Review: NXT Takeover: The End

In the days past from the latest NXT Takeover:The End people have been talking non-stop about what has exactly happened. The NXT brand is certainly changing in a way that it hasn't in over three years. Secondly, Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura do not need to be in NXT, they feel too big to be there sort of like Sami Zayn he was the only one from his class of competitors left he felt above the brand and so do these two men. the last point that must be made is that this author believes the Full Sail crowd are stupid and arrogant, they were a big problem throughout the show.

Andrade 'Cien' Almos - Tye Dillinger

This match was always going to be Andrade 'Cien' Almos going over and it didn't harm what was an awesome match that delivered more than anyone could have guessed. The ability that Andrade carries with him is insane he absolutely shows what the future is going to be like coming in and being a hot shot. He even did the TJ Perkins Spiderman grab between the ropes which was amazing to see. 

The best moment in this match was when Andrade did a second handstand in the corner on the top rope and Tye Dillinger hit the perfect superkick and the selling of this move was insane and intense. 

American Alpha vs. The Revival- Tag team Championship Match

This match is always a treat, it creates magic every time these four men step into the ring it truly is something special, unsure if they would retain the tag team titles the American Alpha fought like it was their last fight. It couldn't have been a better match some of the things pulled off in this match was insane with the belly to belly done off the shoulders of dash to the insane double spot when the Revival hit the false double Irish whip as they pulled them back did the back flip over the shoulders of the Revival and hit a double ankle lock on the men was incredible. Towards the end of the match was incredible, the hot tag is always the starting of the end for American Alpha it was this time too but the end of the tag team champion run. After the match the men stood in the ring like it was going to be the send-off.

Tag team action. Photo: What Culture
Tag team action. Photo: What Culture

The Attack on American Alpha

The American Alpha stood in the ring after the loss of their titles being thanked by the NXT Universe. Two huge men ran into the ring and attacked American Alpha, this was an incredible move as the two men devastated American Alpha after what had felt like a send-off feel but after this it's unlikely and doubtful they would leave with just having them beaten around the place. Inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame alongside The Road Warriors in 2011, Paul Ellering made a shocking appearance at Takeover. Most famous for leading Hawk and Animal into battle, the manager simply appeared on the ramp following an attack on American Alpha by a pair of newcomers.The newcomers were later named as Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinza.

Nakamura Vs Austin Aries

This match was underwhelming, to say the least, it was just a one on one exhibition, no one had anything to lose it was simply a contenders match. It was a good showing on both men's part just in a card stacked with amazing matches it was set up to just another match. It was impressive to see what the two men did when left to their own devices.

Asuka - Nia Jax- Women's Championship Match

This match was the match of the night for sure it was set up perfect and it was finished to perfection. Asuka became a logger because she was cutting down Nia Jax with her kicks all match working until the very end with one huge Buzz Saw kick. Nia Jax is the best, she is so good at what she does and she plays her character so well. Before she was kicked in the head for the final time she gets half up and then screams in Asuka's face. This match was off the walls good.

Finn Balor Vs Samoa Joe - NXT Championship Match

This was the first time the Steel cage was in the NXT brand and lets just say everything is smaller in NXT this wasn't a good match with the two involved. It never seems to click with the two men. It is shame as it was a great match but these two just don't click, they had an amazing steel cage match that was way more brutal than any of the main roster Steel cage matches. This is the first televised loss for Finn Balor in the Demon paint as he couldn't beat the Samoan submission machine, Samoa Joe he hit a huge muscle buster off the second rope for the victory. 

It must be said it was great night of matches entertaining from top to bottom about 8/10. The moment of the night was backstage when William Regal was talking and in the purest Bobby Roode fashion he just walks past into the NXT office.