro all out injured for the upcoming WrestleMania 32 show the removal of another exciting performer such as the Neville will be a huge blow, and will only thin the already fragile roster.

The original plan was suggested to be Kevin Owens defending his Intercontinental Championship in a multi man match at mania but with the removal of his English nemesis this has been thrown into disarray.

This years show of shows would have been Nevilles first, and with the injury ruling him out indefinitely it will be a major personal blow as it is a typically a huge pay day for all that participate.

Jericho Breaking Kayfabe

A veteran of the squared circle the former WCW star quickly spotted that Neville was hurt and broke kayfabe (character) to speak to the referee and his opponent.

The 45-year-old is heard saying to referee Charles Robinson "I will pin him." Despite this the 51-year-old only counted to two prompting Jericho to push him.

Robinson immediately called disqualification and requested for the bell to be rung handing the victory to Neville which was believed to not be the scheduled ending as the savior of the WWE was supposed to win before AJ Styles appeared moments later.

The two veterans squared up to each other in the ring in what were improvised actions but Jericho and Robinson could be heard swearing at each other in what is fair to say was a decision the ayotolla of rock 'n' rolla did not appreciate.

Watch the full video below. (WARNING: Strong language.)