Update on Ryback's status with WWE
Ryback's situation is now more clear. Photo- Bleacher Report

Update on Ryback's status with WWE

More details have been released this week regarding Ryback's current WWE status.

Matthew Wilkinson

Ever since the news broke that Ryback was sent home by the WWE the rumor mill has been in full swing about the exact details of why he has been sent home and whether or not the Big Guy will be coming back to television and following a more speculation it appears more information has been revealed, especially after Ryback himself released a detailed message about the situation. 

Trademark battle? 

ProWrestlingSheet.com revealed that it appears the WWE and Ryback (real name, Ryan Reeves) are currently locked into a trademark battle over the name he uses as his nickname, The Big Guy. It is something that Ryback has used over the past year and is based simply around his sheer size and power and is a name that he has embraced into his real life, often referring to himself as the Big Guy in interviews and statements. 

However given the current situation between the company and himself if Ryback doesn't return to the WWE then both parties will be wanting to use that name in the future. For Ryback, he may want to use it in other ventures in the wrestling business and for the WWE they could easily re-brand another superstar of similar size with that nickname down the line, but neither can do that if the other owns the rights to the name. 

According to the, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Ryback had filed for the trademark in October 2015, whereas the WWE also filed for the trademark back in January 2016. The trademark was published for opposition this week, giving 30 days for someone to challenge it and it is possible that it was Ryback himself who did that, but it is very possible that both parties are currently battling it out over the rights to the name for future use as both prepare for life without each other. 

Personal statement 

Ryback himself released a lengthy statement regarding his current situation with the company and in it he revealed that he has in fact been sent home after requesting to be taken off television until a deal was either struck or he leaves the WWE. The main reason for the hold up in a new contract isn't an issue with his current spot in the company (even though it could be playing a part) but apparently over the way talent are paid.

Ryback has argued that due to the fact everyone is risking their lives, the people who win their matches shouldn't be paid more than those who lose mainly because the results are pre-determined. According to him it is a debate that has been ongoing since his run as the Intercontinental Champion. He revealed his frustrations at seeing his own financial gain drop as he slipped down the card (and lost more) and claims he was denied magazine shoots and other such outside perks, despite the fact he was working more shows and believes he was improving. 

Ryback has been on a steady decline since losing the belt. Photo- Bleacher Report
Ryback has been on a steady decline since losing the belt. Photo- Bleacher Report

He ended his statement openly admitting he might get released, something that this open letter will have likely pushed the company towards, but admitted that if that is the case then he will walk away happy and ready to tackle other projects and goals but insisting he wants to prove he is the best Big Guy in the world of wrestling. 

It is clear that this developing story is only going to continue as more information is revealed, but if the two don't work out their differences then Payback may very well be the last time fans see Ryback in a WWE ring.