2016 U-20 Women's World Cup Final - Korea DPR 3-1 France: Korea DPR complete youth tournament double

Both France and Korea DPR share the same colours on their flags; red, white and blue. But that is where the similarity ends. The culture of the countries they are representing are vastly but their playing styles clashed to make an exciting 90 minutes for the 14,752 football fans in attendance.

Another difference between the two sides was added as Korea DPR came back from a goal deficit and became emblazoned with gold while the France wore the silver medals over their heavy hearts.

Positive start for Les Bleuettes

It was France that initially took the lead through Maelle Garbino's sublime freekick. Kim Myong Sun could only bat it away, a mistake she has made previous in the tournament, and Grace Geyoro was ready to pounce and slice it into the net.

Positive movements came as a result of the lead and Clara Mateo began pushing the buttons of the Korean defence, but Sun was able to put an end to one of her dangerous runs as she left her line to make a bold stop.

13 minutes in Korea DPR grabbed the equaliser from a counter attack goal, not the kind that France have been seen to concede from throughout the tournament but the style that DPR relish in.

A pacy run from the entire striking force put immense pressure upon the backline of the French and then they did what they do best, a quick, sharp pass from Kim So Hyang to Kim Phyong Hwa and then across to Wi Jong Sim who tapped it in, well beyond the keeper. A training ground goal for the Koreans who have recreated this goal at least half a dozen times in the competition.

Korea DPR find their feet

Following the equaliser play became more disjointed for the French who had held the lead. The Asian side then went on to score at the start and end of the second half. First of all, France conceded from a freekick and then from a penalty, quite unusual for Korea DPR as they have scored the majority of their goals from open play.

Kim Phyong Hwa provided a powerful header to the end of the curling ball which Mylene Chavas was able to get a hand on it was too strong and travelled across the goal mouth and across the line.

The final blow then came from a penalty within the last few minutes, rubbing more salt in France's wounds. Hawa Cissoko brought down Kim Phyong Hwa as they clattered legs in the penalty box. And in denying her a clear goal scoring opportunity, she gifted Jon So Yon with another one. The number 12 fooled Chavas and sent her the other way as the ball hurtled into a pocket of the net, consolidating the trophy for Korea DPR.

Harsh scoreline, well deserved trophy

The final was exactly what the football fans in the stadium had hoped for and the ones in the stadium. With the barely anything to separate the teams, despite what the scoreline suggests, cheers were equal for either team. In fact the same segments of crowds would cheer for either team.

In the end the team that did find their groove was Korea DPR, their nifty footwork, pacey drills and surprising strength got the better of France. To come back from a losing position to emphatically reclaiming the trophy. France were valiant, dignified and hard working. The shock of going behind threw them which led to defensive errors that they have not been seen to make in the tournament so far but ultimately cost them the U-20 Women's World Cup title.

This is a brand new record for France, to have earned silver is a reward for the investment that the federation has made, but soon they will be the host of the competition and it looks as though they are ready to challenge.

In addition to that, North Korea also won a matter of weeks in Jordan at the U-17 Women's World Cup which makes them the first team to have conquered both in one year. This can only bode well for the future of the country as a footballing nation.