Los Angeles Rams commit to Brandin Cooks through 2022

Los Angeles Rams commit to Brandin Cooks through 2022

After bouncing between three teams in three seasons, Brandin Cooks can call Los Angeles homes for the prime of his career.

Richard Sena

On week marked by one big name star not signing the dotted line, the Los Angeles Rams sign Brandin Cooks to a 5-year deal reportedly worth $80 million, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The extension should come with little surprise as the Rams coveted Cooks enough to pry him away from the Patriots this offseason with a first round pick. Particulars on the deal aren’t out yet, but the guarantees will be most telling for big money wide receiver drills going forward.

Receiver Re-draft

Rams General Manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay swung and missed last offseason when they acquired the oft-underperforming Sammy Watkins from the Buffalo Bills. Trading for Watkins was a novel idea, but Cooks is proof of concept. Both drafted in 2014, Watkins was viewed as a can’t miss prospect while Cooks’ diminutive stature and Pacific Northwest anonymity had him billed as more a dice roll. Heading into the 2018-19 season, and the role reversal nearly couldn’t be more stark. In four seasons,. Cooks has eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark three times -- Watkins has only done accomplished that feat once.

Scouting reports die hard in the National Football League, though, as both Cooks and Watkins will both being averaging $16 million per year for their respective teams despite the disparity in performance, per Spotrac.com.

The real deal

All new high dollar deals tend to have implications for the league at large and Cooks' deal will be no different. Julio Jones has caused a minor uproar in Atlanta after admitting dissatisfaction with his current extension, and fellow 2014 Draftee, Odell Beckham, is due at the end of the 2018 season. While both will likely draw bigger deals than Cooks, the bidding will likely start where Cooks' deal ended.

For now, Cooks can enjoy a few more arrows in his quiver as a tent pole star on one of the league's most exciting offenses.