Update On Karl Anderson And Doc Gallows With WWE
Doc Gallows (Left) and Karl Anderson (Right) with New Japan. Photo: TopRopePress

The Bullet Club, Balor Club or even Bulletproof depending on what reports you’ve read could be appearing on WWE television sooner rather than later. Machine Gun Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were spotted in Dallas, Texas during WrestleMania weekend.

The pair’s appearance in Dallas over the weekend was confirmed when WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall posted a photo with them onto Twitter with all three pointing the ‘2 Sweet’ finger sign towards the camera. 

Anderson and Gallows have been noted to start on WWE television within the next week or so but there is no confirmation on those reports. Fans expected them to debut with NXT Champion Finn Balor on the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania but those theories where shut down when fans noted Balor was seen in Dallas Airport before Monday Night Raw. 

Anderson, Hall and Gallows backstage at Raw. Photo: Twitter @ScottHallNWO

A faction from the start?

All rumors and fan theories point towards the pair debuting as a new type of Bullet Club with Finn Balor once again as leader but nothing is yet to be confirmed.

Balor continues to tease fans with the possibility of the three getting back together again. The NXT Champion continually posts photos with references to Anderson and Gallows on Twitter and even said in an interview before NXT Takeover: Dallas that they "do things as a three." 

It makes sense for the WWE to rehash a hugely successful New Japan Pro Wrestling faction with a new name and similar role like they had in the past but that would require turning Finn Balor, arguably NXT’s biggest baby face, heel.

While fans would likely cheer for the group like they were faces, they’d likely perform with heel mannerism’s such as attacking opponents with numbers and even interfering in matches to secure a win.

Anderson, Gallows and Balor in the Bullet Club. Photo: WhatCulture

NXT or WWE main roster?

Anderson has been photographed working at the WWE Performance Centre and backstage at Monday Night Raw but there has been nothing to note in terms of whether they will debut on Raw or NXT.

Placing them with Balor would likely mean an NXT run but they could debut on the main roster with AJ Styles, a previous leader of the Bullet Club. While Styles is arguably one of the biggest good guys the WWE main roster has, he has had major success as a heel in his past.

It is unlikely the WWE would turn Styles so early into his WWE career but Anderson and Gallows could be used to help Styles when faces off against Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

AJ Styles as the leader of the Bullet Club. Photo: SportsKeeda