Todd Gurley Named VAVEL USA Offensive Rookie Of Week 8
St. Louis Rams rookie running back Todd Gurley celebrates as he reaches the end zone. (Billy Hurst/AP)

Todd Gurley Named VAVEL USA Offensive Rookie Of Week 8

For the third time in the last four weeks for the St. Louis Rams, running back Todd Gurley has been named VAVEL USA Offensive Rookie of the Week.

Jeremy Bowen

For the third time in the St. Louis Rams’ last four games, running back Todd Gurley has been named the VAVEL NFL Offensive Rookie of the Week.

Gurley dazzled once again, rushing for 125+ yards for the fourth straight game, this time coming against the San Francisco 49ers. Gurley finished the game against the 49ers with 20 carries for 133 yards and a touchdown.

The most outstanding moment from the game was Gurley's 71-yard rushing touchdown in the second quarter to give the Rams their first lead. Gurley bursted through a hole created by the offensive line and went untouched for the entire 71-yard TD. It was the longest rush he has taken the ball this season. It was a lead that the St. Louis maintained until the final whistle blew, giving the Rams a 27-6 victory.

Gurley has drawn attention from all over the nation. The Rams, who almost never get recognition on the national spotlight, are now getting plenty of airtime because of the proclaimed “Toddfather." Gurley even received a visit at practice this week from University of Georgia legend running back Herschel Walker.

Walker stated "I remember two weeks ago I saw him hurdle a guy, and I never watched a lot of Gale Sayers, but I remember watching Gale Sayers do that once, and I thought, 'He looked a lot like Gale Sayers,'" Walker added. "I thought, 'Man, that's pretty cool.'"

Walker had more praise for Gurley and fellow rookie running back Melvin Gordon, of the San Diego Chargers: "You see what he's doing," Walker said. "He stacks up very well. This is not something I am saying now, but I said it early on of Todd and also Melvin Gordon: They are throwbacks. What I mean by that is they are running backs of the old-school.”

Gurley and the Rams are set to take on the Minnesota Vikings this week. The Vikings have allowed 104.7 rushing yards per game, and have only given up four rushing touchdowns this season. It will be a tough matchup and a true test to Gurley and the Rams to see if they are legitimate contenders for the playoffs this season.