WWE May Have Saved Bray Wyatt From Failure
Source: https://twitter.com/WWEPR/status/1190004719294570501/photo/1

    If you're like me then you thought that after the disastrous ending of Hell in a Cell, Bray Wyatt was once again doomed for failure. Having a Hell in a Cell match end by referee stoppage or disqualification was just a bad idea. It didn't help Seth Rollins, or the Universal title look good and it definitely didn't make Bray Wyatt look good either. In fact, he came out of the match looking even worse than Rollins. He's supposed to be "The Fiend" an unstoppable monster but gets stopped by having a bunch of random weapons thrown on top of him?

     It was such a bad idea. Thankfully WWE realized this and decided to make things right by having these two compete at Crown Jewel in a rematch where Wyatt won the Universal title. With this title win, Wyatt may be on track to success instead of failure. The Falls Count Anywhere match at Crown Jewel between Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins was very good. There were some cool moments like Rollins crashing through two tables and when Wyatt fell into the pyro area.

     My favorite part of the match was Wyatt shrugging off all the damage done to him. If he truly is going to be a monster, then this is exactly how his matches should go from now on. The only thing I didn’t enjoy about the match was the same thing I didn’t enjoy about the Hell in a Cell match: that stupid red lighting. He’s not the original Sin Cara so why does he have to have lighting throughout all of his matches. It looks fine for the short segments where he randomly attacks people, but it just looks very silly when its on for over 10 minutes for a match.

     If WWE want to Wyatt to be a successful universal champion, they’ll need to have him continue to look like an absolute monster and ditch that stupid red lighting. It feels as if Wyatt is on the cusp of greatness like when he won the WWE championship in 2017. I just hope WWE realizes this and utilizes him properly.