Goal and Highlights PSG vs Orléans (1-0)


3:28 PM2 years ago

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Thank you for joining us in our broadcast of the friendly game PSG vs Orléans. Stay tuned to VAVEL for all the latest sports news.
3:19 PM2 years ago

Next games

On Tuesday (27th) PSG makes the last friendly before the official debut of the season, which will be the Supercup of France against Lille on Sunday (1st). Before that there is the test against Sevilla, another opportunity for Mauricio Pochettino to build the basis of the team. Orléans, in turn, returns to the field on August 6th, when they face Laval in the opening game of the third division of Ligue 1.
3:14 PM2 years ago


47' Referee blows the whistle, there is no time for anything else! PSG wins Orleans 2-0.
3:11 PM2 years ago

Injury time

45' Two minutes to go
3:10 PM2 years ago

One more time

45' Fadiga crosses to Nagera, he heads but fails to extend the lead
3:07 PM2 years ago

L'Hostis again

44' Kurzawa plays to Gharbi, he hits high, goalkeeper searches
3:05 PM2 years ago

Closed the goal

41' Orléans arrives with Lepaul and Fabien, they shoot and Navas saves to avoid the draw
3:00 PM2 years ago

Substitutions in Orléans

38' IN: Seba, Mokdad, Fabien, Ouhatti, Keita, Seydi;
OUT: Saint-Ruf, Halby-Toure, Goujon, Talal, Nkada, Soumaré
2:57 PM2 years ago

Double substitution in PSG

37' Fernandez and Negera in place of Kehrer and Kalimuendo
2:55 PM2 years ago

Out again

35' Gueye makes the pass to Hakimi, who takes a chance from outside the area and he lets go of his left foot, but misses the target
2:52 PM2 years ago

Not yet

28' Hakimi sets up Kalimuendo on the right, but he knocks it straight out
2:48 PM2 years ago

Substitution in PSG

27' Gharbi in place of Draxler
2:48 PM2 years ago

Substitution in Orleans

27' Lapis and Dembi in place of Benkaid and Diallo
2:46 PM2 years ago

Double substitution in Orleans

23' Muzalimoja Mambo e Lepaul entram, Marchadier e Tidiane Keita saem
2:43 PM2 years ago


22' Kurzawa lifts the ball into the box, Draxler heads it back to the goalkeeper.
2:25 PM2 years ago

It would be a great goal

19' Gueye risks a shot almost from the middle of the field but the ball goes out
2:22 PM2 years ago


17' HAKIMI! 22-year-old Moroccan opens the scoring with a right-footed shot.
2:17 PM2 years ago


16' Ball possession - PSG: 61%, Orléans: 39%
2:16 PM2 years ago

Far away

13' Fadiga unleashes his right foot on a shot from outside the area and the ball goes out the back line
2:15 PM2 years ago

Orleans reacts

6' Nkada receives from Benkaid, shoots with his right foot, but is stopped
2:14 PM2 years ago

Watch out

2' Icardi shoots in the middle of the area, goalkeeper saves
2:09 PM2 years ago

Game restarts

00' The second half begins
2:03 PM2 years ago

Substitutions in PSG

IN: Keylor Navas, Diallo, Kurzawa, Hakimi, Fadiga, Gueye 
OUT: Alexandre Letellier, Bitshiabu, Alloh, Bitumazala, Ahmada, Ebimbe
1:54 PM2 years ago

First half stats

Ball possession - PSG 57%, Orléans 43
Shots: 3-2
Shots on target: 1-2
Fouls: 6-4
Offsides: 0-1
corners: 2-3
Goalkeeper saves: 2-1
1:50 PM2 years ago


45' End of first half
1:49 PM2 years ago


44' Draxler uses his right foot for another long-range shot but misses the target
1:43 PM2 years ago


40' PSG controls more of the match (57%), but Orléans arrives more often to the attack, rounding the area
1:41 PM2 years ago

Break game

35' Sequence of fouls hinders the progress of the game
1:36 PM2 years ago

PSG on attack

30' Now it's Draxler's turn to pass to Ebimbe to fill his right foot, but the ball goes in the middle of the goal and L'Hostis saves
1:25 PM2 years ago


25' Possession - PSG: 52%, Orléans: 48%
Shots: 1-2
Fouls: 3-1
Offsides: 0-1
Corner kicks: 2-2
Goalkeeper saves: 2-0
1:23 PM2 years ago

He's back

22' Soumaré with his right foot but Letellier makes the save
1:21 PM2 years ago


18' Halby-Toure throws the ball to Nkada, who was in an irregular position
1:20 PM2 years ago

Testing the goalkeeper

14' Ebimbe plays to Draxler, who saves a left-footed shot from outside the box but is blocked
1:18 PM2 years ago

Orleans again

12' Talal comes back to help the defense and gives way to the corner in favor of PSG
1:09 PM2 years ago

Orleans attack

4' Soumare takes a shot from outside the area, goalkeeper saves safely
1:05 PM2 years ago


00' The first half begins in Stade de la Source
1:03 PM2 years ago

Stade de la Source

A moins de 2h30 du coup d’envoi, on bichonne la pelouse pour ce nouveau match amical face au @PSG_inside ⚽️
On croise les doigts pour que la météo ne vienne pas gâcher la partie ! pic.twitter.com/M3e6flrqtj — US Orléans (@US_Orleans) July 24, 2021

12:44 PM2 years ago

Orleans squad

Franck L'Hostis, Benkaid, Diallo, Goujon, Halby-Toure, Tidiane Keita, Marchadier, Nkada, Saint-Ruf, Soumaré, Talal
12:41 PM2 years ago

PSG squad

Letellier, Bitumazala, Bishiabu, Kehrer e Alloh; Ahmada, Dina Ebimbe, Xavi Simons, Draxler, Icardi and Kalimuendo
Técnico: Mauricio Pochettino
12:39 PM2 years ago


With about two weeks to go until the start of Ligue 1, PSG open the season against Troyes. In this 2021/22 season the club is seeking its tenth title, to equal Saint-Étienne, the biggest French champion.
12:08 PM2 years ago


Hello! It's PSG day, so come with us to know the latest information, news, and the preparation of one of the teams that hired a lot in this transfer window and will have a squad full of stars to fight for the titles in France and also the unprecedented Champions League. The opponent this weekend is Orleans, which is in the third division.
4:57 AM2 years ago

How to watch PSG vs Orleans Live Stream on TV and Online?

Friendly game
Date: 24/07/2021
Time: 1h00pm ET
Venue: Stade Omnisport de La Source, Orléans (France)
Where to watch: beIN Sports, PSG TV Premium
Real time: VAVEL Brazil
4:52 AM2 years ago

When is PSG vs Orleans game and how to watch it LIVE and in real time?

The pre-season friendly match between PSG and Orléans is this Saturday (24) and will not be broadcast to Brazil, but you can follow it via internet through beIN Sports and PSG TV Premium (pay-per-view).
4:47 AM2 years ago

Possible lineup for PSG

Keylor Navas; Kehrer, Ramos e Diallo; Bitumazala, Dina Embimbe, Gueye e Simons; Gharbi, Draxler e Icardi.
4:42 AM2 years ago

Possible lineup for Orléans

The team last played in May and the starting line-up was: L'Hostis, Seba, Saint-Ruf, Marchadier, Lambese, Keita, Demoncy, Perrin, Antoine, Benkaid, Soumaré. Since then, the club has signed reinforcements such as left-back Baila Diallo, midfielders Ayman Ouhatti and Stone Mambo, and striker Timothé Nkada.
4:37 AM2 years ago

PSG last match

Mauricio Pochettino fielded the following team against Augsburg: Keylor Navas, Bitumazala, Kehrer, Birshiabu, Diallo, Embimbe, Gueye, Draxler, Simons, Gharbu; Icardi. The goals were scored by Draxler and Gouweleeuw (own goal). Niederlechner scored. 
4:32 AM2 years ago

Orléans: team information

Coached by Frenchman Xavier Collin, Orléans is a centennial club founded in 1902 and located in the city of the same name. The squad is primarily made up of Frenchmen, and the team played twice this month, losing 3-1 to Caen and beating Auxerre by the same score.
4:27 AM2 years ago

PSG: team information

PSG have already played two friendly matches during this pre-season. The team drew 2-2 with Chambly, from the French second division, on the 17th and beat Augsburg, from the Bundesliga, 2-1 last Wednesday (21st). 
4:22 AM2 years ago

Last minute change

PSG was supposed to face Genoa this weekend, but the Italian team canceled the trip to France and the solution found by the Parisian team was to face Orléans, a club that currently plays in the National 1, equivalent to the third division.
4:17 AM2 years ago

Neymar and Mbappé out

Stars of the team who served their national teams during continental tournaments such as the Copa America and the European Championships are still not participating in these friendlies, which are more for squad observation, including young players from the youth team and others who were on loan 
4:12 AM2 years ago

News for 2021

Goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, right-back Achraf Haikimi, defender Sergio Ramos and midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum are among PSG's confirmed signings for the 2021/22 season
4:07 AM2 years ago

Kick-off time

PSG vs Orleans is scheduled for this Saturday (24) at 1 pm ET. The match will be at the Stade Omnisport de La Source in Orleans, in central France, about 120 km from Paris. The stadium can accommodate about 8,000 fans.
4:02 AM2 years ago

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