No easy game in the Premier League, says Mazzarri

No easy game in the Premier League, says Mazzarri

The Watford boss has told his players to be ready for Hull as the league has no easy games.

Francesca Byrne

Walter Mazzarri has warned his players that they could face a tough test against Hull City due to the unpredictable nature of the Premier League.

The Italian has commented that his players must prepare in the best way possible for the test, as despite Hull’s poor form it will still be a challenge. Mazzarri then pointed to Middlesbrough’s draw at Arsenal last week to prove that there is no such thing as an easy game in the league.

Watford have picked up just one point in their last seven league games  but the Italian believes it should have been more.

Never an Easy game

Walter Mazzarri hailed the competitiveness in the Premier League meaning there is never an easy game. The Italian commented that “all the teams have become much stronger and got better compared to last year” before adding that you must “always respect the opponent”.

Mazzarri alluded to the unpredictability of the league using Middlesbrough as an example adding that, “We managed to beat Middlesbrough at their ground but the next week they drew at the Emirates”.  Mazzarri went on to comment that the Hornetsneed to be read and we need to go to play in our best possible way”.

We could have more points

Despite picking up 12 points in nine games, making it Watford’s best start to a Premier League season, their manager still believes they could have done better. Mazzarri commented that, “In general I am very happy” with the team, however, his managerial style means, “I look a lot at the performances” and based off that “we should have one or two more points”.

The Watford manager added, “Especially if you look at the games against Chelsea and the first half against Swansea we could have scored”. Mazzarri concluded saying, “we are playing very well but if you look overall we should have one or two more points”.