Goals and Highlights Sporting Braga 2 (3) x (2) 0 Sheriff Tiraspol
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7:38 PM3 months ago

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Play-off results

Braga 2-0 Sheriff
Rangers 2-2 Borussia Dortmund
Betis 0-0 Zenit
Napoli 2-4 Barcelona
Lazio 2-2 Porto
Real Sociedad 1-3 RB Leipzig
Olympiacos 0-3 Atalanta
Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 Sevilla

The teams qualified for the round of 16 appear in bold
7:05 PM3 months ago


Francisco Moura shoots in the middle of the goal and qualifies Braga in the Europa League: 3-2
7:01 PM3 months ago


Matheus drops to his left, Thill rolls left-footed to the other side: 2-2
7:01 PM3 months ago


Athanasiadis flies to the left corner and slaps his right hand to avoid David Carmo's goal: 2-1
7:00 PM3 months ago


Basit displaces Matheus and sends a shot into the left corner: 2-1
7:00 PM3 months ago


Abel Ruiz's low right-footed shot makes it easy for the Greek goalkeeper: 2-0
6:59 PM3 months ago


The goalkeeper saves Radeljic's shot: 2-0
6:59 PM3 months ago


Al Musrati shoots in the left corner: 2-0
6:46 PM3 months ago


Brazilian tries to dig and the ball goes over the crossbar: 1-0.
6:45 PM3 months ago


Camisa 21 hits the left corner and scores: 1-0
6:43 PM3 months ago


Dulanto hits a low shot to the right corner and goalkeeper Matheus catches it: 0-0
6:41 PM3 months ago


LET'S GO TO PENALTIES! A place in the last 16 of the Uefa Europa League will be decided by a penalty.
6:38 PM3 months ago

What a safe!

16' Addo receives from Basit in the midfield and uses his right foot for a shot from outside the area, the goalkeeper slaps it with his right hand and saves Sheriff.
6:35 PM3 months ago


14' Two minutes to end the match
6:34 PM3 months ago

Yellow card

10' Gustavo Dulanto (Sheriff) for bringing down Abel Ruiz
6:32 PM3 months ago


9' Ricardo Horta takes a corner kick from the left, Dulanto gets the worst of it when Abel Ruiz is up against him and the referee calls it an attacking foul
6:31 PM3 months ago

On time!

7' Braga counter-attack, the ball reaches Miguel Fale on the right side of the box, he shoots, the ball deflects off Thill, before going out over the line.
6:31 PM3 months ago


6' Ricardo Horta receives from Abel Ruiz in the middle of the area, but knocks the ball away
6:25 PM3 months ago

SUB Sheriff

5' Yakhshiboev replaced by Basit Abdul Khalid
6:21 PM3 months ago

SUB Braga

4' Miguel Fale in place of Vitinha
6:20 PM3 months ago

Ready to go!

The second period of extra time begins
6:18 PM3 months ago


15' The referee brings the first period of extra time to an end.
6:18 PM3 months ago

Nice opportunity to Sheriff

13' Andre Castro loses the ball, Sheriff sets off on a counterattack with Yakhshiboev, who shoots hard, but to Matheus' left
6:16 PM3 months ago

Braga again

11' Fabiano works the ball on the right and gets a lateral. After lifting Castro shares the ball with Dulanto in an attempt to avoid the goal line, but does not dominate
6:12 PM3 months ago


9' After a cross from the left, Abel Ruiz shoots almost without angle from the right side, near the end line, Athanasiadis flies and the ball goes very close to the crossbar
6:11 PM3 months ago

In the hands of the goalkeeper

7' After a corner kick from the left, the defense takes it away, Braga gets the second ball and Tormena plays to Ricardo Horta, who lifts very closed in the area and facilitates the defense of Athanasiadis.
6:09 PM3 months ago


3' Braga takes the initiative but has yet to produce any dangerous moves during extra time
6:06 PM3 months ago

Sheriff moves the ball

The first period of extra time begins.
6:00 PM3 months ago

Match stats

Ball possession: 60% x 40%
Total attempts: 25-7
Attacks: 62-38
Corners taken: 9-4
Passing accuracy: 86% x 76%
Passes completed: 546-275
Passes attempted: 634-360
Balls recovered: 39-45
Offsides: 3-1
Saves: 2-4
Yellow cards: 2-5
Red card: 0-0 
5:58 PM3 months ago

Let's go to the extra time!

96' The referee ends the second half.
5:57 PM3 months ago

Yellow card

94' Jasurbek Yakhshiboev (Sheriff) for a hard foul on Bruno Rodrigues in the intermediate area
5:55 PM3 months ago


93' Addo threads a ball to Nikolov, who was in an irregular position
5:53 PM3 months ago

Added time

90' Five minutes to end the match
5:50 PM3 months ago


89' Bruno Rodrigues and Andre Castro in, Yan Couto and Andre Horta out
5:48 PM3 months ago

Yellow card

87' Sebastien Thill (Sheriff) is cautioned for grabbing Abel Ruiz by the shirt at the center circle
5:46 PM3 months ago


84' Vitinha advances free on the right side and rolls in the middle of the area to Abel Ruiz, free, who takes too low the ball and it goes far from the crossbar.
5:44 PM3 months ago


82' After a free-kick from the left, Matheus rises to clear and hits Dulanto, who falls but soon recovers
5:42 PM3 months ago

Opportunity to Sheriff

80' Yakhshiboev collapses to the turf after a ball dispute with Al Musrati near the edge of the box on the left, but recovers without requesting assistance
5:38 PM3 months ago


77' Braga rounds the sheriff's area, André Horta tries a deep pass and the defense cuts it off, the second ball is with the Portuguese team, which restarts the play until the referee points out the offside of Abel Ruiz, who was starting from the left
5:35 PM3 months ago

SUB Braga

74' Abel Ruiz in place of Iuri Medeiros
5:34 PM3 months ago

Sheriff again

70' Thill gets to the back line on the left and wins a corner. After the ball is taken, Bruno rises to head the ball over the crossbar, but Matheus punches it away
5:33 PM3 months ago

Yellow card

69' Vitinha (Braga), for tackling the goalkeeper and delaying the ball reposition
5:33 PM3 months ago

Yellow card

66' John Charles Petro (Sheriff), for bringing down Iuri Medeiros
5:33 PM3 months ago

SUB Braga

64' Francisco Moura is coming, Rodrigo leaves the field
5:29 PM3 months ago

No problem

63' Addo passes to Thill, who shoots left-footed and Matheus catches
5:29 PM3 months ago


62' After the play of Yan Couto, Rodrigo tries a right footed shot from outside the area, but misses the target
5:13 PM3 months ago

No danger

54' Andre Horta receives on the edge of the area, on the left, and shoots for the goal, but the ball goes to the right of Athanasiadis
5:11 PM3 months ago


52' Iuri Medeiros takes a corner from the left in the middle of the area, Tormena gets on his head and it goes too high
5:10 PM3 months ago

Hard foul

51' Addo arrives firm in dispute with Ricardo Horta in the midfield, referee administers in the conversation and does not show the card
5:09 PM3 months ago

Easy, easy

48' Couto kicks weakly, Athanasiadis falls and makes the save
5:08 PM3 months ago

Individual move

45' Vitor Oliveira carries the ball on the right, holds too much and loses the angle, then no one can finish
5:04 PM3 months ago


45' The second half begins
5:03 PM3 months ago

SUB Sheriff Tiraspol

Boban Nikolov in place of Yansane
5:00 PM3 months ago

Sheriff Tiraspol substitutes

1 Dumitru Celeadnic, 33 Serghei Paşcenco, 7 Basit Abdul Khalid, 18 Moussa Kyabou, 19 Serafim Cojocari, 20 Boban Nikolov, 29 Danila Ignatov, 35 Evgheni Plesco, 41 Stefanos Evangelou.
4:59 PM3 months ago

Sporting Braga substitutes

12 Tiago Sa, 4 Diogo Leite, 9 Abel Ruiz, 42 Guilherme Soares, 50 Leonardo Buta, 56 Eduardo Soares, 71 Hernani Infande, 74 Francisco Moura, 79 Bernardo Couto, 86 Bruno Rodrigues, 88 André Castro, 96 Miguel Fale.
4:57 PM3 months ago

Key stats

Ball possession: 56% x 41%
Total attempts: 17-4
Attacks: 38-21
Corners taken: 5-2
Passing accuracy: 87% x 81%
Passes completed: 304-157
Passes attempted: 350-195
Balls recovered: 23-23
Offsides: 1-0
Saves: 1-2
Yellow cards: 0-1
Red card: 0-0
4:55 PM3 months ago


46' The referee blows his whistle! End of the first half at the Estadio Municipal de Braga. The Portuguese team needs one more goal to automatically qualify. If the score ends this way (or if the hosts win by a two-goal margin) we go into extra time.
4:52 PM3 months ago

It didn't work out

46' Braga takes a corner from the left side at the first post, the defense pulls it away and Sheriff tries to counter-attack, but Bruno gets too far forward and it goes wide.
4:48 PM3 months ago


43' RICARDO HORTA! Fast transition from defense to attack that ends in a ball in the net. André Horta sends the ball to Vitor Oliveira on the left, he plays a first-time pass to Iuri Medeiros, who sees the No. 21 in the middle of the area and he shoots into the left corner.
4:45 PM3 months ago


41' The ball is hit back, Yansane gets it first time and the ball goes up
4:44 PM3 months ago

Sem perigo

41' Bola é rebatida, Yansané pega de primeira e bola sobe
4:43 PM3 months ago

Ball possession

40' Braga: 60% x Sheriff: 40%
4:40 PM3 months ago

No, no

37' Release into the Braga area, Julien and Fabiano fight for the ball at speed, but the Sheriff player commits an attacking foul by pushing his opponent
4:38 PM3 months ago


33' The pace of the game drops a bit, but Braga is more present in the offensive field, while Sheriff can barely attack.
4:33 PM3 months ago

On time

29' Andre Horta loses the ball in the midfield, Bruno regains possession for Sheriff, but David Carmo comes along and kicks it away to prevent the counterattack
4:30 PM3 months ago

Yellow card

Adama Traore (Sheriff) to foul Fabiano 
4:29 PM3 months ago

Over the goal

26' André Horta receives on the left and lifts to Ricardo Horta, who heads the ball and it goes too high
4:26 PM3 months ago

What a move!

22' After a well worked move in the Braga attack, Ricardo Horta tables with Iuri Medeiros, who hits the ball with his left foot, looking for the angle, but the ball goes out
4:26 PM3 months ago


20' In a similar move to the previous one, Rodrigo is the one who comes out of the area and crosses at the second post for Vitor Oliveira to head to the left of the goal
4:25 PM3 months ago

Nice chance for Braga

18' Vitor Oliveira opens for Rodrigo, who shoots left-footed and the ball touches the outside of the net
4:21 PM3 months ago


17' IURI MEDEIROS! Ricardo Horta is activated on the left and rolls into the small area, the number 45 plays with his left foot and the ball goes between the legs of the goalkeeper.
4:17 PM3 months ago

Braga vai para cima

14' Iuri Medeiros moves forward, Vitor Oliveira is triggered on the right side of the area, but can't finish with strength and the ball goes out the back line
4:15 PM3 months ago

Sheriff again

12' Addo invades the area on the right and shoots low, but to the right of the goalkeeper
4:13 PM3 months ago

Chance for Sheriff

10' Sheriff arrives with Thill, who wins a corner from the left. Yansane's shot is on the right side of the goal.
4:10 PM3 months ago


7' Andre Horta releases his right foot from outside the area, Athanasiadis slips and it touches the left post, on the rebound Ricardo Horta tries to finish, but he was offside
4:08 PM3 months ago

Braga goes ahead

3' After a corner kick from the left in the middle of the area, Carmo shoots out
4:03 PM3 months ago


1' Iuri Medeiros moves forward on the left and kicks a left-footed shot from the edge of the penalty area seeking the right angle of the goalkeeper, but the ball goes straight out
4:01 PM3 months ago


00' The first half begins
4:00 PM3 months ago

Teams on the field

Players come up from the dressing rooms to the Uefa Europa League anthem
3:53 PM3 months ago

Misses next match if booked

Braga:  Ali Musrati, André Castro (pictured)
3:50 PM3 months ago

Europa League Results

Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 Sevilla (ended)
Olympiacos 0-3 Atalanta (ended)
Real Sociedad 1-3 RB Leipzig (ended)
Lazio 2-2 Porto (ended)
3:46 PM3 months ago

The game stage

3:44 PM3 months ago

Braga is ready!

3:38 PM3 months ago


30 Giorgos Athanasiadis, 3 Charles Petro, 6 Stjepan Radeljic, 9 Adama Traore, 16 Keston Julien, 17 Jasurbek Yakhshiboev, 21 Edmund Addo, 31 Sébastien Thill, 55 Gustavo Dulanto, 77 Bruno, 99 Momo Yansane.
Coach: Yuriy Vernydub.
3:33 PM3 months ago


1 Matheus, 2 Yan Couto, 3 Vitor Tormena, 8 Al Musrati, 10 Andre Horta, 16 David Carmo, 21 Ricardo Horta, 45 Iuri Medeiros, 57 Rodrigo Gomes, 70 Fabiano, 99 Vitor Oliveira.
Coach: Carlos Carvalhal.
3:28 PM3 months ago


Hey! We are back with the latest news, behind the scenes information, lineups and much more about the match between Braga and Sheriff, who are fighting for survival in the Uefa Europa League. There is less than 1 hour until kick-off in Portugal, so come with us!
3:23 PM3 months ago

How to watch Sporting Braga vs Sheriff Tiraspol Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Sporting Braga vs Sheriff Tiraspol
Competition: Uefa Europa League
Matchday: Knock-out Play-off, Second leg
Date: February 24th
Kickoff: 4:00 pm ET
Venue: Estadio Municipal de Braga, in Braga, Portugal
Where to watch: ESPN, Fox Sports Mexico (Mexico), CBS, TUDN Deportes (USA)
Live Text: VAVEL
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Where and how to watch Sporting Braga vs Sheriff Tiraspol live online

If you want to follow this match between this Sporting Braga-Sheriff on TV, just tune in to ESPN, Fox Sports Mexico (Mexico), CBS or TUDN Sports (USA). You can also check all the plays in real time here on VAVEL live text, with a pre-match preview 1 hour before the game starts.
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Match officials

Referee: José María Sánchez (Spain)
Assistant referee #1: Raúl Cabañero (Spain)
Assistant referee #2: José Naranjo (Spain)
Fourth official: Cesar Soto Grado (Spain)
Árbitro de vídeo (VAR): Alejandro Hernández (Spain)
Árbitro Assistente de Vídeo (AVAR): José Luis Munuera (Spain)
UEFA Delegate: Tammo Beishuizen (Nederlands)
UEFA Referee observer: Jørn West Larsen (Denmark)
3:08 PM3 months ago

Sheriff Tiraspol: last lineup

Athanasiadis, Petro, Radeljic, Traore, Julien, Yakhshiboev, Nikolov, Sebastien Thill, Evangelou, Bruno, Yansane.
Coach: Yuriy Vernydub.
3:03 PM3 months ago

Sporting Braga: last lineup

Matheus, Couto, Vitor Tormena, Al Musrati, Paulo Oliveira, Ricardo Horta, Iuri Medeiros Fernandes, Rodrigo Gomes, Bruno Rodrigues, André Castro, Vitor Oliveira.
Coach: Carlos Carvalhal.
2:58 PM3 months ago

Teams information

Fourth in the Liga Portugal Bwin, Braga are in an unstable phase this season, having lost two of their last five games. They have scored five goals and conceded six. In the current season they have 18 wins, seven draws and 11 losses in 36 games. The coach is the Portuguese Carlos Carvalhal, who is often speculated in Brazilian clubs but never worked in South America. Ukrainian Yuriy Vernydub is in charge of Sheriff, who played only one game in 2022 because the local league does not return until March. This makes 17 matches throughout the season, 15 of them in continental competitions. In all, they are 10 wins, four draws, and three losses.
Foto: Divulgação/Sporting Braga
Photo by Sporting Braga
2:53 PM3 months ago

What can happen

... if Sheriff draws or wins, the Moldovan team advances 
... Braga win by a two-goal margin, there will be extra time and, if necessary, penalties
... if Braga win by three goals or more, they qualify
2:48 PM3 months ago

Knock-out Play-off, First leg

Braga and Sheriff meet again after a week. The Moldovan team won the first leg 2-0, with goals from Sebastien Thill and Adama Traore, and therefore can lose by a goal difference and will qualify.
2:43 PM3 months ago

Road to Braga

O Sheriff faz o primeiro jogo como visitante nesta edição de Uefa Europa League, afinal no início da temporada disputou a Champions League e ficou em 3º lugar na chave que tinha Inter de Milão, Real Madrid e Shakhtar Donetsk. Já o Braga disputa a Uefa Europa League desde a fase anterior e ficou em segundo lugar no grupo F, liderado pelo Estrela Vermelha, que assim avançou automaticamente para as oitavas de final. Midtjylland e Ludogorets eram os outros adversários.
2:38 PM3 months ago

Playoffs - first leg

Photo by Uefa
2:33 PM3 months ago

Uera Europa League Playoffs

Dinamo Zagreb x Sevilla
Real Sociedad x RB Leipzig
Olympiacos x Atalanta
Lazio x Porto
Napoli x Barcelona
Betis x Zenit
Rangers FC x Borussia Dortmund
Braga x Sherif
2:28 PM3 months ago

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