Luke Harper Possibly Injured

With only two weeks left until this year's WrestleMania, and so many wrestlers on the shelf already, WWE can't afford to have many more bodies unavailable for their biggest show of the year. That being said, it appears as though Luke Harper suffered an injury on Monday night while competing in a dark match with the rest of the Wyatt Family.

Possible Injury

Harper appeared to land awkwardly after taking a bump in the ring which he then crawled out of. After he was checked out by the WWE medical personnel ringside, he was helped to the back by the rest of the family as he was having difficulty walking. Right now, there has been no confirmation from anyone on the condition of Harper who was injured after Raw went off the air following the match after the main event. In the footage he appears to be grabbing at his leg.

WrestleMania Outlook

This ultimately may not effect any WrestleMania plans as Bray and his family have had very little to do in the storylines leading up to Mania. If anything, this will take another body out of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal which seems to just be a way to get as many people onto Wrestlemania as possible. Harper is the second injured member of the Wyatt family as news came out last week that Bray had been having some back problems.

Injuries have been coming at terrible times for the WWE with Neville recently suffering one severe enough to keep him from being able to participate in his first Mania match. The injury seems to be significant enough that he had trouble walking which points to some sort of leg injury, possibly a knee or ankle for someone of his size. WWE needs to keep its fingers crossed that no more of its significant players get injured on the home stretch to a WrestleMania that has already been decimated by injuries.