Resume and Highlights: Pelicans 105-120 Nets in NBA Season


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Thank you for watching the New Orleans Pelicans vs Brooklyn Nets game, stay tuned to to follow the NBA season and your favorite sports.
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Nets return to winning ways

The Nets beat Pelicans in a duel that was defined in the first half, Pelicans did not stop fighting but the difference was already wide.
Final score:New Orleans Pelicans 105-120 Brooklyn Nets
9:52 PMa day ago

4Q 00:00

Finish the game.
9:49 PMa day ago

4Q 01:17

Hayes hits a double free throw.
9:47 PMa day ago

4Q 02:07

Marshall adds two for Pelicans.
9:43 PMa day ago

4Q 03:26

Thomas shoots and scores a triple.
9:40 PMa day ago

4Q 03:40

Jones adds two for Pelicans.
9:37 PMa day ago

4Q 05:14

Valanciunas scores a double.
9:34 PMa day ago

4Q 07:53

Jones scores for Pelicans.
9:31 PMa day ago

4Q 08:12

Harden scores for Pelicans.
9:29 PMa day ago

4Q 09:43

Graham scores double for Pelicans.
9:28 PMa day ago

4Q 10:23

Edwards shoots and scores triple for Nets.
9:26 PMa day ago

4Q 11:48

Mills hits three free throws.
9:24 PMa day ago

4Q 12:00

The last period begins.
9:22 PMa day ago

3Q 00:00

The third period ends.
9:21 PMa day ago

3Q 15.4

Griffin scores double for Nets.
9:19 PMa day ago

3Q 01:41

Griffin adds two for Nets.
9:18 PMa day ago

3Q 02:37

Alvarado shoots and scores a triple for Pelicans.
9:17 PMa day ago

3Q 02:58

Griffin assists Harden and they increase the lead.
9:12 PMa day ago

3Q 03:59

Harden increases the lead.
9:11 PMa day ago

3Q 04:13

Hayes scores two for Pelicans.
9:10 PMa day ago

3Q 05:06

Thomas scores for Nets.
9:08 PMa day ago

3Q 06:35

Sharpe adds double-double for Nets.
9:04 PMa day ago

3Q 07:35

Valanciunas adds two for Pelicans.
9:03 PMa day ago

3Q 08:16

Mills scores double for Nets.
9:00 PMa day ago

3Q 09:13

Ingram adds two for Pelicans.
8:58 PMa day ago

3Q 11:43

Jones scores three-pointer for Pelicans.
8:57 PMa day ago

3Q 12:00

The third period begins.
8:42 PMa day ago

2Q 00:00

End of the first half.
8:40 PMa day ago

2Q 26.9

Griffin hits double free throw.
8:38 PMa day ago

2Q 01:12

Harden scores double for Nets.
8:36 PMa day ago

2Q 02:09

Ingram shoots and scores triple for Pelicans.
8:34 PMa day ago

2Q 03:49

Edwards shoots and scores a triple.
8:32 PMa day ago

2Q 04:43

Mills adds two for Nets.
8:31 PMa day ago

2Q 05:18

Hayes scores double-double for Pelicans.
8:24 PMa day ago

2Q 06:46

Harden hits double free throw.
8:21 PMa day ago

2Q 07:23

Valanciunas adds two for Pelicans.
8:20 PMa day ago

2Q 08:17

Hart hits double free throw for Pelicans.
8:18 PMa day ago

2Q 08:28

Sharpe scores for Nets.
8:17 PMa day ago

2Q 09:47

Edwards scores for Nets.
8:12 PMa day ago

2Q 10:35

Edwards shoots and scores a triple.
8:10 PMa day ago

2Q 12:00

The second period begins.
8:07 PMa day ago

1Q 00:00

The first period ends.
8:06 PMa day ago

1Q 25.3

Alvarado scores for Pelicans.
8:04 PMa day ago

1Q 01:20

Thomas shoots and scores triple for Nets.
8:00 PMa day ago

1Q 02:25

Walker scores triple for Pelicans.
7:59 PMa day ago

1Q 03:08

Harden assists Durant and scores two for Nets.
7:57 PMa day ago

1Q 04:38

Graham scores triple for Pelicans.
7:56 PMa day ago

1Q 05:25

Durant shoots and scores a triple.
7:54 PMa day ago

1Q 06:22

Sharpe scores two for Nets.
7:50 PMa day ago

1Q 07:03

Harden assists Durant and scores for Nets.
7:49 PMa day ago

1Q 08:25

Duran hits a double free throw.
7:48 PMa day ago

1Q 08:41

Ingram shoots and scores a triple.
7:47 PMa day ago

1Q 09:36

Ingram hits free throw.
7:46 PMa day ago

1Q 10:24

Harden assists Mills for a three-pointer.
7:44 PMa day ago

1Q 11:41

Durant scores first points for Nets.
7:43 PMa day ago

1Q 12:00

The game begins.
7:26 PMa day ago

Nets starting 5

This is how the Brooklyn team takes the court:
Harden, Mills, Durant, Edwards, Sharpe.
7:23 PMa day ago

Pelicans starting 5

This is how the visitors take the field:
Graham, Hart, Ingram, Jones, Valanciunas.
7:18 PMa day ago

Brooklyn Nets is already at home

This was the arrival of the local team:
7:13 PMa day ago

Harden a legend

The number 13 used in OKC by Harden has not been used by another player on the team, it is not known if it is in tribute to the player, because the franchise plans to retire his jersey in the future.
7:08 PMa day ago

Arrival of the Pelicans

This is how the players of the visiting team arrived for the duel vs Nets:
7:03 PMa day ago

Nets leaders

Let's review the numbers of one of the title contenders:

Kevin Durant leads in points averaging 29.8 per game.
James Harden leads in assists with an average of 9.7 per game.
James Harden leads in rebounds with an average of 8.1 per game.

6:58 PMa day ago

Pelicans leaders

Let's review the stats for the visiting team:
Brandon Ingram leads in points with 22.2 per game.
Brandon Ingram leads in assists with 4.9 per game.
Jonas Valanciunas in rebounds with 12.0 per game.
6:53 PMa day ago

Injury Report Brooklyn Nets

The home team is missing some injuries and here is the pregame report:
Nic Claxton-Out
Lamarcus Aldridge-Out
Joe Harris-Out
Kyrie Irving-Out
6:48 PMa day ago


Welcome to one more NBA rebroadcast, in today's matchup we will see Pelicans facing the Nets, the game will be interesting as the Nets come from losing against Thunder, therefore they need the win this afternoon to keep fighting in the top spots.
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Stay tuned to follow New Orleans Pelicans vs Brooklyn Nets live on TV

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for New Orleans Pelicans vs Brooklyn Nets live, as well as the latest information from the Barclays Center. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live online coverage from VAVEL. 
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Where and how to watch New Orleans Pelicans vs Brooklyn Nets live online

The game will be televised on ESPN.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Brooklyn Nets can be tuned in from the NBA League App live streams.

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Barclays Center

Opened on September 21, 2012, the Barclays Center is the stadium of the Brooklyn Nets, has a capacity for 17 732 people, has hosted various events such as WWE, MTV Music Awards, the stadium project began in 2004, but it was until 2010 when they started the works in the neighborhood of Prospect Heights.
6:28 PMa day ago

Brooklyn Nets Main Lineup

Kevin Durant, James Harden, Joe Harris, Patty Mills, LaMarcus Aldridge.
6:23 PMa day ago

Pelicans Main Lineup

Ingram, Hart, Valanciunas, Graham, Jones.
6:18 PMa day ago

Face to Face

The teams are in opposite positions in their conferences Pelicans is in the last places of the Western Conference, the team has found a small streak of two wins prior to the confrontation against the Nets, on the side of the Brooklyn team recently crushed the Bulls team, however it comes from losing a duel against Thunder that left it in the third position of the Eastern Conference, so it will seek to resume the good pace against the Pelicans.
6:13 PMa day ago

New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans came from nightmare seasons until 2012, Tom Benson bought the franchise from the Hornets, acquiring the young star Antoni Davis, by 2013 the team changed the shield and clothing for the 2013-14 season, it seemed that the team had found a competitive 5 that would take them to Playoffs, it was until 2018 that the team got the pass to the Postseason making it past the first round to face the Warriors team that would beat them and later would take the championship, A season later things in the team were not going well so Davis asked for his departure, for 2019 Davis comes to the Lakers in exchange for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and four rounds of the Draft, with that they got Zion Willamson, currently the team is located in the twelfth position in the Western Conference with a negative record of 16-26 and a streak of two straight games with victory.
Pelicans preparing for the game/Image:PelicansNBA
Pelicans preparing for the game/Image:PelicansNBA
6:08 PMa day ago

Brooklyn Nets

The multi-champion team in the ABA, founded in 1967 has had a constant change of cities in New York, in 2012 they managed to settle in Brooklyn, a very well located franchise, however after the ABA titles, the Nets have not been able to lift the championship title in NBA, with the constant intention of the owners to put together a great team, for this season they have managed to put together a competitive team, the addition of James Harden to the team came to add along with Durant and Irving, With this trident they are automatically a great favorite to win the NBA title and we know the great performance that these players have individually, putting them together has definitely been one of the best decisions of the directors, although we have seen them in action it will be worth nothing if they do not get the coveted title, in the current season the Nets are in third place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 26-15, if they continue like this they will be one of the main candidates to play in the NBA Finals.
Harden with Nets/Image: BrooklynNets.
Harden with Nets/Image: BrooklynNets.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the New Orleans Pelicans vs Brooklyn Nets live stream, corresponding to the NBA regular season. The game will take place at the Barclays Center at 7:30 PM ET.