WWE release eight superstars
Sandowwas one of the most shocking releases. Photo- Rolling Stone

It's Spring cleaning time and the WWE has trimmed the fat and dusted the cobwebs, releasing eight WWE superstars. It isn't uncommon for the company to let go of people at this time of year as it is something that has become a regular occurrence, and on the back of two announcers being released the signs were certainly there which makes the news slightly less shocking.

However just because the signs were clear doesn't make it a better situation as seeing anyone lose their job is never something that people want to see, yet a company as large and successful as the WWE isn't going to simply keep everyone and unfortunately this time eight people have been let go.

As with any situation when the company releases superstars the news has been met with some resistance by the WWE Universe who have accepted that certain names being let go isn't a surprise whilst others have been less accepted.

The superstars released are; Cameron, Hornswoggle, Santino Marella, El Torito, Alex Riley, Zeb Colter, Wade Barrett and Damien Sandow.

Not surprising

Even though some fans are frustrated to see certain names on the list be released the fact is that everyone who has been let go were not being used and therefore from a business perspective it makes perfect sense to chop some dead wood. However some of the names have not been met with uproar.

The likes of Hornswoggle and El Torito had very limited usage in the company and yet Hornswoggle had an amazing career with the company. The problem is that the company seems to have run out of ideas with both men and now they do not get any use, so letting them go isn't a shock to the fans.

Both men put on several brilliant matches. Photo- Bleacher Report
Both men put on several brilliant matches. Photo- Bleacher Report

Cameron has struggle to make an impact since being taken back down to NXT. With the influx of female talent at the company's developmental it has been very tough for her to make an impact, and with several people suggesting that her attitude hasn't always been as it should be it wasn't a shock to see her be let go either.

Santino and Colter were two superstars who were not getting T.V. time. With Santino retired from wrestling the company had no use for him on television and given that R Truth now seems to be taking up the comedic role his spot has been filled. For Colter his run with Jack Swagger was a moment that most fans will remember him for in this carnation, yet his failed pairing with Alberto Del Rio saw him be unneeded, although it is a shame to see someone with so much experience not be used in a booking role.

Whilst Barrett is a name who had the most success out of everyone released and was popular with the fans the decision to be released was actually his, something fans had been made aware of already and therefore wasn't a big surprise to see on the chopping block.

Could they have done more?

Two names on the list certainly stood out as superstars the WWE could have used in a bigger role, particularly Damien Sandow. Yet Riley also showed plenty of potential during his time in the company, working as The Miz's bodyguard he managed to get over with the fans and after the split had the potential to move up the roster but was hampered with injuries.

Riley then moved back down to NXT in an attempt to salvage his career and showed good potential an announcer during yet another injury spell, yet his return to fitness brought at end to his commentary career, yet he failed to make a major impact which has seen him be cut.

The biggest shock was the release of Damien Sandow. A superstar who was one of the most over on the entire roster during WrestleMania 31 and had proved over and over again that he could reinvent himself and change up his gimmick, yet was never given the opportunity by the company and will always be seen as a missed opportunity.