Top 100 NBA Players: Machkhas leaves best for last, hopefully
It's going to be interesting to see how two of the best point guards exchanging teams will affect the Eastern Conference landscape. (Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports).

Top 100 NBA Players: Machkhas leaves best for last, hopefully

With a lot of talent in the NBA nowadays, top 100 lists catch everyone's attention. So here's my first shot at making one.

Youssef Machkhas

Let's cut straight to the chase. Both ESPN and Sports Illustrated made top 100 lists. They were trash. Just kidding, I haven't even looked at them yet, but that's what I heard. Then, three writers from VAVEL made their own, which you can find here, here, and here (your welcome, guys). And here we are with my top 100, the single most correct, amazing, and accurate list of its kind ever created. Wait, never mind. I meant I hope this list leads to a lot of meaningful and eye-opening discussion and debates. Yeah, that. On with the list!

Players Ranked 100-91

100. Rajon Rondo - Pelicans

99. Buddy Hield - Kings

98. Wesley Matthews - Mavericks

97. Aaron Gordon - Magic

96. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Lakers

95. Derrick Rose - Cavaliers

94. Rudy Gay - Spurs

93. Lou Williams - Clippers

92. Rodney Hood - Jazz

91. Patty Mills - Spurs

It hurts to put Derrick Rose this low because he was bound to be one of the best players of this generation. However, his injuries have affected him too much. Photo Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images).

Players Ranked 90-81

90. D'Angelo Russell - Nets

89. James Johnson - Heat

88. Nerlens Noel - Mavericks

87. Julius Randle - Lakers

86. Gary Harris - Nuggets 

85. Robert Covington - 76ers

84. Clint Capela - Rockets

83. Jordan Clarkson - Lakers

82. Trevor Ariza - Rockets 

81. Jonas Valanciunas - Raptors 

Early season prediction: Robert Covington will jump up these rankings. The dude can both score and defend and will now have help from his teammates, barring injuries. Photo: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

Players Ranked 80-71

80. Zach LaVine - Bulls

79. Dirk Nowitzki - Mavericks

78. Dwight Howard - Hornets

77. Reggie Jackson - Pistons

76. Markieff Morris - Wizards

75. Derrick Favors - Jazz

74. Nikola Vucevic - Magic

73. Patrick Beverley - Clippers

72. Dennis Schroder - Hawks

71. Greg Monroe - Bucks

Zach LaVine will have a chance to prove he is more than just flashy dunks now that he is on a pretty bad Chicago Bulls roster.
Photo: Mark Blinch/The Canadian Press

Players Ranked 70-61

70. Victor Oladipo - Pacers

69. Wilson Chandler - Nuggets

68. Tobias Harris - Pistons

67. Marcin Gortat - Wizards

66. J.J. Redick - 76ers

65. Jabari Parker - Bucks

64. Jrue Holiday - Pelicans

63. Ricky Rubio - Jazz

62. Jusuf Nurkic - Trail Blazers (pronounced basically like my name)

61. Eric Gordon - Rockets

Jabari Parker's ranking may seem high at first, but he's an extremely underrated player who can propel the Milwaukee Bucks into the top tier in the East. Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Players Ranked 60-51

60. Joel Embiid - 76ers

59. Serge Ibaka - Raptors

58. George Hill - Kings

57. Tristan Thompson - Cavaliers

56. Dwyane Wade - Bulls

55. Andre Iguodala - Warriors

54. Jeff Teague - Timberwolves

53. Steven Adams - Thunder

52. Myles Turner - Pacers

51. Danilo Gallinari - Clippers

Talent-wise, Joel Embiid might be top 30. However, he has not played in nearly enough games to rank that high on this list.
Photo: Aaron Gash/AP Photo

Players Ranked 50-41

50. Harrison Barnes - Mavericks

49. Dion Waiters - Heat

48. Nicolas Batum - Hornets

47. Otto Porter Jr. - Wizards

46. Jae Crowder - Cavaliers

45. Brook Lopez - Lakers

44. Eric Bledsoe - Suns

43. Goran Dragic - Heat

42. Devin Booker - Suns

41. LaMarcus Aldridge - Spurs

A year ago, Dion Waiters wouldn't be on this list. However, he really turned it around, and his potential to continue improving is why he is so high on the list. Photo: Getty Images

Players Ranked 40-31

40. Avery Bradley - Pistons

39. Al Horford - Celtics 

38. Andre Drummond - Pistons

37. C.J. McCollum - Trail Blazers 

36. Paul Millsap - Nuggets

35. DeAndre Jordan - Clippers

34. Kevin Love - Cavaliers

33. Bradley Beal - Wizards 

32. Kyle Lowry - Raptors

31. Mike Conley - Grizzlies

A rare combination of offensive and defensive skills puts Avery Bradley this high on the list. As arguably the best player now on the Detroit Pistons, he can make his case to be placed even higher. Photo: Elsa/Getty Images

Players Ranked 30-21

30. Kemba Walker - Hornets

29. Kristaps Porzingis - Knicks 

28. Hassan Whiteside - Heat

27. Carmelo Anthony - Knicks (hopefully Rockets soon)

26. Nikola Jokic - Nuggets

25. Isaiah Thomas - Cavaliers (just realized this, but doesn't he look like a Bitmoji)

24. Marc Gasol - Grizzlies

23. Andrew Wiggins - Timberwolves

22. Blake Griffin - Clippers

21. DeMar DeRozan - Raptors

Ranking Carmelo Anthony 64th was one of the many decisions ESPN readers bashed. He may be not be as good as he once was, but he is still one of the most gifted scorers today. Photo: Jim Mone/AP Photos

Players Ranked 20-11

20. Klay Thompson - Warriors

19. Gordon Hayward - Celtics

18. Damian Lillard - Trail Blazers

17. Kyrie Irving - Celtics

16. Rudy Gobert - Jazz

15. Draymond Green - Warriors

14. DeMarcus Cousins - Pelicans

13. Karl-Anthony Towns - Timberwolves

12. Paul George - Thunder

11. Jimmy Butler - Timberwolves

Now that he is no longer standing behind LeBron James' shadow, Kyrie Irving has the chance to prove how good he really is in Boston. Photo: Bill Baptist/Getty Images

Players Ranked 10-1

10. John Wall - Wizards

9. Chris Paul - Rockets

8. Giannis Antetokounmpo - Bucks

7. Anthony Davis - Pelicans

6. Stephen Curry - Warriors

5. James Harden - Rockets

4. Russell Westbrook - Thunder

3. Kevin Durant - Warriors

2. Kawhi Leonard - Spurs

1. LeBron James - Cavaliers 

Most people would put Kevin Durant over Kawhi Leonard, but the latter is just so good on both sides of the court that he had to be second. LeBron is above him just because nobody can take over a game as well as he does.
Photo: Brad Rempel/USA-ATODAY Sports

That took almost forever. I used a mixture of stats, gut feelings, and what each player brings to their respective team while making this list. I know there may be some that you don't necessarily agree with, and that's why there's a comments section! I'd love to hear your guys take on it, even if it involves making a racist joke and calling me a terrorist (yes, that has happened before).